Cruella - Everything Wrong With Disney

22 феб 2021
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The recent trailer for Disney's Cruella pretty much highlights everything wrong with this company. Let's take a closer look.

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    The Critical DrinkerThe Critical DrinkerПре 11 дана
    • You forgot there was 101 Dalmatian (Show) in 1997 then we got a 2nd movie in 2002 called 101 Dalmatians Patches London Adventure, And in 2019 We got 101 Dalmatian Street

      GerardGaming2007 Minecraft MasterGerardGaming2007 Minecraft MasterПре 2 дана
    • This movie, birds of prey, and the joker from suicide squad has completely destroyed the term Edgy. The only thing edgy here are the borders of the screen you are watching it on.

      Remember NovemberRemember NovemberПре 4 дана
    • how much did Disney pay Jeff Bezos for appearing in the trailer I wonder.

      hardleecurehardleecureПре 4 дана
    • Just simply NOOOOO

      Ry MckRy MckПре 4 дана
    • @The Critical Drinker. Tell me, did you act like you did in the video when kill Bill came out? How dare a female main character do bad things, lol. You are just as much as a sjw as the leftist sjws

      Johnny FeralcatJohnny FeralcatПре 8 дана
  • It’s like “Lets try make the lady who skins LITERAL PUPPIES a misunderstood anti-hero! Rawr Rawr!”

    RocketSpaceShipRocketSpaceShipПре 36 минута
  • You got some completely different vibes from this trailer than I did. She definitely came off as evil to me. I mean she’s clearly the main character, but she doesn’t seem sympathetic. More like a villain you love to hate, because you understand their desires.

    EllieEllieПре 37 минута
  • Why, why take a character that was created specifically to be evil and try to redeem them? I mean, her name is Cruella De Vil, I'm not meeting a character with that name and expecting them to be good

    Lux287Lux287Пре сат
  • Alright. You mentioned them. Now give us ocean's eleven.

    Kasky NightbladeKasky NightbladeПре 2 сата
  • the remakes are pissing me off. making this comment to pub this more lol

    Alexis TwoLastNamesAlexis TwoLastNamesПре 3 сата
    • Cruella isn't really a remake but a reimagining (like Maleficent)

      Isaac XCIIIsaac XCIIПре 2 сата
  • I really just hope that Cruella ends up being about her being a fashion designer who wanted to stop another famous (but much more powerful) crook/designer from turning living animals into accessories, and as she tries to put a stop to it in her younger years and find an alternative she realizes that in the line of business she's in it's actually the best and only way to get famous, rich, and powerful. Maybe by the end she just fully snaps and usurpes the other designer just by using more exotic animal skins, with dogs being the next on her list. I think that would be a bit better than trying to make her out to be some misunderstood heroine, but by the looks of it they're just giving in to making a ripoff Harley Queen set in the 1920's. The only up about this trailer is Emma Watson looks pretty cool with split colored hair.

    Julie BelleJulie BelleПре 4 сата
  • I’m just saying, I would wear the shit out of cruella’s clothes in the trailer.

    no oneno oneПре 4 сата
  • Hail Doomcock!

    George HeathGeorge HeathПре 5 сати
  • At the beginning of 101 dalmatians Cruella seems to be more like an relentless woman too invested in her job, that had the greatest idea for her fashion brand and is not going to let anyone stop her, which causes her spiraling into getting outsmarted by puppies, so they could have made a movie about how she became some kind of Miranda Presley to make it fit in with the beginning-of-the-movie Cruella, as this is a prequel, and not give us this sociopath that reminds us more of the end-of-the-movie Cruella. The interesting thing about origin stories is to show how the characters slowly (and logically) became what the are now, not this "haha yeah, they have always been bad 🤪" ridiculous trope, because there is no growth and basically no story, its just like lazy writing.

    Canela RollCanela RollПре 6 сати
  • What you're seeing ppl, is the idealizing and celebration of criminally insane and abusive bad women.

    I'm called The EnemyI'm called The EnemyПре 7 сати
    • @Rehined Letrova you sound like a feminist.

      I'm called The EnemyI'm called The EnemyПре 4 сата
    • sure bro, critics said EXACTLY this before Joker came out lmao

      Rehined LetrovaRehined LetrovaПре 7 сати
  • Can someone tell me what's the difference from cruella movie and maleficent? I mean, they are both the villains..

    Chiara CobainChiara CobainПре 9 сати
  • Your totally accurate critique of their remake spree has me wondering if all their good writers and animators have quit to go to Dreamworks.

    Heather ContoisHeather ContoisПре 9 сати
  • I wonder if maybe they aren't trying to make Cruella seem misunderstood by the society at all, but try to show people every villain is a hero of their own story and will make the narrative positive for themselves. There will be people who will side with villains, because their stories seem reasonable enough to them so they can be with them, but these people also have fucked up morality. They ignore sins, because of some tragedy. It doesn't change that Cruella is evil and we should be smart enough to realize it, no matter how much they'd try to make us side with her. "Oppose the propaganda"?? But dunno, maybe I have too much hope in Disney this time

    MayaMayaПре 10 сати
  • Why? You ask why? It's simple. The Disney imagineers have lost the ability to imagine, taking the wide, easy road to make a few bucks and keep their dying empire from fading away. Dear Walt would not be impressed.

    Mike SiverMike SiverПре 12 сати
  • The reason Disney is doing all this exploitation is because they're dying and very desperately trying to collect all the money they could still make, even if whatever they're making isn't good. And then they're buying all these different studios, so when they die, all the studios they've bought will be gone too.

    Audrey's NameAudrey's NameПре 13 сати
  • i just keep thinking of the scene from starkids twisted lol

    autumnautumnПре 14 сати
  • Another fair way to do it would be to do the backstories of the villain's who *actually have* valid reason for being framed as tragic victims/antiheroes based on the original fairy tales or the histories those tales were drawn from but that might actually require effort in the form of research and more creativity than 'I am woman hear me roar'...

    Hillary McClintockHillary McClintockПре 15 сати
  • These movies make you wonder how women like Amber Heard are being tolerated in the real world. They'll probably make a movie about her, being a brilliant anti-hero, obsessed with partying, and destroying a well loved man's career.

    Ant PhoAnt PhoПре 15 сати
  • The '90s 101 Dalmatians was the only live action Disney movie that honored the source ('60s cartoon version) and was genuinely good! Will 100% watch that any number of times. I DO NOT WANT Emma Stone as Cruella..... there's only one woman who played her to perfection in one movie and it's over and done with!

    Archana JeevaArchana JeevaПре 15 сати
  • Just wait for transgender, urban poetry singing Quasimodo who was oppressed because it/he/she/whatever wanted to play basketball with Esmerelda but the white man took their balls

    Inf AdelInf AdelПре 16 сати
  • Why? Because creativity died when Walt could no longer walk through building 811 and inspire creativity. When animation stopped being drawn and Eisner’s vision was money money money.

    Inf AdelInf AdelПре 16 сати
  • I’m so done with Disney!!!!!!!

    Parker PshebniskyParker PshebniskyПре 16 сати
  • Idea of a movie villain: They're villains because they're bored. They cause suffering because they're sadistic and they revel in Schadenfreude. They derive pleasure from the suffering and misfortunes of others. There's no reason for it. They're just psychopaths. I want to see that.

    Dark GlassDark GlassПре 17 сати
  • This is the kind of movie that would appear in an ad during Tropic Thunder. It has the attributes that make a movie serious, but the concept is wildly off.

    Trey FowlerTrey FowlerПре 17 сати
  • Besides the lines "I am a woman, hear me roar" I do not understand why she is seriously considering that she could be an antihero. She even said "I born bad."

    JasMarttz.JasMarttz.Пре 18 сати
  • Looks like they were going for Joker 2 starring Emma Stone but chickened out at the last minute.

    AdamAdamПре 19 сати
  • The live action remake of 101 dalmations was actually decent, but that was the 90`s, a different time.

    johnnybrubakerjohnnybrubakerПре 20 сати
  • The Critical Drinker is so good

    James SlingsbyJames SlingsbyПре 20 сати
  • I think the live action remakes are a treat when they do it right

    BlackGeneGreyX BoricuaBlackGeneGreyX BoricuaПре 20 сати
  • lol so glad i stopped paying for disney content. they just suck these days. oh and i see 1100 SJWs watched this vid adn voted accordingly, REEEEEEEEEEEE.

    Brandon GrayBrandon GrayПре 21 сат
  • It’s very simple...Walt Disney, the creator of MOST of Disney, DIED. So the people in charge now are Hacks and Corporate people...this is why the recent Star Wars and Disney products(movies,shows, etc) are pure shit.

    nandezificationnandezificationПре 22 сата
  • Disney has never done anything new! They stole Kimba the Lion, the appropriate old tales, and branded them as Disney classics. In fact, the few times they did something 100% creative they failed at the box office. If it weren't for Pixar, Disney would have died a long time ago.

    Pita ArielPita ArielПре 22 сата
  • "... ridiculously flamboyant outfits who no real person would ever wear" you've never met anyone who's part of the alphabet mafia, have you? 😏

    ShyShyПре 22 сата
  • This is yet ANOTHER movie, in a string of Disney movies(and Star Wars movies) that I am NEVER gonna watch. Keep making them and spending money to make em, you won’t get MY money!

    nandezificationnandezificationПре 22 сата
  • I'll admit I actually liked maleficent, or, at the very least, I didn't think it was god awful. It wasn't great, but it was an ok distraction. Thing is, the only reason rewriting maleficent was viable was because her original motivation was so awful. In the original, you get the vibe that she cursed a baby to die because she wasn't invited to the baby's birthday party. So yeah, fleshing out the backstory to give more justification to why she curses a baby makes sense. Cruella's motivation are pretty clear cut and wickedly rational. She wants to skin puppies to make fur coats and sell them to make money because she's a fashion designer. There isn't many additions you can make to that story that'll make the audience go, "it was misguided and wrong, but I can understand why she wants to skin puppies now."

    josh pattersonjosh pattersonПре 23 сата
  • I've looked everywhere, out behind the serial killers shack, in my mothers toilet, in the streets AND sewers of New York, and even in my own asshole... *But I still havent found who the fuck asked for this movie*

    Robbie JohnsonRobbie JohnsonПре 23 сата
  • You clearly misunderstand the point of movies like these. This is a villain origin story, like Joker but obviously with a wildly different style as you pointed out. These types of movies aren’t meant to force the audience to “root for the villain,” rather they are meant to be more of a character study to show the audience why the villain is they way they are and how they got there. Personally, even though I could never root for a character who has done the terrible things she has, I am very interested to see Cruella’s story.

    SnailsSnailsПре дан
  • If you want to know why Disney (and any other corporations) does such things it is because New World Order, that's why. Re-writhing history to divide and conquer.

    DoobiesDoobiesПре дан
  • I couldn’t agree more!

    Tohar AharonTohar AharonПре дан
  • Hey hey maleficent was great okissssT^T But I see what, they mean x3

    Elf LoveElf LoveПре дан
  • I think he forgot to mention there was an animated series, and an animated sequel to the original movie :/ It's just too much

    Doris PLCDoris PLCПре дан
  • 3:21 Margot Robbie: I'm calling my lawyer

    Javier FebronioJavier FebronioПре дан
  • Disney literally took what Wicked did and just applied it to every single story they could. Good lord 🤦‍♀️

    Kathy PaigeKathy PaigeПре дан
  • If they wanted to make money why couldn’t they just release a clothing line based off of cruellas outfits because at the very least I would buy it all

    Juleanne MillanJuleanne MillanПре дан
  • Patiently waiting for a scar movie 💅🏼

    Marissa LeyMarissa LeyПре дан
  • Maybe it'll be shit, maybe not. Either way it actually looks like it could be pretty fun.

    Alex BennetAlex BennetПре дан
  • There's a good thing about Cruella.... It's Disney helping me save money by not seeing another of their shitty movies.

    MysterionMysterionПре дан
  • If you don't like disney we don't love you

    Mengay agayMengay agayПре дан
  • Mark Strong. Did I see you? Are you in this movie? Dude, sir, why? If not, good.

    ssj pandassj pandaПре дан
  • It's cool and humanising when Joker does it but when it's Cruella, y'all suddenly get angry. Like shut tf up dudes lol

    Rehined LetrovaRehined LetrovaПре дан
  • I mean, it's the✨ aesthetic ✨ thats matter right?

    leoni Mleoni MПре дан
  • I am so glad because when I said to my friends that I get Harley Quinn vibes from this trailer they said "noo this is so original I love it". So glad I am not the only one

    Maya PourpoutidiMaya PourpoutidiПре дан
  • Dunno why yall thunk she's gonna be misunderstood like maleficent, it looks more like its about her descent to madness like the joker which us fime but still unoriginal

    grmp 19grmp 19Пре дан
  • I don’t think the movie Cruella is trying to depict Cruella as a misunderstood hero, it’s just a fun movie with a cunning protagonist.

    matilda parismatilda parisПре дан
  • Disney: i know the frist 3 live action remakes where hot trash but 4 is my lucky number.

    SpaceyGnatSpaceyGnatПре дан
  • If you want to see a genuinely fun prequel about Jafar, go look up Twisted by Starkid on RSworld. That’s how you do it!

    NeynaNeynaПре дан
  • god disney suck.

    UltimateSteevilUltimateSteevilПре дан
  • Do these remakes have something against making the character stand out? Old disney films specifically made the main character dress in a certain color to stand out yet in the remake everyone is wearing the main characters signiture color giving me an eye sore trying to find them lol.

    lele lewlele lewПре дан
  • IVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS MOVIE FOR YEARS SIR! can’t wait to see emma stone

    Tori LafontaineTori LafontaineПре дан
  • I am so glad I’m not the only one who thinks this

    Rma TreglownRma TreglownПре дан
  • Woke Disney World.

    Memphis SommersMemphis SommersПре дан
  • Disney stopped hiring people for their skills and talent years ago, and started hiring for their race, gender, and sexual orientation only regardless of qualifications.

    Nae NaeNae NaeПре дан
  • They literally copied Harley quinn

    Mookan KandiahMookan KandiahПре дан
  • The reasons they’re milking live action is probably because they butchered Star Wars. They figured they could pump out any old shit under the title and it’d be beloved. When it all went to shit they went into overdrive trying to recoup their losses. Hence the reliance on remaking films that they know work. They’re playing it safe because they daren’t do anything decent for fear of more loss

    Kaysab11Kaysab11Пре дан
  • I think the whole point of Cruella's self-aggrandizement throughout the trailer is meant to illustrate the extent of her evil/insanity. It isn't supposed to be taken seriously. Almost like she's going to be a villain.

    Hid DahHid DahПре дан
  • I really like Maleficent, though. But I do think it's weird that they're trying to redeem a character that we already know the motivations and how cruel she is (I mean, unlike Cruella, we didn't really know Maleficent's story and her motivations to do the things she's done, so, in my opinion, it's okay to write a story telling her pov)

    YorancyYorancyПре дан
  • Instead of making her a role model, why not make her the opposite? Have the whole movie with her thinking she is in the right and telling the audience she is right and that she is just misunderstood and fights to prove that, while showing the complete opposite. Have her fight the antagonist, thinking that she is in the right and is the good guy when she is just as bad or even worse than her. Like maybe at the end, have her end up worse then the antagonist, and instead of proving herself to be a misunderstood she proves just how right everybody was about her, that she isn't a strong, independent misunderstood person, she is just a crazy, messed up, overall cruel person who is just as bad as the oppresors in her life. The ending could either have her forever in denial or just have her give up and embrace it, maybe showing girls what happens when you go too far or something. Basically instead of having her as a role model have her be an example of what not to be. Or to be even more simple just do what joker did.

    The Ultimate Shipper F.L.The Ultimate Shipper F.L.Пре дан
  • Oh Drinker, live forever! You've got balls, dude. You've got balls.

    Patrick McDonaldPatrick McDonaldПре дан
  • I was kind expecting that Disney have learned about the huge Mullan mistake... But Not today folks, not today

    Ana HAna HПре дан
  • Why do they keep shelling out this trash movies that flop year after year? Its like they hate money

    bot netbot netПре дан
  • Hellmann - Hell - Devil - Wears Prada - Or the skin of dalmatians. My association. And yes, Disney - and not only them - trivialise, glorify and victimise evil characters. Which means nothing else than twisting bad to good and *PROMOTING* evil, even as role models. Well, Disney is part of Hellyweird. It has always been...

    Say My NameSay My NameПре дан
  • We just need to stop funding this trash

    Greg BoggsGreg BoggsПре дан
  • 100% accurate in the first 7 seconds

    Amber SAmber SПре дан
  • 7:29 M o n e y

    zombielizard218zombielizard218Пре дан
  • The main goal of Disney live-action remakes/sequels: Look pretty and make money

    Pallas B. AntifearnPallas B. AntifearnПре дан
  • Imagine what would happen if a movie came out, the first scene of the trailer, you hear a man say "I am man hear me roar."

    retpalretpalПре дан
  • Whislt we are talking Disney..everyone should go to the Star Wars RSworld channel and down thumb every High Republic video.

    jasewildheartjasewildheartПре дан
  • They are going to make Cruela movie??? Seriously? Wtf?

    Rodrigo JuniorRodrigo JuniorПре дан
  • Well, at least hollywood has stopped trying to force Emma Stone as the 'sex symbol' upon us. Sorry, but she's a four on her best day.

    231mac231macПре дан
  • The accent makes this 100% more entertaining.

    Jam LymJam LymПре дан
  • They should take a page out of the musical play "Twisted". There's a scene where all the Disney villians come out and talk about how they were misunderstood and then Cruella comes out and talks about how she just wanted a coat made from puppies, then all the villians start to shame her.

    decoraqueen adecoraqueen aПре 2 дана
  • Simple answer... Disney never did anything "new" all of thr Disney stories are derived from thr folk tales of different countries or regions. Taking out the interesting stuff and anything that didnt fit with white/male/Christian supremacy...and thr parts that were inappropriate for children of corse.

    Thackery BinxThackery BinxПре 2 дана
    • I will say I am glad they've left out the parts about cutting of parts feet and dancing in got iron shoes. The written stories were clear enough, we didnt need to see it.

      Heather ContoisHeather ContoisПре 9 сати
  • I honestly don't think the trailer has enough material to criticize this heavily. If the movie does try to turn Cruella into a misunderstood anti-hero, I'll be mad, but I don't think the trailer has proven that yet. The trailer is from Cruella's point of view, and obviously Cruella doesn't think of herself as a villain. No villain does. If the movie only shows her side of the story, that's uncool, but if it subverts and reveals her lies/delusions, it could be good.

    Lindsay MorrisonLindsay MorrisonПре 2 дана
  • excuse you birds of prey was fucking incredible and the only damn good superhero type movie i've seen in YEARS, don't even think to compare this with that

    Ashton HamreAshton HamreПре 2 дана
  • Good luck with that, creating a hero from a character who wanted to kill and skin puppies.... in the United States where animal lovers would (rightly) kill for less..

    egwulfegwulfПре 2 дана
  • Disney rarely came up with anything new. Nearly every mainstream animated feature they've made has been a remake of a classic fairy tale or children's story. Their original stories that click are few and far between. Today they've realized they're out of ideas, so all they can do is remake their own movies and give villains their own standalone backstory films.

    Retrogamer BTLRetrogamer BTLПре 2 дана
  • Anyone get harleyquinn vibes

    ZahraZahraПре 2 дана
  • Why Emma Stone?? I really liked her....

    ChanCeNecKChanCeNecKПре 2 дана
  • So now they're trying to make us care about someone who skins animals for their coats. Either *they* are batshit insane or *I* am.

    Clayton BakerClayton BakerПре 2 дана
  • Cruella as in the chick that is literally so evil she kill puppies? As in the literal origin of the joke about villains being so evil they kill puppies? That chick? The villain that's so evil they literally named her cruel devil? Speaking of which I was today years old when I realized.

    FireFox64000000FireFox64000000Пре 2 дана
  • Exactly...someone needs to tell them it's okay to have a villain be bad without the antihero background 🙄

    Emily AuEmily AuПре 2 дана
  • It only makes sense that Disney would want to rewrite history to make villains into heroes. Walt himself was a suspected Nazi supporter, until the war broke out, and then Disney started profiteering by making propaganda films for the US. Yet Walt is held out to be a saint.

    Timothy FolkinsTimothy FolkinsПре 2 дана
  • that was everything I felt in a second after seeing a glimpse of this movie

    Spartan ElfSpartan ElfПре 2 дана
  • When I saw the trailer I also had the sudden realization that they were going to appeal to the feminists. I remembered this one iconic line from the original life action remake, where Cruella is salty that the protagonist lady would give up her career to become a housewife, and the duality and the implications of that line. That it was dubious and undesirable to be a career woman because the villain/ antagonist was saying it, so therefore it must be wrong ; that’s so telling. I am a woman and wether you decide to become a house wife of a career woman, whatever makes you happy. But. I remembered that line and I was like, there was more controversial feminist agenda in that one line in the OG live action remake (which is my trash, I love Glen Close and all the puppies) than in that whooooole new movie. I could already tell my eyes were going to roll back in their sockets eventually being bored enough to wait this movie

    Lamc B.Lamc B.Пре 2 дана
  • 3:32 God bless Tywin Lannister

    Kyle SimmonsKyle SimmonsПре 2 дана
  • to be fair, malificent was very good, and it felt more like an alternate take on a classic tale. Cruella, the puppy slayer from a story written in the last century? I don't think so

    ManofStarsManofStarsПре 2 дана

    god563616god563616Пре 2 дана
  • I really do feel like there are *some* Disney villains who could be interesting to explore, like Ursula or Dr. Facillier. Don't make them tragic heroes, but explaining *how* they became the villains we know and loathe could be fun. Cruella de Ville literally wanted to wear puppies. You cannot, and should not, make her sympathetic in any way.

    Caitlin SnowfrostCaitlin SnowfrostПре 2 дана
    • They're fine as they are. We want new movies, not crappy rehashes of movies that didn't need further explanation.

      Elisa Castro.Elisa Castro.Пре дан
  • Disney: Any asshole can become a hero Me: I know. Every time I poop without constipation, I think the same.

    vidblitzvidblitzПре 2 дана