But how does bitcoin actually work?

7 јул 2017
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The math behind cryptocurrencies.
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Here are a few other resources I'd recommend:
Original Bitcoin paper: bitcoin.org/bitcoin.pdf
Block explorer: blockexplorer.com/
Blog post by Michael Nielsen: goo.gl/BW1RV3
(This is particularly good for understanding the details of what transactions look like, which is something this video did not cover)
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Video by Anders Brownworth: rsworld.info/face/video/j2ppY9R93pKij50.html
Ethereum white paper: goo.gl/XXZddT
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  • If you see comments here about investing or brokers, they are scams. Videos about cryptocurrencies, evidently including ones that are just about the underlying technology/math, are hotbeds for attracting nefarious actors preying on the impressionable. Also, hi! If you’re new to this channel, most of it is about visualizing math. I get it, you probably landed here searching for how BTC works, not to spend your afternoon getting pulled into learning about, say, prime numbers or problem-solving, but if you have a moment take a look at the rest of the channel, you may enjoy what you find.

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    • Does this mean that a party with majority of computational power could become the central authority?! Let's say a "coalition" is formed with more than 50% of total computational power. Could they then viably and continuously alter the block chain as they saw fit?!

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  • Isn't proof of work entirely stupid because it wastes a ton of compute? What about proof of stake? What about sharding? What about the fact you have to wait around for minutes for someone to mine the ledger block your new transaction is in (plus a few more on top for good measure) before it gets finalized, so payments can't be fast? There are many open research questions still to be solved before any of this becomes sustainable or practical.

    Pavel KomarovPavel KomarovПре 4 сата
  • OK, I watched the video, but I have a question... how does bitcoin actually work?

    Rick JonesRick JonesПре 4 сата
  • BITCOIN = IMAGE The Image was created by software How long time to create an image, it is internally decided by the software Everybody knows, except the idiot..........

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  • I've got lost in the first 7 minutes; too abstract, no real world examples on how to get cash money converted to Bitcoin, or mined or other real useful explanation of practical uses, just number theory and fictional people, thumbs down

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  • Hmm... interesting... i'm just going to pretend i understand. Great video!

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  • When does this start to make any sense?

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  • After watching this, Bitcoin essentially is a currency immune to cooking, a currency that cannot be corrupted or forged. That is why it is valuable.

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  • Once something blows up isn't it too late for the rest of us though. Like that first person had 50 bitcoin, can you even imagine? now people are like I own .000001 bitcoin I'm going to be rich...sadly the ship sailed guys

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  • Would quantum computing be able to shut down this system?

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  • I'll be honest I'm already lost at this step 3:05. edit: I got it. I was just confused since the ledger didn't make it clear who owed who. just that people where getting paid.

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  • I've been watching so much of your videos lately, and the explanation you give is just so much accurate and subtle.... No one can explain better than this...

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  • This was excellent and detailed enough for making sense. It certainly helps being an IT person, knowing the elements already.

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  • is this like mining digital gold?

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  • Great video and explanations. Thank you for this!

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  • I have a question: if someone with overwhelming amount of resources at their disposal start sending block into the chain and verify them at the same time faster than anyone else, this would brake the whole system. right?

    Gaetano EgidioGaetano EgidioПре 23 сата
    • No, because all network nodes do the same verification for any mined block.

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  • tl;dr the whole system is based on infallible trust which seems like an oxymoron but it isn't because it relies on finite possibilities instead of emotions.

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  • What i´ve learned is that cryptocurrencies can have in the morning a 1$ value and in the same day reach the 100.000$, 10$ two days later. It´s a complex mix of faith and speculation.

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  • okay so if i understand this correctly, it's a giant network of trust where you can't make invalid transactions and the trust comes from the fact that more people agree on something than the liar? and "agreeing on something" earns you money?

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    • Pretty much 👍

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  • Nobody has "A" bitcoin. That is like saying "I have A water". Water comes in amounts, not units. I might have 1.078 bitcoin (singular). I might have 5 million bitcoin.

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  • my father is a 75 yo retired economics professor and he just can't understand bitcoin. i've tried tried to explain this to him several times and he just ends saying "there's some guy in the government's basement making money on dumb people on his computer" lol

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  • Can someone please help with one question? At around 20:08 if Alice broadcasts the false ledger entry to not only Bob but to everyone wouldn't then the miners approve this false transaction? Why is she just broadcasting it to Bob?

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