Emanet 95. Bölüm Fragmanı | Legacy Episode 95 Promo

14 јан 2021
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Yaman Kırımlı is a successful and young businessman who had a rough childhood but never gave up, on the contrary he even became stronger with every obstacle. He started his life from the bottom and became very wealthy. All he has in his world, is a family that he has to take care of after his father’s death. He closed his heart to all romantic feelings a long time ago and his only weakness is his 5-year old nephew… Little Yusuf is very well protected under his uncle’s arms, but he craves loves and sympathy. The only happy image in his mind is his aunt Seher.

Seher is a beautiful and humble girl living with her grandfather. Her life is shaken by the death of her sister who was the bride of the Kırımlı family. From now on, she has a legacy she has to take care at all costs: Her little nephew Yusuf. This adventure will arise the long hidden secrets of the Kırımlı mansion; while a whole another legacy will start to grow in Seher and Yaman's hearts.

  • Subtítulos español por favor.

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  • Seher's right name is Sila👍🙏

    Maureen WignallMaureen WignallПре месец
  • I just love seeing Yaman goes into beast mode to protect Seher. Its like everything slows down and everyone around is in shock mode trying to understand what he is going to do next. These moments are deep.

    SexyLaidbackCSexyLaidbackCПре месец
  • Que paso con la traducción en español?

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  • Translate please 🙏🙏

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  • Tal parece que no van a pasar más episodios en Español, hace 3 días que no lo hacen. Es el único idioma que tiene ese problema.

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  • Kocham ❤️ ten serial i Halila ❤️

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  • Está cena e linda 😍 gostaria das legendas obrigado meninas Deus abençoe

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  • La pueden traducir al español

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  • Está cena legendas obrigado meninas

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  • Creo que Yaman se pondrá de pie y les dirá a sus invitados que son muy afortunados porque la persona mas valiosa de la casa decidió servirles el café, todos tendrán que agradecer a Seher. :)

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  • Nazmiye hanım yılan ikbali salak zuhali 2 3bölüm dizide görmek istemiyorum lütfen sinir oluyorum ikisinede

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  • Awaiting tonites fragmans

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  • Nada que inicia los cortos o el capítulo 😞😞😞😌 una toda ansiosa jajajaja

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  • Hello anyone w8ng for tonight's epi??

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    • Me 🙋🏻‍♀️

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  • I hope Yaman sends Zuhal to the kitchen to help Seher !

    Pamela BaguleyPamela BaguleyПре месец
    • when he lift up, he himself went to get the drink for the man! He stuck up for seher eheh

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  • يلا يلا يلا يلا يلا يلا يلا

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  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

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  • عم نستنى الحلقه

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  • متى بتبلش الحلقه الجديده

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  • Its Friday so get ready to spoil the weekend from nazmey😡😡🙁🙁🙁

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    • ☔️ ⛈🙋🏻‍♀️🙈😳😳😳

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  • Sâher ve Eman Evlenméķ ķâçâñ bölýr.?? Üzbekistandân salamlar.

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  • Who's already waiting for the episode?

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  • Emanet dizisinde neden fragmanlarda Ali. Ve kiraz .yok

  • I am scared..What will YK do, when he sees S serving tea

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    • @CHINEMELIM IWEGBU yes yes 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️

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    • I think he joined her in the kitchen. I saw a picture of them together

  • Who now to tell me if we have also season two?

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    • Yes after 150 cap 🤔

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  • Cunku yaman istemiyor ki, sevdiyini kimse uzsun, ona itiraz etmelerini istemiyor

    Türk dünyasıTürk dünyasıПре месец
  • Seher ne kadarda mutlu oldu ya. Nasilda annesine benziyor. Artik bundan sonra seheri mutlu etmekle ugrasicak. Cok rahatsiz oldu yaman o adamin dediyine.

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  • Oni su tako medeni serija im je fenomenalna ali ove dve vestice zivce gubim kad ih vidim zelim im sve najlepse zelje od ❤

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  • Traduzcan en edpañol

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  • Oh my this will be a very good episode, Zuhal will be spitting vemon, after Yaman realises she is trying to humiliate Shere, he has a face like thunder when he seen her coming out with coffee...Zuhal run and hide now...he is on the War path..this might give a push to propose, making Shere the Queen of the Castle...Got to love it!!!👍👍👍🎬🎬🎬

    Nuala DuffyNuala DuffyПре месец
    • That is if Yaman learns that Zuhal is behind it

      Anjali SinghAnjali SinghПре месец
  • The door of the rented house is opened for any one to come and visit the house any time they want.. Wow what a thoughtfull writer 👏

    Tehreem MazherTehreem MazherПре месец
  • Traduz em espanhol

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  • i think yaman will die, nazmiya shows us every time that yaman will die. ..... just like rayehan in yamin. ikbal or yaman mother, will fight for the adoption of yusuf to get the money / action .... if yaman dies, i won't watch the series anymore .... never ever. i will never watch a series of Madame nazmiye and i will hate you.

    La saraLa saraПре месец
  • Só digo uma coisa, NAZ libera um abraço aiii! 😥😥😍😘

    Carol SilvaCarol SilvaПре месец
  • Insan je Sehar i Yaman 🌟 Zelimo da su u zivotu sretni i zadovoljni i ponosni na svoje ime i prezime i da nam podare 🌟 prinovu da sija sunce ☀️ njima i nama !

    Sija BricaSija BricaПре месец
  • Ok understand iqbal found the address from the documents but where did she find the keys to enter the house ?🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    Rehana AjmalRehana AjmalПре месец
  • Quando yaman vai descobrir a cobra da ikbal está demorando muito

    Gretson PantaleaoGretson PantaleaoПре месец
  • The only way to get Yaman and Seher together is if Yusuf is in question here. Definitely a twist is around the corner and the situation will beg them to do anything for Yusufs sake .

  • Simdi yaman o evde olsa tam yenge gitinde güzel olurdu❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘

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  • Ikbal is thinking that Seher bought a new house once Yaman made her a shareholder in his comoany!!! Then Ikbal & Zuhal will try to put Seher in a scandalous position in front of Yaman!!! POOR SNAKES 😂 YAMAN BOUGHT HER THAT HOUSE!!!! they are losing control 😂 But my only wish to not know about social services conditions! 🙏

    Emann JaradatEmann JaradatПре месец
    • No she knows it is a rental. She will find out why she is renting the house. To frame her with either the social services or yaman.

      Amel BelabrikAmel BelabrikПре месец
  • yorumlara baxiram bu seryala diyesen turklerden cox azerbaycanlilar baxir o seryal cox geseydi 500-600 bolum olsun InsAllah

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  • 👏🏻

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  • Alas... tonight I will not be around to watch Episode 95 in live stream. I do hope all Emanet's fan community will enjoy another fabulous Episode i.e. Yaman confessing his love for Seher at last. Inshallah! That would set us for a lovely weekend.

    Alara LokmanAlara LokmanПре месец
  • I guess ikbal will call social service to tell them seher is living in mansion...& In a hurry to safe everyone yaman & seher will get engaged

    Asra ShaikhAsra ShaikhПре месец
  • 🌟Yaman 🌟Sehar Svjetske 🌟Turske kinematografije,ponos Turske ,Zelimo im srecu i da nam podare 🌟zajednicku pored Jusufa 🌟koja Ce naslijediti njihov talenat 👬🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

    Sija BricaSija BricaПре месец
  • Yaman is 😡 on last..😄😄😄, he gets hurt 😑when someones just disrespect🙃 his GIRL....😜 Hmmm... he saying the drink is not cold....😤😤 to our seher....🥶 Yaman: come on 😠, you want Cold🥶 ha...😏 Im taking you to NORTH POLE😈🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶

    dude dudydude dudyПре месец
  • Nadire teyzeden sonra,yaman seheri kuaföre götürmüş,saçları eve döndüğünde çok güzeldi.

    Nurten KamasikNurten KamasikПре месец
  • Please upload englush subs. This episode thank you

    Laela ILaela IПре месец
  • Yamanla seher cok guzel rol yapiyo cok sevdim bu dizini cok basarilari bol olsun 🙏

    Kamala OrudwevaKamala OrudwevaПре месец
  • Jaman ❤ du darfst nicht zulassen das seher für diese Drachen arbeitet

    Marg KhedrMarg KhedrПре месец
  • Chicas no se si sepan pero hay dos personas que están subiendo la traducción al español en los comentarios de los cap así al menos sabemos que dicen 💘

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  • Very nice

    Abc AbcdAbc AbcdПре месец
  • Ikbali bu serialdan alinya👎👎👎

    NarA FoxNarA FoxПре месец
  • 😍😍😍😍

    Cemil yusifovCemil yusifovПре месец
  • My ideal scenario after that: Yaman goes to the kitchen, asks Adalet why Seher is serving, Adalet says that it was Zuhal's suggestion. Yaman calls Zuhal, tells her that in this house she has exactly the same status as Seher plus Seher is Yusuf's aunt, so he forces her to serve the meeting!!! Wouldn't that be awesome???

    katerina pheidakaterina pheidaПре месец
  • Yaman bunun hesabini sorar sizden her sey ortaya Ciksa yusufu alacaklar

    Emanet DiziEmanet DiziПре месец
  • Ikbal sen iwe yarayan qadinsan.Bele edeceksen Seherle Yaman da Yusufa gore evlenecekler😂

    M NM NПре месец
  • Don't worry about what zuhal is doing guys.... Just know that whatever she does without her sister's knowledge always backfires immediately.. 😂😂😂... I really like when zuhal does things on her own.. So she get dissapointed in the same instance..... 1. When she mistreat Seher in the kitchen.. She got scolded by Yaman... 2. When she stepped on Seher's pink dress on yusuf birthday.. Seher endded in Yaman's arms.... 3. When she locked Seher in the basement room.. Yaman was there.... N there z lot more to mention guys..... 😅😅.. 😊😊

    Tasneem WazeefaTasneem WazeefaПре месец
  • Getting some scary feelings that these two witches might cause again something in between our yaman and seher

    TEEN XxTEEN XxПре месец
  • Creo que yaman ayudará a seher a atender a los invitados, creo, pienso, puede que si o puede que me equivoque como muchos que pensaban que llegaría el hermano de las serpientes.

    Nely CuevasNely CuevasПре месец
  • Please give us a break,what ever bad thing NAZ you are planning on Friday , can you do it on Monday, so we will have it happy weekend/ Ps; Is there any possibility I can adopt the beautiful curly hair Yusuf, you are my every thing in this show,I love so much,

    Jolanta PJolanta PПре месец
  • Bu evi ikbal nasil buldu ve bu ev o ev degil eger ogrenirse sikayet eder seheri cocuk esitgeme yuvasina iyi olmadi evi bulmasi

    Melahat KavakMelahat KavakПре месец
    • o evdiyilse yaman bana bisey olursa yusufla yasaman icin bi eviniz olsun demisdir o yuzden yani seherin usdune ev almisdir her halde

      Sahibe HuseynovaSahibe HuseynovaПре месец
  • Oooo yarin olsun da bir an once ikbal ve zuhal yilan kardesler yine tehlikeli sularda saldoriyorlar

    Melahat KavakMelahat KavakПре месец
  • What is the writers name that writes this series

    Cozetta LandryCozetta LandryПре месец
    • Nazmiye Yilmaz... Preocupante viendo los finales de sus otras series.

      EvaEvaПре месец
  • В жизни тоже так,как в сериалах ? Девушка выходит замуж, естественно,поселяется у мужа,а вместе с нею её и родители... Вот что делает Зюхаль в доме своего зятя? Какого чёрта она там ?

    Klara KruspeKlara KruspeПре месец
  • Ikbal find out why Seher rent the house but not stay there? Will Yamen and Seher have to make fake married to safe Yusul? Can Yamen make Seher agree with him to marrid because of Yusul life ?When Yamen tell people in the mansion they was married. What will happen ? That make ikbal and zuhul more crazy because them mistake.😠. Yamen already make seher sign pepper . Let see Seher except married or not 😁😁 Yamen to smart. He business man . He know how to talk .we forgot He running Company . 😊😊

    Chau LeChau LeПре месец
  • Estamos precisando ver mais ação de yaman em questão as víbora/ escritora

    Nazaré SantosNazaré SantosПре месец
  • One week Yaman in trouble the next Seher and followed by Yusof and it repeats

    star ***star ***Пре месец
  • Probably Iqbal will find out the house was rented to put a play by SehYam to get Yusof's custody. Somehow she will acknowledge the welfare dept abt this and thanks to her, this action of hers will make the SehYam relationship stronger

    star ***star ***Пре месец
  • Unfortunately even promos are not in english I am devastated

    Santhi JSanthi JПре месец
  • Odio este promo donde Seher esta sirviendo el cafe y actuando como una sirvienta. Seher, no pierdas tu dignidad, por ninguna circunstancia..

    Yum AvanYum AvanПре месец
  • Yaman , Las personas no solo pierden cosas materiales , y si te das cuenta las cosas perdidas se vuelven a encontrar y pueden ser reparadas . Ikbal . Despues de todo fui yo la que la saque de ese basurero y la traje aqui. Pero desde hoy en adelante las reglas del juego cambiaran. Zuhal. Tendremos una reunion de la empresa hoy . Sra Adalet Yaman quiere que usted prepare todo. Adalet . Esta bien. Hay Dios no esta ni Neslihan ni Cenger . Zuhal . Seher puede ayudarte . Para que no haya problemas. Ikbal. Que Seher Kerimoglou tiene una nueva direccion? Enviemela. Hombre , Espere , espere Esto no esta frio..

    Irma TroncosoIrma TroncosoПре месец
    • Gracias 🤩

      Rosario VicenteRosario VicenteПре месец
  • can we at least get a hug? plz, it's not that hard :(

    DoraemonDoraemonПре месец
  • Passa em português

    Edna BrandaoEdna BrandaoПре месец
  • yaman's words are metaphor...it might mean that material things cant just be lost but there are things that had been destroyed and can be fix.. just like how sehar fix him literally...from being a man filled with anger to a more serene and calm person. She brought back trust in yaman's heart after a bitter past with his mother leaving for another man...

    Marivic ReyesMarivic ReyesПре месец
  • 🙄🤦😔

    Inori HeiwaInori HeiwaПре месец
  • I’m so confused about the last part. Like she did they move (in/out)? Or is it the apartment where they almost got caught having Yusuf in the mansion?

    Hayata GülümseHayata GülümseПре месец
    • @Remaniis Robloxians I just saw the video and check the house and you are right Its a different one . Maybe this house its the one that they where fixing . I just remember that episode where Yaman need it Genger to keep an eye on Seher medication . Yaman Called Cenger and he told him that he was meeting the guy that was doing or was going to do the floors .

      Irma TroncosoIrma TroncosoПре месец
    • @Irma Troncoso I knew it I just saw different furnitures and I was confused at first but thanks for confirming it😊

      Hayata GülümseHayata GülümseПре месец
    • @Irma Troncoso are you sure because the furniture is different

      Remaniis RobloxiansRemaniis RobloxiansПре месец
    • Ikbal found out about the house Yaman rented , for Seher and Yusuf because of Social services . She ask for the address and she when to see the house .

      Irma TroncosoIrma TroncosoПре месец
  • It's prefect time if yaman introduces Seher as his future wife...🤭🤭🥰🥰

    Alia NurmalaAlia NurmalaПре месец
  • Pero los zapatos más feos están en esa novela.

    Vanessa CruzVanessa CruzПре месец
    • Ajajaj si son hechos en cuero de turquia duraderos...jooooo😂😂

      Eucaris RonerEucaris RonerПре месец
  • Zuhsl edepsizligi ikbak para göz hali yazik ya yaman salak seher manyak yaptin nazmiye yilmaz hanim ne kadar ici kötüsünüz

    Necla GucNecla GucПре месец
  • Zuhal 🐍 nice move. Yaman&Seher forever ❤️

    Lili ReyesLili ReyesПре месец
  • Maybe Yaman will not be mad at Seher for serving. He may go ask why she is doing it and seher will say that she wanted to help out adelet because it is just her and adelet was getting a bit stressed she did not want her blood pressure to rise. Yaman may say like he did today that is why i trust you because of what you do for people. Zuhal plan once againist backfires.

    00 0000 00Пре месец
  • Is he imagining how their daughter would look 🤭😍😄

    MisFit LinkMisFit LinkПре месец
    • I am sure lol

      Maureen WignallMaureen WignallПре месец
  • já esta cansando de ver a seher sendo humilhada pela cobra da Zuhal já esta na hora da Zuhal receber o que ela merece por tentar humilhar a seher

    mariana carvalhomariana carvalhoПре месец
  • It’s about time Yaman put your girl in a better position. Suhal plan works again.

    KaprisyosaKaprisyosaПре месец
  • yaman: el hombre no solo pierde cosas materiales Puede que no te des cuenta, pero lo que se perdió se volvió a encontrar y lo que se corrigió Ikbal: llevé a alguien en ese barrio pobre hasta ahora pero después de eso las reglas cambiarán zuhel: Hoy tenemos reunión de empresa Adalet hanim, yaman quiere que lo hagas preparar. Adalet hanim: Estaría bien, Dios, tampoco Neslihan ni Cenger Bey, no hay hoy Zuhel: deja que te ayude seher Ikbal: Seher tiene una dirección en su nombre, por lo que una nueva dirección. Seher: aquí estás El hombre: un minuto un minuto, se está poniendo frío.

    ximena islasximena islasПре месец
    • Gracias

      Rosario VicenteRosario VicenteПре месец
    • @Ximena Islas gracias 🙏👍

      Nubis ChiquilloNubis ChiquilloПре месец
  • Espero que adalet le cuente a yaman o ceger lo que la zujan le dice a seher para que la corra

    ana cristina carrasco silvaana cristina carrasco silvaПре месец
    • Ojala porque esa Zuhal ya esta pasada hablandole muy mal a Seher..

      Eucaris RonerEucaris RonerПре месец
  • Gente quando será q o yaman vai ouvir a conversa das 🐍? Nossa parece cego, nao enxerga um nada afff

    Rose CostaRose CostaПре месец
  • Well I think Edalet will be punished too why did she listened to Zuhal. She could have serve the coffee herself

    Lilly S.Lilly S.Пре месец
  • 🙄😏

    Graziela SilvaGraziela SilvaПре месец
  • I feel like something bad would happen to yaman😞😞 all those preparations all that romance 🤔🤔

    Âh lëmÂh lëmПре месец
  • Español x favor ❤❤gracias

    RaquelRaquelПре месец
    • @Raquel De nada !

      Irma TroncosoIrma TroncosoПре месец
    • @Irma Troncoso muchas gracias!!❤❤❤🤗🤗

      RaquelRaquelПре месец
    • Yaman . Las personas no solo pierden cosas materiales , si te das cuenta cuenta las cosas perdidas se vuelven a encontrar y ser reparadas . Ikbal. Despues de todo fui yo la que la saque de ese basurero y la traje aqui. Pero de ahora en adelante las reglas del juego cambiaran . Zuhal . Tendremos una reunion de la empresa . Sra Adalet Yaman quiere que usted prepare todo. Adalet . Esta bien . Hay Dios y hoy no estan ni Neslihan ni Cenger . Zuhal . Que te ayude Seher , para que no halla problemas . Ikbal . Que Seher Kerimoglu tiene direccion nueva ? Enviemela . Hombre . Espere ... Espere Esto no esta helado ...

      Irma TroncosoIrma TroncosoПре месец
  • After hair clip,the note.and than seher childhood photo.yaman colect the things of seher.i am sure it all is be yaman treasure,he dont need company. any more.😁😁😁😁🙈🙈🙈🙈💗💗💗💗

    Dwi SandraDwi SandraПре месец
  • رجاءًا.. نريد ترجمة الاعلان الى اللغة العربية🙏🏻

    seelaseelaПре месец
  • I'm so obsessed with the series. Please send help!

    E.DE.DПре месец
  • where is the translation today?

    MeriNikoMeriNikoПре месец
  • Y el español 😣por favor

    Lily MartínezLily MartínezПре месец
  • How come Saber does not use Yousuf as an excuse to avoid kitchen work?

    Faeda ShamilFaeda ShamilПре месец