Among Us But MAYOR CREW Role (mods)

20 феб 2021
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A new Among Us video featuring the mod role MAYOR. The Mayor is a secret crew mate that gets 2 votes! This can completely change the game so the Imposters want to find and take out the Mayor ASAP.

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  • Me : says nothing Znmd :it completely changes the dynamic between crewmates and imposters Me:ok Edit : i think i will get a lot lf dislikes

    furious gamingfurious gamingПре 36 минута
  • ZMDE:This mode will destroy the dynamic of amoung us Socksfor1:we have sheriif doctor detective mayor and more mods in one match

    Taurul 100Taurul 100Пре сат
  • No offense but by seeing the thumbnail , for 2 minutes I thought it said ' among us Galactus role (modes) '

    Sweety SwaroopSweety SwaroopПре сат
  • What ZMDE never died

    Yenny PeaYenny PeaПре сат
  • ZMDE U should make merchandise that says: "Let's GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"

    Midnight ScorpioMidnight ScorpioПре 2 сата
  • Your so good in Among us!!!

    Saoirse MolenaarSaoirse MolenaarПре 3 сата
  • im a little good in among us but im a fan of you shout out plz

    zcshem Baliuagzcshem BaliuagПре 3 сата
  • You have great pounds with like nothing is hotter then lava

    Manuel OteroManuel OteroПре 4 сата
  • Zmde is a god he should do fortnite

    Gary WalkerGary WalkerПре 9 сати
  • plz make more among us videos

    Tunil SurajTunil SurajПре 9 сати
  • this person stole sockfor1 idea #sockfor1

    bryan berdinbryan berdinПре 9 сати
  • ZMDE: any.. Me: *exits the video* ZMDE: any us? Me: what

    GentlemenYTGentlemenYTПре 12 сати
  • Fake Cough cough Zmde is a traitor*

    Ruweyda AdenRuweyda AdenПре 12 сати
  • 4:00 why is the body in office

    VioletSkiyVioletSkiyПре 14 сати
  • zmde is the best detective in among us when zmde is an imposter he always says lets go an when he is a crewmate he say lets go

  • That's funny yesterday I was playing among us and then white killed me and everybody saw it and I don't know why but it was funny and they said what was that white we both saw that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ledo GLedo GПре 15 сати
  • 1000 iq to find zmde as an impostor, when there is a stack on lights, and he is impostor,so he remains in stack and if zmde is a crewmate he stays out of stack

    Param GoswamiParam GoswamiПре 15 сати
  • Mayor

    Jonathan OlatokunJonathan OlatokunПре 15 сати
  • Omg I love it😘🤩🥰😙

    Alexia JonesAlexia JonesПре 16 сати
  • how to get mods?

    Mr.bunkinsMr.bunkinsПре 17 сати
  • Long time ago i was watching a video called red is the imposter so i played among us and i was a crewmate but i choose red just like the vid i just watch and found out red was the imposter i did not spy or anything that i did i won only one imposter then done the game wins

    Zabryna GoniaZabryna GoniaПре 17 сати
  • Hahaha

    Anil KulkarniAnil KulkarniПре 18 сати
  • nobody never listen to quack

    Ariana Fernández PhoccoAriana Fernández PhoccoПре 18 сати
  • ZMDE its called cyan not cean

    James FranklinJames FranklinПре 18 сати
  • I love your videos 🥰😍

    Danaa AhmedDanaa AhmedПре 18 сати
  • Yes

    RonRonПре 18 сати
  • Good Job

    Kimberly KenyonKimberly KenyonПре 19 сати
  • Android

    Poop PoopyPoop PoopyПре 19 сати
  • Hahahaha that was Soo funny😂😂😂

    Normah AzamiNormah AzamiПре 19 сати
  • How to play in new roles and how to find them

    meghal doshimeghal doshiПре 19 сати
    • The roles

      meghal doshimeghal doshiПре 19 сати

    •SoftyBubblesツ•SoftyBubblesツПре 19 сати
  • 2:13

    Rohani MadliRohani MadliПре 20 сати
  • Zmde can we play with you

    Sadaf AfreenSadaf AfreenПре 21 сат
  • wait dint socksfor1 make mayor first

    icey stickicey stickПре 21 сат
  • Cool video ZMDE.. Name

    Lyen NieLyen NieПре 21 сат
  • zmde is the best detective in among us and his a pro in among us

    Genius MateenGenius MateenПре 22 сата
  • Zmde is in among us like dream in minecraft

    aki010 pro playeraki010 pro playerПре 23 сата
  • Where do you get these mods??

    Miriana CassarMiriana CassarПре дан
  • I love when you speak for different people can I please get in one of your videos

    Aimee GAimee GПре дан
  • I want to be cyan

    Timmy CortezTimmy CortezПре дан
  • you sould change the music bro

    TheSLDTeamTheSLDTeamПре дан
  • Does anyone realize that the thumbnail is a Galactus among us thing

    Jason ArguillaJason ArguillaПре дан
  • Wait that’s ur body zen at office u have to watch again pls 4:17 game one

    Mia Nur AryssaMia Nur AryssaПре дан
    • I mean 4:00

      Mia Nur AryssaMia Nur AryssaПре дан
  • ZMDE what happened to "Because it gets epic"

    BluekidBluekidПре дан
  • it's me Mr.boy

    Elijah TurnerElijah TurnerПре дан
  • zmde i know babi is a youtuber

    Frank Delgado ValdesprietoFrank Delgado ValdesprietoПре дан
  • ZMDE:creates mayor mode Socksfor1 join the game

    Caden MoutonCaden MoutonПре дан
  • Sounds like he's saying Sayain instead of Cyan

    rahman jamalrahman jamalПре дан
  • Not yellow

    Beaux StoneBeaux StoneПре дан
  • im adictide to you zmde

    Jhenea BaileyJhenea BaileyПре дан
  • why could(´▽`ʃ♡ƪn't nino be in your animations??????????

    Fabiola HernandezyjjhFabiola HernandezyjjhПре дан
  • My alarm is going off oh wait it's the mode stealer alarm

    Lalito LopezLalito LopezПре дан
  • Your a best zmde and dectivite

    Hirmet KurtishiHirmet KurtishiПре дан
  • Hi Zmde I love your channel you have helped me laugh when I am sad. Your jokes are awesome and I love the voices that you do! Iam not writing this for attention like those other people, I just love your channel and hope you keep gaining subs. Keep being awesome!

    Addison BaughAddison BaughПре дан
  • In among us

    Oladiran AkinjideOladiran AkinjideПре дан
  • Zmde is the best detective ever

    Oladiran AkinjideOladiran AkinjideПре дан
  • how do you do those special roles?

    Laura ZablotskayaLaura ZablotskayaПре дан
  • Me: (waiting for him to say epic) ZMED: says CRAZY Me:😱😱

    Scott BroadribbScott BroadribbПре дан
  • Do a no visor among us story

    Anton CliffordAnton CliffordПре дан
  • The aged and livers and this is not actually one among us he lie

    Wendy DavilaWendy DavilaПре дан

    transformers bumbelbeetransformers bumbelbeeПре дан
  • is that galactus on the thing?

    Cathy MacIntyreCathy MacIntyreПре дан
  • Orange is so underrated they keep knowing who the imp is so.... 😂

    AmaniAmaniПре дан
  • Zmde do more mods

    Dalton ShowalterDalton ShowalterПре дан
  • How do you find these mods ZMDE?

    Lil Lil PlaysLil Lil PlaysПре дан
  • zmde best

    Peyton LatuPeyton LatuПре дан
  • How do get those mods? There’s AWESOME!

    Vennenes SuperStudioVennenes SuperStudioПре дан
  • 3:38 is so funny

    XxGamerxX ProXxGamerxX ProПре дан
  • Cool vidoes

    Sandra HinojosaSandra HinojosaПре дан
  • howdy you make these mods .-.

    Alla ProdrukhAlla ProdrukhПре дан
  • Every first game zmde is the special one

    no one views my channelno one views my channelПре дан
  • Zmde how did you get that new role

    Bobbette McCarthyBobbette McCarthyПре дан
  • 3:32

    Justin HerreraJustin HerreraПре дан
  • deathnote

    Debbie FoulksDebbie FoulksПре дан
  • Dont u mean the hst is from galctus head

    Elisabete CruzElisabete CruzПре дан

    Abdullah And Ibrahim JawadAbdullah And Ibrahim JawadПре дан

    Abdullah And Ibrahim JawadAbdullah And Ibrahim JawadПре дан
  • so cool

    Abdullah And Ibrahim JawadAbdullah And Ibrahim JawadПре дан
  • I subbed on my other account at 400k

    Brendon WilliamsBrendon WilliamsПре дан
  • noononononoonononoononoooooooooooooooooooooooooonn

    Wintis AyambaWintis AyambaПре дан
  • Hey I think I saw you in one of my games in among us someone had the same name and look the same as you

    Ranju NRanju NПре дан
  • ITS CYAN! NOT "Seean

    Maximillan HalriterMaximillan HalriterПре дан
  • it gets crazy makes me laughing louder

    Aslan DuduAslan DuduПре дан
  • just like Galactus on Among Us that ZMDE Made a Picture for it

    Aslan DuduAslan DuduПре дан
  • "One a liar, Always a liar." Zmde 2021

    The IllusionThe IllusionПре дан
  • Whenever there is a new role zmde always says, THIS WILL COMPLETELY CHANGE THE DYNAMIC.

    Ritchelle OrinionRitchelle OrinionПре дан

    Ilaiakimi MalafuIlaiakimi MalafuПре дан
  • ZMDE can you make an another minecraft vid😏😏😏

    lance jr.lance jr.Пре дан
  • What is your code

  • yaz

    Devaki NayakDevaki NayakПре дан

    Eli CharotariEli CharotariПре дан

    Eli CharotariEli CharotariПре дан
  • galactus

    Leslie WilliamsLeslie WilliamsПре дан

    Baki ShabaniBaki ShabaniПре дан
  • I love how Zen said " I had to go the washroom ... I’m back ” 😅😂

    J BoltonJ BoltonПре дан
  • New Mods:Sonic.Exe mod (Fan-Made) (not real):The new role is...Sonic.Exe is about have powers 1.Distract (is pop up in I end you with pee man dancing until kill) 2.The world

    Musfairuz. MohamadMusfairuz. MohamadПре дан
  • Imagine getting a heart from ZMDE ( just imagine )

    MemeGhost_ PlayzMemeGhost_ PlayzПре дан
    • @The Magic And MUSIC Sisters I know but like still you don’t get the point

      Hannah KatzmanHannah KatzmanПре 8 сати
    • Oh yeah I’ll follow you just because of that

      Hannah KatzmanHannah KatzmanПре 8 сати
    • Don’t think he ever did

      The Magic And MUSIC SistersThe Magic And MUSIC SistersПре 16 сати
  • Z town Here we Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo On 0:20

    Garfield GamingGarfield GamingПре дан
  • Zen is always important with quack

    Samaira IrshadSamaira IrshadПре дан
    • I mean impostor

      Samaira IrshadSamaira IrshadПре дан
  • Its PEE MAN from flamingo

    Scribble GamerScribble GamerПре дан