Dwight Howard shoots free throws from the top of the key

20 јан 2021
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Dwight Howard's rather unusual new free throw routine, shooting free throws further back from the free throw line
Dwight would end up bricking the pair.
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  • Should Dwight continue to use this routine?

    Raf ProductionsRaf ProductionsПре месец
    • @Giedrius Budvytis seems like you are part of the majority now.. all these damn kids can’t hit a layup but want to be jacking 3s from every angle.. it’s called get guuuud simp 🤗

      Bigben -1989Bigben -1989Пре месец
    • @Sports are Better with Titanic Music I agree with u

      Mcgodley GamesMcgodley GamesПре месец
    • There should be a DH in basketball, but they shoot free throws for guys who suck.

      Sports are Better with Titanic MusicSports are Better with Titanic MusicПре месец
    • Pretty sure he was doing this same technique last year

      Michael Six Hundred & Sixty-SixMichael Six Hundred & Sixty-SixПре месец
    • yes

      AyyCardinalAyyCardinalПре месец
  • The thing I dont understand about all these big men is why do they all shoot line drives. All u have to do is arc it

    Samuel JueSamuel JueПре 22 дана
  • All mans is doing is trying to knock two free throws instead of one. Adjusting his game to put points on a board. But I do got to say... How can you be that strong to miss free throws on the top of the key.

    TheDream HoustonTheDream HoustonПре месец
  • sad

    Tall GuyTall GuyПре месец
  • Well it didn't get worse

    Kino LopesKino LopesПре месец
  • He’s been doing this forever lol

    RB2335RB2335Пре месец
  • At this point just throw the ball at the rim and hope you or your teammates get the rebound. Cause he stackin them bricks up like the 3rd pig trying to keep the wolf out his house 💀

    MXPMXPПре месец
  • I think the reason why he shoots from far away is because he's too strong and he over shoots the ball most of the time lol

    Louis KimballLouis KimballПре месец
  • Continued point guard dream.

    Ngai JonathanNgai JonathanПре месец
  • This why Shaq never takes this man serious

    Gįmmę Da ŁøøT x2Gįmmę Da ŁøøT x2Пре месец
  • Dwight's too strong even though a he dropped some serious weight. As someone who played basketball (not professionally of course); from my experience if you are shooting the ball, it's easier to hit it from the middie compared to being close to the paint or the arc

    Jacari TaylorJacari TaylorПре месец
  • May be easier shooting further for his strength. Nick Van Exel used to shoot a few steps behind the line, not sure why he did it

    J. KellyJ. KellyПре месец
  • lol.

    DreamwakeDreamwakeПре месец
  • Lmao

    RonnieLiftsRonnieLiftsПре месец
  • i really wanted to see him make that lmao

    Dat Gamer WolfDat Gamer WolfПре месец
  • He has done this every time he shot a free-throw

    Owen raisbeckOwen raisbeckПре месец
  • If I'm not mistaken rasheed Wallace did the same thing

    Antoine WilliamsAntoine WilliamsПре месец
  • ??

    小祥Lin46小祥Lin46Пре месец
  • OGs know this from Nick Van Exel

    Brandon GBrandon GПре месец
  • You just know that no matter what the distance is, he's just gonna brick it. Just a complete anti-talent for finer points of basketball game

    KingslayerSrbKingslayerSrbПре месец
  • top of the key man, hot spot

    Gro OxygenGro OxygenПре месец
  • Soon his request of free throw is to shoot from 3pt line

    Ker MKer MПре месец
  • Hell no

    Bryant GovanBryant GovanПре месец
  • He scoots back cuz he shoots hard

    EyeWavvyEyeWavvyПре месец
  • shouldve taken 1 more step back

    karpaulkarpaulПре месец
  • This clown ....look at this clown ....CLOWN

    MiLER MoNTEMiLER MoNTEПре месец
    • @Freezey its a funny fraze we say were im from ....like look at this clown ...wen someone doing some funny shit uknow

      MiLER MoNTEMiLER MoNTEПре месец
    • @MiLER MoNTE why clown

      FreezeyFreezeyПре месец
    • @Freezey dwight" the ight"howard

      MiLER MoNTEMiLER MoNTEПре месец
    • Who

      FreezeyFreezeyПре месец
  • This is such an idiotic strategy

    JASJASПре месец
  • What kids do in basketball games to look cool:

    AlexHarper GamingAlexHarper GamingПре месец
  • 2 weeks ago: shoot from the line A week ago: shoot in the middle of the key Now: shoot from the top of the key Next week: shoot from half court free throw line

    RT JFRT JFПре месец
  • Who does he think he is, Nick Van Exel?

    Mikehader4444Mikehader4444Пре месец
    • He’s Dwight Howard

      FreezeyFreezeyПре месец
  • Learned this from nick van exel

  • lol

    Jeff LeeJeff LeeПре месец
  • Ben must of told him this would work ..

    Brian JonesBrian JonesПре месец
  • No touch at all.

    MadmartiganMadmartiganПре месец
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 fucking goofy

    Fred D.Fred D.Пре месец
  • Shaqtin the fool

    Daniel SongDaniel SongПре месец
  • For everyone stating he’s been doing this for awhile, the video title states he “shoots them from the top of the key”as in yes he has been doing it for awhile, so keep your smarta$$ comments to yourselves please

    MillerTime EastMillerTime EastПре месец
  • man is 35 years old trying to get his free throw routine down

    Ma plzMa plzПре месец
  • He might as well should’ve took a jump shot 😂

    JamieJamieПре месец
  • Would’ve gotten 1million views by now if he did a granny shot from there

    Jay More RuamJay More RuamПре месец
  • rsworld.info/face/video/l4GEp5l-poSraLo.html

    Evil PlugEvil PlugПре месец
  • ... misses from the top of the key

    Stefan VasicStefan VasicПре месец
  • thats not top of the key lmfao

    KiingForeignKiingForeignПре месец
  • I didn't know Dwight is now apart of the 76ers? He got his first ring with the Lakers now hes playing with another team are u serious?

    The Rated Rockstar™ Official ChannelThe Rated Rockstar™ Official ChannelПре месец
    • Lakers did him dirty

      FreezeyFreezeyПре месец
  • It doesn't matter what this dude does, he still misses. Such a joke.

    Sports are Better with Titanic MusicSports are Better with Titanic MusicПре месец
    • @Freezey No one is mad. Dude has his ring. He still sucks at the line. Just a reality.

      Sports are Better with Titanic MusicSports are Better with Titanic MusicПре месец
    • Why u so mad? Dude got his ring. Chill out

      FreezeyFreezeyПре месец
  • Perhaps Dwight Howard as well as every professional sports athlete should get a regular job.

    Terren ONeilTerren ONeilПре месец
  • when the ball is so small and theres a 6'11 260 the ball can feel like cotton to him

    PopsPopsПре месец
  • Dwight doin that prolly cause he has alot of strength

    Joaquin Rafael CruzJoaquin Rafael CruzПре месец
  • What a dummy

    Michael MMichael MПре месец
  • He's shooting so far because no matter what he knows he finna miss it

    Rian NRian NПре месец
  • If he's better with muscle memory from further away...... why not?

    Tony Kart RacerTony Kart RacerПре месец
  • whats the point of that

    xXInfiniteyXxxXInfiniteyXxПре месец
  • Steph should stay behind the 3 point line

    EliteEliteПре месец
  • Yall need to understand that the majority of these players are really strong and a basketball only weighs like, half a kilo or 1.4 pound. If you're that strong, a flick of the wrist is more than enough to shoot the ball.

    Fluffy EarlFluffy EarlПре месец
  • He didn't jump high enough

    Jan Michael AustriaJan Michael AustriaПре месец
  • And still brickin dat bih

    Elijah JosaphatElijah JosaphatПре месец
  • Shooting from farther away doesn’t magically give you any touch. Clank.

    PeterPeterПре месец
  • Arm is too strong for normal free throw, so he took one step back from the line.

    RagingAzianRagingAzianПре месец
  • At least he didn't AIRBALL

    Cayden LackeyCayden LackeyПре месец
  • He’s too strong for the regular free throw line😂😂”Maybe if I shoot from farther more will go in Bc I always hit back rim from the line but maybe if I do it from farther they’ll swish not back rim”😂😂

    Backyard BrosBackyard BrosПре месец
  • I remember Nick Van Exel doing the same thing, only difference is Nick the Quick was making em

    C.J LaFonC.J LaFonПре месец
  • He too strong lol

    Kenny RobinsonKenny RobinsonПре месец
  • Who cares that entire area is the free throw area and it has two lines. Ppl are funny.

    Darnell HarrisonDarnell HarrisonПре месец
  • If that would be in its epic but it wasn't so epic fail🤣🤣🤣

    Cherwin ForonesCherwin ForonesПре месец
  • hahaha

    Gabriel BonifacioGabriel BonifacioПре месец
  • He always wanna be different

    joshualei98joshualei98Пре месец
  • strong ass!!!!! still almost broke the dang basket

    cliff woodburycliff woodburyПре месец
  • We will never learn what that goes to show us

    Dimitris MatziarakisDimitris MatziarakisПре месец
  • Nick van exel did this

    KebabKebabПре месец
  • Oh man that's so awkward 🤣

    Shall WinchesterShall WinchesterПре месец
  • curry takes hes free throws by the 3 point line.

    Lucky RipzLucky RipzПре месец
  • the description😂😂😂😂

    Hooping with HamezHooping with HamezПре месец
  • I of the needle

    James ViiceJames ViiceПре месец
  • A lot of big men struggle from the line because they are too strong to use a typical free throw form.

    Tom KTom KПре месец
  • Why did he leave Lakers, that makes me sad. I like him a lot at center

    Nathan MooreNathan MooreПре месец
  • Roses are red violets are blue if you give a like God will forgive you 0:22xx.

    Sadie RobertsSadie RobertsПре месец
  • New Strats, Same stats😭😭😭😭

    Lisa BrownLisa BrownПре месец
  • He too strong das why lol Cash Nasty should do it too

    Lisa BrownLisa BrownПре месец
  • Nick "The Quick" Van Exel used to do the same thing. But Nick's shot had crazy arch. Dwight just dumb strong lol

    rasthekingrasthekingПре месец
  • He did this on the Lakers

    AnonymousStreamerAnonymousStreamerПре месец
  • Brick!!!!!! Your the tall with all that “muscle” all you had to do was just flick it in stead .... brick

    MjMjПре месец
  • Nick Van Exel used to do this

    brad monaghanbrad monaghanПре месец
  • Still can’t make shit

    Lorenzo GuerreroLorenzo GuerreroПре месец
  • Seem that he still needs a longer distance

    XxL LXxL LПре месец
  • He takes one more step back and he should be good.

    Angelfish LuvaAngelfish LuvaПре месец
  • It makes sense the optimal shot is closer to 45 degrees since he is taller the farther back he is the more likely he will get that angle

    Slam RussSlam RussПре месец
  • But I can dunk from here!

    Spiffy TurtleSpiffy TurtleПре месец
  • Might as well shoot the free throw behind the 3pt smh 🤣

    Lowkey_007Lowkey_007Пре месец
  • He tried to show off

    WhiteMagic SpellsWhiteMagic SpellsПре месец
  • When u tryna show off in front of a girl

    Beloved Mars7Beloved Mars7Пре месец
  • Is that "legal"? Lol

    Shunjie WangShunjie WangПре месец
  • And still he miss it..😪

    Ramon CastañoRamon CastañoПре месец

    DevastinatorDevastinatorПре месец
  • Still misses 🤣

    Carlos PinedaCarlos PinedaПре месец
  • SMH this nan never worked on being fluid his while career same old stiff free throws

    Michael DawoduMichael DawoduПре месец
    • U don’t work on fluidity. That’s a natural thing. Some people are just more nimble then others. Dwight hasn’t been fluid since he was in hs. He was a lot more mobile and fluid before he beefed up in his prime.

      CPGoat #3CPGoat #3Пре месец
  • I thought he was gunna at least make it

    JetFilmsJetFilmsПре месец
  • ఆ ఆi love u girl.

    Bi LamBi LamПре месец
  • shooting like he has no mobility in his arms, STILL lol

    chousan1024chousan1024Пре месец
  • Nick Van Excel shit

    m Teem TeeПре месец
  • Thought he had limitless range lol

    delta de Avausudelta de AvausuПре месец