Among Us New Update Is Hilarious - Among Us #9

20 окт 2020
10 132 679 Приказа

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  • "Longer, thats to short, longer" pewds

    Max TannerMax TannerПре сат
  • 23:48 n-word

    Daeve AltamarDaeve AltamarПре 2 сата
  • 12:12 is probably the funniest game I’ve ever witnessed besides Corpse’s kiss of death

    A KA KПре 4 сата
  • This looks like so much more fun than the original way to play. Lol. Everyone seems to be enjoying it, it's a lot more lively, and it's fair.

    Kourtts MasonKourtts MasonПре 7 сати
  • In my next life I want Corpse's voice

    karen blancokaren blancoПре 9 сати
  • Lol

    Happy MeatballHappy MeatballПре 10 сати
  • What’s up with the Leonardo thing at the bottom

    Bethany BruningBethany BruningПре 13 сати
  • “Your gonna ruin your own life corpse-“ Corpse: “I’ve already done that.”

    Mandy HannahMandy HannahПре 14 сати
  • 15:05 you heard it here from corpse

    Andres SanchezAndres SanchezПре 16 сати

    BachrainBachrainПре 19 сати
  • Can we talk about how the video is 42 minutes and 42 seconds

    Get AwayGet AwayПре дан
  • Pewds: "STOPPPPP" Me: If you stop yelling she wouldn't be able to follow you bc she would have lost you

  • In my next life I want Corpse's voice

    Wolff MyrtieWolff MyrtieПре дан
  • I love how youtubers have gotten original and creative with their swear censoring sounds. Though i hate RSworld forcing that upon you all, you've made something cool out of it. Cheers haha

    Dave CrupelDave CrupelПре дан
  • What was that voice edit at the very start 😂

    Dave CrupelDave CrupelПре дан
  • Plase play among us without emergency metting and without report

    Dan SaplacanDan SaplacanПре дан
  • Perfectly cut off screams compilation: Ken @ 5:43 Jack @ 8:16 Dave @ 28:18 Or Jaiden?? More Dave @ 38:41 Or was it PJ?

    overjoyoverjoyПре дан
  • Poodiepie

    hammoudi naammnehhammoudi naammnehПре дан
  • Corpse+Pewdiepie=OmGgggggg

    Varsa GamingVarsa GamingПре дан
  • Hi

    Aperture MartinAperture MartinПре дан
  • Too much noise

    kiko Skiko SПре дан
  • Is tat jJaden animation

    Jay Kyle CruzJay Kyle CruzПре 2 дана
  • Dude

    Faze CrazeFaze CrazeПре 2 дана
  • These cut screams crack me up so much and I dunno why 5:42 8:15 22:39 23:48 28:18 38:41

    Rinrin FranRinrin FranПре 2 дана
  • why is sive wearing a mask?

    Susan HunleySusan HunleyПре 2 дана
  • corpse's kiss of death reminds me of dementors kiss 👁👁

    Hayley FigueroaHayley FigueroaПре 2 дана
  • 16:53 i'd have done the same thing as corpse, we share the same brain cell LMAO i though they were going to run that way

    Leena RfsLeena RfsПре 2 дана
  • I love how he use H20 Delirious thumbnail in his video

    Darrel ArnoDarrel ArnoПре 2 дана
  • Corpse seems like a great guy but man do I hate that dudes voice

    Sean MadsenSean MadsenПре 2 дана
    • Hes got it from a medical condition, so i think he kinda has no control over that

      Nurul InayahNurul InayahПре 6 сати

    Paolo SilvaPaolo SilvaПре 2 дана

    EmBEARassedEmBEARassedПре 2 дана
  • So, first off, have no idea what this is, but I’m clearly missing out! Love you guys!

    Kiel PatakyKiel PatakyПре 2 дана
  • I want to be a part of this lobby for chaotic serotonin purposes

    Duncan BubblesDuncan BubblesПре 2 дана
  • bruh why are these so funny

    Peyton WrightPeyton WrightПре 3 дана
  • This is great watch Among Us reaction video by Dimi God here on You Tube it's hilarious 😂

    Dimi GodDimi GodПре 3 дана
  • The amount of people shipping Corpse with Pewds is making me uncomfortable :monkaS:

    Manos PinManos PinПре 3 дана
  • 28:06 33:31 36:14

    Dark green Crew mateDark green Crew mateПре 3 дана
  • Hey Pewds, what’s that little spinning Thor’s hammer that you have? I need something to fidget with when I sit thru lecture man

    PineapplePartyPineapplePartyПре 3 дана
  • Gotta admit this is one of the best among us lobby. Everyone's so chill and genuinely having fun

    Madeline DavidMadeline DavidПре 3 дана
  • wtf 9:38

    Laura BahlsLaura BahlsПре 3 дана
  • 168 million subscribers T-Series PewDiePie fail

    Adithya SirwaiyaAdithya SirwaiyaПре 3 дана
  • T series is your father

    Adithya SirwaiyaAdithya SirwaiyaПре 3 дана
  • Couldn't hear anything the guy with the mask was saying!

    carefulcliffdrivercarefulcliffdriverПре 3 дана
  • best intro ever

    YT_Landonthepro1000YT_Landonthepro1000Пре 3 дана
  • after seeing nogla play with pewds my childhood is truly complete

    Brad BrittainBrad BrittainПре 3 дана
  • im here to ask for advice. my grandma wants me to watch cocomelon what do i do?

    ZieZie ZangZieZie ZangПре 3 дана
  • Lol

    Violet MaoViolet MaoПре 3 дана
  • “This one’s for you Corpse” - Felix as he card swipes in front of Corpse’s dead body.

    Ching RingChing RingПре 3 дана
  • Claim your "Here before 10 million views ticket" here ⬇

    T_ 0nioT_ 0nioПре 3 дана
  • why the f was that libtard waring a mask

    Sawyer WhortonSawyer WhortonПре 3 дана
  • y are people simping over corpse

    DeathW1shDeathW1shПре 3 дана
  • Like how he took delirious thumbnail in the beginning

    Frank RobledoFrank RobledoПре 4 дана
  • Basically dead by daylight - among us version

    Christian GalloChristian GalloПре 4 дана
  • Bruh 15:50 triggered my Siri. I repeated it to test if it was me and it happened multiple times

    ItsTangibleItsTangibleПре 4 дана
  • the hide and seek trend literally died probably

    lol in russian is лолlol in russian is лолПре 4 дана
  • Why does pewds look like a vampire in the thumbnail

    Faiq HassanFaiq HassanПре 4 дана
  • JACK!?!?

    Terminator MKllTerminator MKllПре 4 дана
  • 35:47

    Jenaiya CollazoJenaiya CollazoПре 4 дана
  • 32:18 BRUH XD

    Jenaiya CollazoJenaiya CollazoПре 4 дана
    • monkeys in trouble

      Jenaiya CollazoJenaiya CollazoПре 4 дана
  • i swear felix is litterally IN LOVE with corpse and it is so beautifu

    Miyuki VosMiyuki VosПре 4 дана
  • corpse saying “run” triggered my fight or flight

    Ora AndrewsOra AndrewsПре 4 дана
  • give credit to h20 delirious for the picture in the beginning

    Rob WilcoxRob WilcoxПре 4 дана
  • Why tf was one of the fellas wearing a mask indoors? The stupidity is real...

    Ivan KolesnikovIvan KolesnikovПре 4 дана
  • That intro th😆

    Ziyanda GaxelaZiyanda GaxelaПре 4 дана
  • 35:52 I don’t hear any smooches it can’t be CORPSE🤣

    Alessandra G.Alessandra G.Пре 4 дана
  • 27:32 the kiss of death 💀🤣

    Alessandra G.Alessandra G.Пре 4 дана
  • ,no. Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

    Anaya SafeerAnaya SafeerПре 4 дана
  • I really love nogla

    abraxas07abraxas07Пре 4 дана
  • When Felix was held hostage🤣

    Alessandra G.Alessandra G.Пре 4 дана
  • 14:17 I just can't stop laughing at this.

    GameStrikerGameStrikerПре 4 дана
  • Is corpse actually gay?

    Ayden GuyerAyden GuyerПре 4 дана
  • Hey pewds can you join the dream smp? Like this so he can see it

    Just another Tech geekJust another Tech geekПре 5 дана
  • Plz bring back Minecraft

    Kannan CombeKannan CombeПре 5 дана
  • TO EVERYONE WANTING CORPSE'S VOICE: Bruh it is a medical condition called GERD that causes a lot of pain. It happens when the muscle that stops stomach acid from going anywhere else so the acid burns your throat and *vocal cords*. Trust me, you don't want it.

    VreanixVreanixПре 5 дана
  • Привет из России

    Кустик TankovodКустик TankovodПре 5 дана
  • Pudidi

    Gracello SamsungGracello SamsungПре 6 дана
  • this looks like the most fun game mode ever lol Also I have never wanted to be someone's friend as much as I want to be in this friend group lol fucks sake

    thissmissthissmissПре 6 дана
  • So proud of jaiden! She is legit playing with the big gaming youtubers now!!

    Lena CLena CПре 6 дана
  • 13:03 Impostor: hi *pause* Felix: AAAAAAH

    Lena CLena CПре 6 дана
  • Pewds is that kid that stays with you in hide n seek and gets both of you found

    poperaymondpoperaymondПре 6 дана
  • When I saw ToastKen I accidentally said Forsaken-

    stxrmiiskies uwustxrmiiskies uwuПре 6 дана
  • Kiss? Lol

    Lenka FriedrichováLenka FriedrichováПре 6 дана
  • 15:04 CORPSE: "Everyone should watch anime at least once" Can I love him more than this???

    EvaEvaПре 6 дана
  • Why's sive wearing a mask?

    emmaproblemaemmaproblemaПре 6 дана
  • 8:30 never ever heard Jaden swear in my life

    Maged Al AshramMaged Al AshramПре 7 дана

    Grace Girly GamerGrace Girly GamerПре 7 дана
  • You guys wanna fix lights

    Livia LaporteLivia LaporteПре 7 дана
  • people mispronouncing anime names triggers me so much

    Chloe O’NeillChloe O’NeillПре 7 дана
  • ²

    Jack prevostJack prevostПре 7 дана
  • Why is everyone ignoring the fact that sive is wearing a mask while he's alone in his house

    Sema ÇakırSema ÇakırПре 7 дана
  • Idk y but I’m thinking abt corpse going thru a drive thru at McDonald’s and speaking on the mic thingy what he wants and then the female person responding asks for his number 😂😂💀💀

    â•t•h•ë•ñ•aâ•t•h•ë•ñ•aПре 7 дана
  • They have more fun knowing who it is it’s kind of wholesome to watch friends kill each other virtually

    Lil_BankzLil_BankzПре 7 дана
  • Jujutsu kaisen is sooooo goooooddd

    Triwoitnb HTriwoitnb HПре 7 дана
  • 38:42 😂

    Jared RossJared RossПре 7 дана
  • Just woke up to find out we reached the goal for Lofi Toons in under 24 hours!!! 😦🥳🙏🏾

    Jennesa DarlingJennesa DarlingПре 7 дана
  • weLL i aM hiDiNg aT tHe bEsT sPot-pewdiepie 2020

    Heh uHeh uПре 7 дана
  • Red Sus

    Nikki WongNikki WongПре 8 дана

    ruthruthПре 8 дана
  • Pewdiepie using jack as bait while he scans is friendship goals/the best😂

    Ruhan AhmedRuhan AhmedПре 8 дана
  • hesjx djxcj xjbcbchcnfndjdbdhdbfgchchdyrhdhdhhdycgchfufhfhfunfvhfbfhfhvwvfjgvfuhvfhuf jdjcbfjebdbsnjxbscjxmxjfnvhfhcnebfhdbvhbdbchbdbkjibihbihbuihbihbibihcdvuhgygugdgeggdgggcgycgydgcgygdcgggwygciwdvhbdiicudhxuieouxfojedfgifdwuhdiehiehcowehweufcwectewhiwxehitcqfehdfeihhdqehucehiuqehjchqiehdigedhiqehdiqheiudhthichwieihdeihbcbhicwdbhkbkchdkbncdnbkdnkbnbbjbjhmkmdsmksnjdnjndjncsdjnjcdnjcsdnkcsndkcndksmvdsjndsdn jsdn jd tgtgrgcrgrcgrcgrcrgcegrmgmnxfnemnijgugdyyrxwugfdfdiuwduywdfwnweidvweihhtwixjwvegiweicdueduufuweijcqeokcjgvifu

    qwerty the weirdoqwerty the weirdoПре 8 дана