Cavs Beat Nets Again Despite Kyrie's 38 Points! 2020-21 NBA Season

23 јан 2021
231 628 Приказа

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  • Sexland & Allen is the big 3 of the future

    Julio Daniel InsfranJulio Daniel InsfranПре месец
  • Kyrie is the problem. Hes toxic to a team

    veteran navyveteran navyПре месец
  • Trade kyrie.. build around KD and harden. It needs to be done

    ThriftLordThriftLordПре месец
  • Nets should not trade Allen.

    Billy TorneBilly TorneПре месец
  • Jarrett Allen to nets you trade me.... I took that personel

    Eddy IlungaEddy IlungaПре месец
  • Harden traveled at 1:02

    Cj GrayCj GrayПре месец
  • Brooklyn would’ve been way better without Harden. You gave up way too much defense.

    Bruce MichaelBruce MichaelПре месец
  • I’m a cavs fan and all I have to say is it’s about time Collin gets the attention he deserves I’ve been hyping him up since he was a rookie because he gets better year after year 🔥

    Josh DelaneyJosh DelaneyПре месец
  • Kyrie an the nets got served by Cleveland not once but twice wat ever happened to the big 3 more big bust bahahahhaa

    gee hahagee hahaПре месец
  • "nO kEvIn DuRaNt"

    Mark FrancisMark FrancisПре месец
  • If the Nets are the first seed and the Cavs the eight, SHITTTTTTTT

    JamirimajJamirimajПре месец
  • Durant's the only player playing defense on the Nets right now.

    Masire0009Masire0009Пре месец
  • They better not match up in the playoffs or Skip’ll say LeBron dodged another bullet. (Not a LeBron lover btw lol.)

    EricツEricツПре месец
  • James harden looks so bulky so round

    Bdag TheSauceGodBdag TheSauceGodПре месец
  • 0:15 That pass was ugly as hell. 😂

    XOTWODplaysXOTWODplaysПре месец
  • Why Would Trade Jarrett & Levert For More Offense?

    DeVonDeVonПре месец
  • What in the world was that pass from harden 😂😂

    D. WagnerD. WagnerПре месец
  • nets overrated af lol

    Remy MartinRemy MartinПре месец
  • They just not playing any defense

    R ChowR ChowПре месец
  • They need to trade Kyrie it's not going to work with him and Harden

    LockDown 973LockDown 973Пре месец
  • New Cavs going to be scary!

    Armando GArmando GПре месец
  • Nobody is stopping the lakers period

    Pedro GonzalezPedro GonzalezПре месец
  • Wow

    mister personmister personПре месец
  • Allen is 2-0 against Brooklyn 👀

    GilgameshGilgameshПре месец
  • Jarett Allen is the GOAT

    JustinJustinПре месец
  • They should of never gave away. Allen LOL

    tee Hoopstee HoopsПре месец
  • Brooklynd

    j laraj laraПре месец
  • Harden bouta go McHarden again

    Ben HendersonBen HendersonПре месец
  • These are gonna be ur champions

    • Hi

      Sati HarrisSati HarrisПре месец
  • Harden is SELLING

    Black ObitoBlack ObitoПре месец
  • Really 2 games cabs beat them ahha l

    Kevin RamosKevin RamosПре месец
  • Sexland with the cheese, burning em nets! 🏀🔥🧀

    Lakenzie MayweatherLakenzie MayweatherПре месец
  • They gotta Trade kyrie

    Dr. MikeDr. MikeПре месец
  • Sexton balling🔥

    Andrew Di ReAndrew Di ReПре месец
  • Nets have a Big 3! Lakers in 5.

    AJ ZoroAJ ZoroПре месец
  • I knew trading away Jarret Allen was gonna hurt for awhile

    RhandiRhandiПре месец
  • Jarret Allen lowkey happy he out of Brooklyn 👀

    KurSerKurSerПре месец
  • The nets 2k rating: - 100000000 Chemistry 99999999999 Strip Club

    Om DesaiOm DesaiПре месец
  • Nets have no godamn defense

    ThatBoiChrisThatBoiChrisПре месец
  • 🙏🏾✝️

    Justin BrownJustin BrownПре месец
  • They got no dept they need to trade kyrie for some bench players

    Cxlvin CapalotzCxlvin CapalotzПре месец
  • now harden is just being too nice and passing the ball too much

    Mustafa MohamudMustafa MohamudПре месец
  • Cavs have a somewhat bright future

    BooceBooceПре месец
  • Wtf

    Lud SwagLud SwagПре месец
  • “It was only one game” What’s the new excuse

    AdYourDadAdYourDadПре месец
    • Its only 2 games

      Ayi donnoAyi donnoПре месец
  • Nets already appear to be almost as full of themselves as the Clippers were last year.

    Teran IcerTeran IcerПре месец
    • No the clippers are better

      Ayi donnoAyi donnoПре месец
  • Kyrie garbage lol😂 brooklyn should trade kyrie😂

    Damz Tzy llDamz Tzy llПре месец
  • They don't need kyrie tbh

    madden gamermadden gamerПре месец
  • I think it’s now safe to say LAKERS IN 5

    KiloKiloПре месец
  • Kyrie effect is real bruhh😂

    Pee MakPee MakПре месец
  • Sexton gunna be most mip

    TrippyyjTrippyyjПре месец
  • The truth

    Vidal SolisVidal SolisПре месец
  • Maybe Lebron should head back to Cleveland they know how to beat the nets 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Obito GodObito GodПре месец
  • sexton gonna have ton of s** tonight..

    Xane42Xane42Пре месец
  • Nets have kd kyrie and james But Cavs are beating them Cavs deserve to be in the playoffs 😤

    45k_lanze Plays45k_lanze PlaysПре месец
  • Maybe the basketball God's are two in a row

    Saurav RaiSaurav RaiПре месец
  • ok what is happening... is Collin the goat

    Rony TarchichyRony TarchichyПре месец
  • They need to trade Kyrie

    Jose A ArroyoJose A ArroyoПре месец
  • Lebron’s spirit went to the cavs

    mir khanmir khanПре месец
  • Got beat twice lol

    Darnell Oulds JrDarnell Oulds JrПре месец
  • Darius garland is the goat

    Bol BolBol BolПре месец
  • There's something magical going on on Cleveland...without Lebron!

    French Fry in your McDonalds BagFrench Fry in your McDonalds BagПре месец
  • 2-0 Cavs leads the series

    Teeteu PTeeteu PПре месец
  • Lol!

    Major MarketingMajor MarketingПре месец
  • Brooklyn plays no defense

    TyJamarTyJamarПре месец
  • Can we vote out Kyrie? Can we just send him back on his spiritual journey? He can come back when he finds some defensive fighting spirit.

    BruTuSz89BruTuSz89Пре месец
  • That's just sad...

    iiXposediiXposedПре месец
  • Kyrie holding them back, he thinks hes the #1 option.

  • Too bad the nets will never face the cavaliers in the playoffs because then they would’ve definitely got swept

    JoseJoseПре месец
  • Trade kyrie for Allen and some more defense

    Noah FitzgeraldNoah FitzgeraldПре месец
  • defense is gonna be the nets kryptonite bro

    shzrdsshzrdsПре месец
  • The Nets realizing they shoulda just traded for Collin Sexton instead

    TreyDongzTreyDongzПре месец
  • I take that back, Nets ain't makin it to the Finals 😭

    Zart FCZart FCПре месец
    • If they meet the cavs in the first round then it will be over for them

      Ayi donnoAyi donnoПре месец
  • That super team cheese, the bench guys are psych’ing themselves out from all the hype that they think by having the 3 stars that they’re guaranteed a championship!

    TreyDongzTreyDongzПре месец
  • Jarrett Allen tho, dunking left and right 😤

    Mulu MaddenMulu MaddenПре месец
  • Allen look so happy with the CAVS.

    Doom SlayerDoom SlayerПре месец
  • Somebody forget to tell Harden special delivery got nerfed

    cj scj sПре месец
  • Embarrassing😳

    CristianCristianПре месец
  • Harden should have gone to the 76ers.

    Commodore-64 longplaysCommodore-64 longplaysПре месец
  • Bro it’s not even their offense that’s not connecting. Their acting weird on defense.

    OGDrippy TVOGDrippy TVПре месец
  • Now, can cavs trade Kevin Love to the mavs? :)

    Oel DaveOel DaveПре месец
  • jarret allen did that 2k animation dink lmao

    JonTheSinnerJonTheSinnerПре месец
  • NBA players that are Franchise owners: Lebron - Raptors Curry- Blazers, Rockets Sexton-Nets

    Phenomenal TitanPhenomenal TitanПре месец
    • @Toledo Branch i said the east including Cleveland when he was with the Heat

      Chris WolfChris WolfПре месец
    • Lebron owns the warriors

      Ayi donnoAyi donnoПре месец
    • @Chris Wolf celtics

      Toledo BranchToledo BranchПре месец
    • @Mahnoor Malik you know that lebron owns the warriors too plus lebron owns the rockets, nuggets and the east

      Chris WolfChris WolfПре месец
    • Lebron-The east

  • Sow let me see they couldn't beat the cavs with kd sow they leaving kd out of the game🤣🤣 Cavs: easy 🤣🤣🤣

    Jurick GustinaJurick GustinaПре месец
  • The nets suck

    bryan helonbryan helonПре месец
  • Kyrie needs to be the one who takes a step back.

    EKT !EKT !Пре месец
  • Imagine if it was a playoff series right now, the Cavs would have a 2-0 lead. That don’t sound right ☠️

    lou Jlou JПре месец
  • Yeah the Brooklyn Nets need Jarrett Allen back lol

    lou Jlou JПре месец
  • Irving did his job. Harden needs to be more aggressive.

    Ama JangAma JangПре месец
  • All Kyrie does is shoot 3s

    D-LightD-LightПре месец
  • Nets dangerous but I dont think teams fear them and they shouldnt

    Patrick LPatrick LПре месец
  • Nets are a bust.

    Edson FernsEdson FernsПре месец
  • Nash might just be a bust coach. But it's too early to say

    Ian slizzyIan slizzyПре месец
  • Fucking embarrassing, seriously.... YOU HAVE JAMES HARDEN N KYRIE!!!! SMH

    Seahawkfan1108Seahawkfan1108Пре месец
  • Nets should sell Kyrie for Allen

    Sebastian PoplawskiSebastian PoplawskiПре месец
  • Collin is used to the major comebacks we all remember the 3 v 5 in college

    OG PapaBlessOG PapaBlessПре месец
  • The nets are going to regret trading Allen. Man is a straight up tank

    lord heskeylord heskeyПре месец
  • trade jaret pamore

    PRIMEPRIMEПре месец
  • Nets should never traded Jarret Allen

    DevastinatorDevastinatorПре месец
  • Lol Harden is the best PG on the team. That’s why

    WussWussПре месец