Emanet 121. Bölüm Fragmanı | Legacy Episode 121 Promo (English & Spanish subs)

19 феб 2021
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Yaman Kırımlı is a successful and young businessman who had a rough childhood but never gave up, on the contrary he even became stronger with every obstacle. He started his life from the bottom and became very wealthy. All he has in his world, is a family that he has to take care of after his father’s death. He closed his heart to all romantic feelings a long time ago and his only weakness is his 5-year old nephew… Little Yusuf is very well protected under his uncle’s arms, but he craves loves and sympathy. The only happy image in his mind is his aunt Seher.

Seher is a beautiful and humble girl living with her grandfather. Her life is shaken by the death of her sister who was the bride of the Kırımlı family. From now on, she has a legacy she has to take care at all costs: Her little nephew Yusuf. This adventure will arise the long hidden secrets of the Kırımlı mansion; while a whole another legacy will start to grow in Seher and Yaman's hearts.

  • Yes they are beautiful couple

    Angeles KaindoyAngeles KaindoyПре 13 дана
  • Yaman kick Zuhal out of mansion tomorrow 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    farideh kodramifarideh kodramiПре 14 дана
  • Çok güzel filim mən beyendi

    Asim IsifovAsim IsifovПре 14 дана
  • Anyone know when episode 121 will come ?

    Ina fladmarkIna fladmarkПре 14 дана
  • Oh Yusuf

  • Its two days now when will episode come sir ???????????

    Ramanjeet KhairaRamanjeet KhairaПре 14 дана
    • But you can watch it online Kanal 7 online. Only it is in Turkish.

      Jasmine ManoukianJasmine ManoukianПре 14 дана
    • It will be updated within 2 hours(Indian time).

      lesin nlesin nПре 14 дана
  • Seher is married whit Jaman and her eyes are like👁️ then she yust sleep whit him WHY

    Ajla & AdiAjla & AdiПре 14 дана
  • Can't enjoy this drama in other language show us in English language please please.Jazakallah khairah.

    Shaukat MemonShaukat MemonПре 14 дана
  • Jwifuwbrzi81

    Manka SavageManka SavageПре 14 дана
  • English subtitles pleaasssee😭

    Daisy BalocatingDaisy BalocatingПре 14 дана
  • Yaman is beautifully expressing being in immense love with seher through his eyes. I wish he confesses to her today

    Samina KamalSamina KamalПре 14 дана
  • I don't have much hope that they will confess soon; it will be a long process, knowing the writer's habits. But, hopefully, in the process, we will have the chance to enjoy beautuful and intense moments between our two heros...

    Teona teaTeona teaПре 14 дана
  • Help me! Help me! Where is the latest episode

    safurasafuraПре 14 дана
  • Oh wow 1m views in 2 days.

    Wantana JungWantana JungПре 14 дана
  • Sub eng plese on full episode😭😭😭

    Asmaini LubisAsmaini LubisПре 14 дана
  • Espero que hoje seja realizado o casamento com muito amor

    Inacia GomesInacia GomesПре 14 дана
  • Pls!!! Yaman first grab a courage to explode your hidden words of love for Seher..actions speak louder than words but need to be uttered so that the excess baggage in your heart will be lighter..speak up...Seher is waiting..gentlemns move first..so that Seher can also express her ways/moves in response to your actions. Good luck Yaman walk the road now no delays pls..time is precious..🌹🌹🌹 open the exploding evidence later from the snaky illed traitors...so that the truth must prevail..and start penalizing them..

    Mae FornollesMae FornollesПре 14 дана
  • Muchas gracias por la traducción .Me gusta mucho esta novela está perfecta.Dos actores gue nu tiene igualdad.Los aprecio mucho.Feliz inicio de semana para todos.

    Luminita IordacheLuminita IordacheПре 14 дана
  • Bugun bolum ❤

    Ibrahim WaqarIbrahim WaqarПре 14 дана
  • wow!! 1M VIEWS😱 BRAVO!✨💘

    Helen TuzonHelen TuzonПре 14 дана
  • Hay fotos de q yaman y seher mueren. Si es asi no quiero ver mas la novela

    Maria Isabel Correa DiaxMaria Isabel Correa DiaxПре 14 дана
    • No creas todo lo que ponen en esas fotos la mayoria son fotoshop . Solo ve las que publican en la pagina official de Instagran de Emanet . Yo segia a una brasilena que publicaba cosas , pero deje de seguirla por lo mismo . Ademas no creo porque supuestamente son 300 y tantos capitulos de la novela y solo vamos en el 121 . Y llevan adelantados como un mes de grabaciones , Por ejemplo el capitulo de el viernes fue grabado cuando estaba nevando en Turquia . Entonces como que no tiene sentido . Al menos que le hayan ofrecido otros contratos de trabajo en otros canales y por eso los matarian y sacaran de la serie , de otra menera no creo . Por eso yo veo capitulo por capitulo y ahi se ve lo que pasara .

      Irma TroncosoIrma TroncosoПре 14 дана
  • Dear Emanet fans, if you like myself are too addicted to Emanet and would like "to fight fire with fire" (in other words to dilute and 'cure' your 'addiction') - then please start watching Marasli with English subtitles. It airs only on Mondays late night and English subtitles follow in a day or two. Marasli is more of a thriller with some real time dialogues, some philosophical content, interesting plot and also great acting from lead and non lead actors. I am interested for some of international English speaking fans to watch both Emanet and Marasli. The first is an old fashion style love and the latter is uber modern. These two series go well together for me as coffee with milk or if you like your coffee black then as a hot bread with butter. There is an amusing character in Marasli who speaks his mind and it makes the series quite interesting for smart viewers as well. I will not spoil it for you with further revelations but it would be good to have you there with your ever so funny comments. I ll be copy&pasting this text every time in hope that those with time in their hands will join me at Marasli fan base.

    Alara LokmanAlara LokmanПре 14 дана
    • Am already watching... Its really nice series...

      Tasneem WazeefaTasneem WazeefaПре 14 дана
  • Y siguen los misterios ... el dossier la grabadora los cojines del sofá amarillo ... ya las teorías son del FBI KGB IM6 y la CIA 🆘🆘💊💊

    judith gotussojudith gotussoПре 14 дана
  • Bir milyon 😀😀😀👏👏👏

    gizem yıldızıgizem yıldızıПре 14 дана
  • On this clip of Ep 121 ... Emanet fan turn out happily for real ... Emanet Producers ... Having been producing few looong drama I noted in the past which end abruptly UNHAPPY END or Mess Up End ... you Producers must have known now ... especially now during scary pandemic ... many Emanet Fan would not tolerate UNHAPPY END which are like now the evils parts of the drama are much too long & redundant week to week ...by Bad really Bad Actresses & one soup man actor. Come on You can not mix ... Refined acting of Halil Ibrahim & Sila T & Berat much too long with BAD silly acting of the Evils part in your drama, your Drama Become too Boring ... I’m watching other dramas on Netflix & others’ from South Korea now also JAPANESE as I do speak Japanese ... where the dramas are made with DISCIPLINE & such Humble Politeness as the culture in Japan & South Korea are like. So Emanet Producers please do not throw away your luck to the Ocean of failed Dramas. You got awesome acting talents in Sila, Halil & Berat ... 🌻

    Dhiyawanti SalehDhiyawanti SalehПре 14 дана
    • Your opinion is frank and appreciated

      Alara LokmanAlara LokmanПре 14 дана
  • Pls make any one of them confess their feelings so that they don't any burden between the two of them inside the room and they well confident to each other. And made their marriage be real specially in Sehers part

    Juliet YuJuliet YuПре 14 дана
  • Bu Yaman ın yatak odası aslında hiçde güzel değil , ardiye gibi 🙂

    Hy49Hy49Пре 14 дана
  • Omg not complete episodes

    Mr. Golden BoyMr. Golden BoyПре 14 дана
  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤

    Sozan MerzaSozan MerzaПре 14 дана

    Seher ve Yaman.Seher ve Yaman.Пре 14 дана
  • Dünyanın en güze dizisi 2,3gün önce TikTok da gördüm ve izlemeye başladım ve hepsini izledim diyer bölümler nezaman çok hecanlıyım Umarım hiç bitmez bu dizi 🥰🥰🥰yapanada teşekkür ederim 😊

    Asian BeautyAsian BeautyПре 14 дана
  • هو باقي الحلقات مبتنزلش ليه ؟

    Farah MohammedFarah MohammedПре 14 дана
  • I think it’s the right time Arif baba give a lecture to Sehar 😀

    NS NSNS NSПре 14 дана
  • süper

    Mahire FerzullayevaMahire FerzullayevaПре 14 дана
  • Yes time to confess..been long enough..im getting anxiety from Sehers nervousness and starting to be a drag...I would love to see seher flirt a little with yaman just to see the shock on his face...haha

    Rachell TollettRachell TollettПре 15 дана
  • Eu quero muito q ela se declara pra ele

    Rosana Maria Coelho RosanaRosana Maria Coelho RosanaПре 15 дана
  • Contando las horas para ver el episodio de mañana! 😍🤫

    Beatriz CarpioBeatriz CarpioПре 15 дана
  • Yes it’s time almost 121 episode too much patience from our side

    Sofia KhanSofia KhanПре 15 дана
  • I think as usual yeman will tell another excuse. He wnt confess. We have to wait another 50 episodes for dt.

    Poornima KumariPoornima KumariПре 15 дана
  • OHHH NO!!!!! Today is Sunday , maybe I can't sleep . lol

    Liya HoLiya HoПре 15 дана
  • Amei Yusuf lindo quero ver Yaman dizer te amo a Seher ja está na hora

    Maria ConceiçãoMaria ConceiçãoПре 15 дана
  • 💓💓💓👍👍👍💞💞💞👩‍❤️‍👨👨‍👩‍👧👨‍👩‍👧

    Валентина СадовскаяВалентина СадовскаяПре 15 дана
  • iririririr

    Llilit AntonyanLlilit AntonyanПре 15 дана
  • Le comportement de Zuhal est décevant pour une fille diplômée, a fait ses études à Londres, a été en Europe et parlent plusieurs langues.. rentrer dans son pays d'origine et magouiller comme elle fait est honteux j'espère que le message que l'écrivain veut faire passer est passé .... Yaman et Seher sont le couple des histoires qui rappellent l'enfance où le prince et la princesse se marient et eurent bcp d'enfants et les méchants périssent en enfer...j'espère que l'écrivain ne va pas dans un projet où rajouter des futilités juste pour vendre la série car c'est ça qui fait fuir le public

    sarah oiseausarah oiseauПре 15 дана
  • Just saw on Instagram a picture of Yaman with what looked like the file and recording in his hand

    Grace ArleneGrace ArleneПре 15 дана
  • Sera que esas palabras de Arif de YA ES LA HORA le darán animo para declararse. Vamos Yaman que esta chica , no entiende indirectas, ANIMATE YA.!!!!!

    ofelia florezofelia florezПре 15 дана
  • Да хороший телесериал. Молодым следует посмотреть. На сколько чиста и верна их любовь.

    Xalide QuliyevaXalide QuliyevaПре 15 дана
  • If yaman want to do so...seher push him 2 step back...there should be two way direct conversation, then this story take next step

    Mittal DundMittal DundПре 15 дана
  • Aşqıvı itraf et aşq seneleri görek inşalah

    Azər ƏliyevAzər ƏliyevПре 15 дана
  • Ah, Seher, basta de escaparte, con un cariñito Yaman, este se derretirá como el hielo al sol.🤩💥❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Alicia J. Bianchi B.Alicia J. Bianchi B.Пре 15 дана
  • i have been watching this fragamn ohh i cant wait for monday

    mahreen shahmahreen shahПре 15 дана
  • I cant wait episode 121

    Clouie SorianoClouie SorianoПре 15 дана
  • moluyoooo

    H A C K E RH A C K E RПре 15 дана
  • Kızım adam aşkından deli divane olmuş, sen hala benim fotoğrafıma bakıyomuş diyorsun, anla artık lütfən

    Mlym R_vaMlym R_vaПре 15 дана
  • Who is here after saw yamen holding the blue file and a recorder in a fragment😅😅..she should told him about selim when he asked her..it will reduce one big problem because she already knew it how much selim hate him..the agreement paper that she made yamen sign is also her fault..who care about Zuhal feeling toward her if she is a money hunter or not when she threat her badly ..she strangled her..stupid or naive..most were her mistakes..

    Ima HarunIma HarunПре 15 дана
  • ❤️❤️🥂💯🌟🌟

    ok ?ok ?Пре 15 дана
  • Before Yaman's confess we will see fake files.

    Paulina KarolczakPaulina KarolczakПре 15 дана
  • Kace cela epizoda

    Ramija KrijestoracRamija KrijestoracПре 15 дана
  • Harika bölümler

    Tapki Bihan FannTapki Bihan FannПре 15 дана
  • Xainler qoy catlasin Yaman Seher mutlu olsun Seherin qisqanmaqi coox xowuma gelir

    enes 21enes 21Пре 15 дана
  • So this is what I think, the file will appear and Yaman will think he's loosing his wife. He will then confess his love to Seher. He will tell her not to take their marriage for granted because it's real and that he won't let any man take away his love. Then the investigation will start on how Selim got that money. Selim will get in trouble for fraud probably end up in prison and Ikbal will try to kill Selim in a cell in a bet stopping him from revealing the truth. However Selim will tell it all before his last breath and everything about Ikbal will come to light. Yaman's brother will feel guilty for not confessing of his wife's crime committed against Seher's sister. He will then finally get the courage to confess everything to Yaman. We still have a long way to go though 😁😁

    Beatrice NightBeatrice NightПре 15 дана
    • @Medha Jangla actually am worried too or else he may turn into the old Yaman we knew from start and probably dug out his guns from it's hiding place

      Beatrice NightBeatrice NightПре 14 дана
    • Wishful thinking. This is Nazmiye remember? Yaman has been so jealous of Selim, I’m scared of how he will react seeing those AWFUL pics 🥱

      Medha JanglaMedha JanglaПре 14 дана
    • I agree with your analysis but let's wait and see.

      Palu RodPalu RodПре 14 дана
  • I hope zuhal will not leave from drama. She should build her own life in her way, because she cares love more than money. She deserves happiness, just effected from sister's pressure. That's all. I want to see her on the next episodes, happy and far away from sister's games.

    Mcd SvrnMcd SvrnПре 15 дана
  • “It time” exactly thank goodness he said it.

    Laura FloridoLaura FloridoПре 15 дана
  • I'm waiting episode. Full episode 😭🙏🙏🙏

    Nur azizah AzizahNur azizah AzizahПре 15 дана
  • Next 1-2 week are for romance after marriage week.😍😍😍😍

    Jogamaya MohantyJogamaya MohantyПре 15 дана
  • I cant imagine Sila as Suna from “Yemin” tv show anymore❤️🥰This role is her road to the stars...She will always stay Seher🥰 she killed it🔝💪🏼

    Katarina SimicKatarina SimicПре 15 дана
  • Guys this is so exciting at the end yaman says its time Time For What!

    Bibi MagulBibi MagulПре 15 дана
    • no it's arif baba who said...its time

      Mayank GargMayank GargПре 15 дана
  • RSworld automatically pulled this movie...Crash in Love....I guess because all I watch is Emanet clips ...you all might like it.

    None NonexistentNone NonexistentПре 15 дана
  • Zamani geldi Yaman😍

    Ülya A-vaÜlya A-vaПре 15 дана

    Joan SmithJoan SmithПре 15 дана
  • Ojala el capítulo donde se confiesen el amor el uno al otro no se demore. Y consuman su amor 😍

    Natalia Andrea Tejada PatiñoNatalia Andrea Tejada PatiñoПре 15 дана
  • Que pillada le pegaron a Yaman viendo la foto de seher. Muy bien yusuf

    Natalia Andrea Tejada PatiñoNatalia Andrea Tejada PatiñoПре 15 дана
  • Amidžin pogled obara s nogu😍

    Anela HadžićAnela HadžićПре 15 дана
  • Огромное спасибо за сериал молодцы👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

    Bye ////Bye ////Пре 15 дана
  • متى تنزل الحلقة؟

    شيماء الحمديشيماء الحمديПре 15 дана
    • @حسين الجمالي فهمت

      شيماء الحمديشيماء الحمديПре 15 дана
    • @شيماء الحمدي ايام العرض من الاثنين الى الجمعه يعني السبت و الاحد عطله حبيبتي ما ينعرض

      حسين الجماليحسين الجماليПре 15 дана
    • @حسين الجمالي لماذا لم تنزل امس؟

      شيماء الحمديشيماء الحمديПре 15 дана
    • غدا

      حسين الجماليحسين الجماليПре 15 дана
  • Does somone know were 117 is?

    farzaana liakathoeseinfarzaana liakathoeseinПре 15 дана
    • if u want left part of the whole episode u can go."turlish shows with english subtitles"

      Mayank GargMayank GargПре 15 дана
    • @lesin n thankyou

      farzaana liakathoeseinfarzaana liakathoeseinПре 15 дана
    • It is available in Legacy RSworld channel.Check their full episodes list.

      lesin nlesin nПре 15 дана
  • I cannot wait to tomorrow I cannot♥️♥️♥️👍👍👍

    Tamara AlikhanashviliTamara AlikhanashviliПре 15 дана
  • When will full 121th episode cam please

    Sara DasicSara DasicПре 15 дана
    • @yasmina aljawhara thanks

      Sara DasicSara DasicПре 15 дана
    • monday to friday

      yasmina aljawharayasmina aljawharaПре 15 дана
  • Bardzo dobry film piękny aktorzy super nie mogę doczekać się kolejnego odcinka

    Marzanna RozparaMarzanna RozparaПре 15 дана
  • I like this serial guys can u upload full episodes in English and episode 121 uploaded fast plz I can't wait

    Poonam MalhotraPoonam MalhotraПре 16 дана
    • @yasmina aljawhara OK but this serial all episodes is not in English so can u uploaded full episodes in English

      Poonam MalhotraPoonam MalhotraПре 15 дана
    • monday to friday only

      yasmina aljawharayasmina aljawharaПре 15 дана
  • he will say i was looking at the pictures to find a suitable one to upload it on our social media account 😀 .we're sooo far from confessions guys shill.

    Sarra SebtiSarra SebtiПре 16 дана
  • Her şeye layiqsen Yaman asqıvı itiraf ele lutfen

    Azər ƏliyevAzər ƏliyevПре 16 дана
  • Me encanta mi pequeño Yusuf delata de un plumazo y eso es genial. 😄😄😄😄

    MA MNMA MNПре 16 дана
  • Biraz danışsalar bu dizide....menasiz baxışlar saatlarla

    my sweet kitchenmy sweet kitchenПре 16 дана
  • Назмие ханым.. неолар, яманы да Кемалын везиййетине салма. Дизини де бербад елеме .гой Яман олдугу кими-киши кими галсын.Йохса той геджесиндеки кими йох.Она еле аджизлик ярашмыр.Ахы Сехе де ону Яман-киши олдгу учун севир.

    Halida HalilovaHalida HalilovaПре 16 дана
  • Çok güzel gidiyor, herkesin istediği gibi, AMA..... DOSIA NERDE KIM ALDI VE NEZAMAN ÇIKARACAK MEYDANA!!! İnşallah yerin dibine girmiştir çıkmaz bir daha, İNŞALLAH 🙏🙏🙏🤲🤲🤲

    Nevin MustafovaNevin MustafovaПре 16 дана
  • 🥰💕🇧🇷

    Anamariapinheiro PinheiroAnamariapinheiro PinheiroПре 16 дана
  • Tá na hora de os dois fala eu te amor Cher eu te amor yaman pois eu já não aguento este drama

    Anamariapinheiro PinheiroAnamariapinheiro PinheiroПре 16 дана
  • There are pictures of Yaman with file all over internet.. looks like storm is coming

    Vaishali KarkhanisVaishali KarkhanisПре 16 дана
    • 😏yikes ....if real & not photo shoped....stressful emanet viewing ahead😕....& we crazy / addicted fans will watch,frustrated 😤 & hoping for better episodes & seher/ yaman romance & happy days

      Rashida PatelRashida PatelПре 15 дана
    • Whatever happens, I want Selim to receive a good thrashing from Yaman

      Vaishali KarkhanisVaishali KarkhanisПре 15 дана
    • @Rashida Patel, don't know for sure... pictures can be misleading

      Vaishali KarkhanisVaishali KarkhanisПре 15 дана
    • @Jasmine Manoukian, I thought the same, ..one of the pictures from episodes 60..65 . But then, comments said there is a flash drive in his hand!! Don't know if it's true or they are just playing with the viewers

      Vaishali KarkhanisVaishali KarkhanisПре 15 дана
    • 🤔hmm...so file📂has been found?!......what will we see 👀 🤔 in next few episodes ?!..anger ? heartbreak ?😢 tears?!....hopefully ,yaman bey goes to traitor/ coward selim & sorts 😤 him !....uff ya ,its going to be a long weekend

      Rashida PatelRashida PatelПре 15 дана
  • I love it when witches fight each other. I wonder how Zuhal lost the file???? And wheres the full episode 117, admin? Its not in your channel.

    J MJ MПре 16 дана
  • I can’t believe this promo😞 they are giving us a lollipop😡😡😡

    Rehana AjmalRehana AjmalПре 16 дана
  • Gonna be a long week. Saw on Instagram Yaman has the file and recorder. Picture shows him in his blue shirt walking outside some where. Hopefully he’s not on his honeymoon with it. I really hope one of them confesses their love before the crash.😭

    Cozetta LandryCozetta LandryПре 16 дана
  • Yaman has the file and recorder on a Instagram post. I am wondering if he saw it before the wedding or after. I hope he saw it before and didn’t believe any of it.

    Berenice EspitiaBerenice EspitiaПре 16 дана
  • Can anyone else see if the cushions are back on the sofa when Seher runs into the room?? I hope not 😂😫

    ElizElizПре 16 дана
    • @Paulina Martinez YES! I want Yaman to call his men and have them throw the sofa over the balcony 🤣🙏🏻

      ElizElizПре 15 дана
    • No no, that sofa has to get out of the room... Maybe two arm chairs and a coffee table will be fine... So Seher will learn to share the bed

      Paulina MartinezPaulina MartinezПре 16 дана
  • Esta tão apaixonante ! AMANDO ASSISTIR tá dando vontade de casar tanbem kkkkk.

    Linda FerreiraLinda FerreiraПре 16 дана
  • Lutfen Seheri yaxsi geyindirin

    Алексей КрупновАлексей КрупновПре 16 дана
  • insallah bebeklerinide görürüz kizlari olsun insallah ♥️ sehere benzesin insallah coook mutlu olurlar 😍🇩🇪♥️🇹🇷🙋

    Filiz ArFiliz ArПре 16 дана
  • There’s a photo of Yaman on Instagram with file and voice recorder on his hands 😧😧😧😧posted by emanetkanal7

    L 8tkaL 8tkaПре 16 дана
    • @Medha Jangla depends if Yaman sticks to his “I trust you like no other women “ Proof will be in the testing

      L 8tkaL 8tkaПре 14 дана
    • @L 8tka fingers crossed it won’t affect their love

      Medha JanglaMedha JanglaПре 14 дана
    • @Medha Jangla and the games begin, I hope he stands by her like she did by him, there’s a word going round he will investigate secretly

      L 8tkaL 8tkaПре 14 дана
    • Oh no, I’m scared of his reaction

      Medha JanglaMedha JanglaПре 14 дана
    • I saw that too

      Luisa LourencoLuisa LourencoПре 15 дана
  • Chicas ya vieron un foto donde yaman está de camisa azul y lleva una carpeta y también parece llevar la grabación de voz falsa? Será que pronto salga o en un mesa más o menos. Ya me dio miedito.

    Nely CuevasNely CuevasПре 16 дана
  • Pika ty Nazmije

    Arten ZhitiArten ZhitiПре 16 дана