Every Graves Main Knows This Feeling...LoL Daily Moments Ep 1318

17 јан 2021
259 830 Приказа

How to Counter Graves...Daily moments from streamers ep 1318(ftTyler1,Yassuo,TFBlade ,SoloRenektonOnly, Jankos, Nemesis, Tobias Fate, Gripex...).
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00:00 mcbaze
00:36 dopa24
00:51 soulmario
01:07 tsm_brokenblade
01:24 quantum
01:41 tarzaned
02:01 heisendong
02:09 xannyfps
02:26 lol_nemesis
02:57 generalsniperna
03:10 pekinwoof
03:19 poly_puff
03:27 dopa24
03:43 tarzaned
03:54 froggen
04:06 tsm_brokenblade
04:21 heisendong
04:38 solorenektononly
04:58 gryffinnlol
05:16 king_nidhogg
05:36 pekinwoof
05:49 pinkwardlol
06:29 macbaze
06:53 dopa24
07:09 bobquinxd
07:25 body_those_fools
07:39 tsm_brokenblade
07:54 lol_nemesis
08:16 tarzaned
08:29 king_nidhogg
08:58 mcbaze
09:10 soulmario
09:38 bobquinxd
10:08 quantum
10:39 drututt
11:05 ratirl
11:39 outro
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  • as a graves main, my hands are shaking rn thanks !

    Ada KoçakAda KoçakПре месец
    • ima gonna place a ward even more cancer

      jajajajajajaПре месец
    • Ulan kız diye yaptığın hareketlere bak yazık :)

      NokataNokataПре месец
    • nickini yaz ona göre hesapla geliyim

      Muhammet ÇetinMuhammet ÇetinПре месец
    • lolde ekle duo girelim her lanede oynarım

      Muhammet ÇetinMuhammet ÇetinПре месец

    Lolsito SantiLolsito SantiПре месец
  • 0:49 q hace dopita in chat xd

    C'est lavieC'est lavieПре месец
  • When you check youre exam results 9:54

    adas baseckasadas baseckasПре месец
  • Kayle supp

    Kayle SupportKayle SupportПре месец
  • 9:38 I'm finally represented in a coconut video!

    Zach EggletonZach EggletonПре месец
  • 9:54 what you get from darkseal

    ghost0000ghost0000Пре месец
  • I think the design is better when a champ wants to fight in waves, rather than when you want to fight in waves against a particular champ.

    DomasiukasDomasiukasПре месец
  • Is it me or for RATIRL they only put clips that end up in fail? i watch him often and he has sick clip candidates and they never get highlighted 🤣

    Samuel Ruben FerreroSamuel Ruben FerreroПре месец
  • three long swords. rivens power spike. this eve griefed so hard going under her tower. what a fool

    nikos hrinikos hriПре месец
  • Dopa is not really changing his clothes doesnt he... its a freaking a year now

    Mr.MaliitlitMr.MaliitlitПре месец
    • he always streams before sleep, thats him clothes to sleep

      so damn cringeso damn cringeПре месец
  • 9:05 360 w

    Sanek ScreamSanek ScreamПре месец
  • Love 😍😍😍😍

    kuroko tetsuya 11kuroko tetsuya 11Пре месец
  • streamer : *misses cs* coconut : now this looks like a job for me

    zuzuzuzuПре месец
  • zs

    Fighter LmFighter LmПре месец
  • why was there a ding at 3:36

    Jesse OravaJesse OravaПре месец
  • 1:58 “Ekko did not press R” what is this man smoking😂😂 ekko wasn’t even there and when ekko died , he didn’t have R

    Zed MainZed MainПре месец
    • Ekko was there, if you put 0.25 at the start of the clip you see it, but he didnt have r lol

      so damn cringeso damn cringeПре месец
  • We want the old graves :(

    Pedro SousaPedro SousaПре месец
  • that last clip made me so fucking pissed holy shit

    Nick HwangNick HwangПре месец
  • so many bugs hapenning like when pantheon ult and viktor use his 2nd pantheon stun 2 times by viktor 2nd and when mf ult samira and samira use E and ult samira will push away like condem interaction

    chase-su samachase-su samaПре месец
  • that bobqin clip lmao, that's why i seldomly buy corrupting potion. its so hard to cs XD

    MephistophelesMephistophelesПре месец
  • I love the clips (most of them), but can you please, please stop with the unnecessary sound fx. Sometimes it's better to just watch the clip without them, it's being overused now especially the "WTF" or the punch sfx or splat.

    ChananaBipsChananaBipsПре месец
  • 4:27 hahaha, poor trynda

    QwQQwQПре месец
  • I really liked bob in the beginning. I can't stand his clips now

    CraftisticCraftisticПре месец
    • same with tobias fate omg so annoying

      so damn cringeso damn cringeПре месец
  • 1:44 ekko doesnt have R tarzaned....

    RoeyJacuzziRoeyJacuzziПре месец
  • Don't get the keyboard camera..? It's almost like several million people play this game and spam their keyboard exactly the same way... why does he even show it lmao

    JusmatstaJusmatstaПре месец
  • 3:04 misses W and with 3 long swords a dblade and a level ahead, she 1 shots her with auto Q1 and R... ok champ

    undergear3d Fundergear3d FПре месец
    • And if you really want proof that he hit his w, stop the video right when he pressed w, it says stunned on top of evelynn lmao

      CapatainaCapatainaПре месец
    • Well first of all, he didnt miss his w, he easily hit his auto which is about the same range with his w so we know for sure that his w hit, secondly his combo was e r aa w q aa r q which of course is enough to oneshot someone 2 levels down, jayce, fiora, irelia, darius and even some tanks like cho or ornn could do the same thing with the same amount of items, its just that good riven players can execute this combo quite fast. Oh and rengar wouldve just completely oneshot evelynn in under .5 seconds there fyi

      CapatainaCapatainaПре месец
    • He did like ult W Q aa and Q R

      Koni ChiwaKoni ChiwaПре месец
  • Pantheon is really strong in this patch

    Daffa MaulanaDaffa MaulanaПре месец
  • 3:06 cringe champ just a 3 fking long swords

    Mark SuckerbergMark SuckerbergПре месец
    • @undergear3d F riven hit W what are you saying

      HuiJumaHuiJumaПре месец
    • It's not a coincidence that two 14 years old got to Challenger by one-tricking Riven.

      Duy TranDuy TranПре месец
    • and she misses W

      undergear3d Fundergear3d FПре месец
  • Hitting ulti as azir in your turret =I m so fucking good at this game.. These streamers nowadays.....

    Kostas MartinisKostas MartinisПре месец
  • So, do I understand you correctly? Is Bobquin a human ?

    iurgrandmomiurgrandmomПре месец
  • 9:40 that's what happens when you have no doran's

    Ben SwoloBen SwoloПре месец
  • 0:39 lo que callamos los latinos

    SlayboySlayboyПре месец
  • Stand up if you're high 🤙💚💛❤️

    SamuehSamuehПре месец
  • 0:48 en el chat "q hace dopita" asjsjssjsjj

    Felipe CarvalloFelipe CarvalloПре месец
  • Streamer: does nothing Coconut: noted

    Andrei MihaiAndrei MihaiПре месец
  • Servers are overloaded too many players even riot didn't expected it.

    RodentRodentПре месец
  • 3:29 weak role as always :)

    Just EtanJust EtanПре месец
    • @Pxxsa yea yea, an adc 3/10 deserves to do that because he flashed once, yep right sure. Considering most adcs don't even need a keyboard that's bs.

      Just EtanJust EtanПре месец
    • Yup....if only they hit their abilities

      PxxsaPxxsaПре месец
  • Holy shit I actually burst out laughing with Bobqin's reactions. LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOO

    Nessie JrNessie JrПре месец
  • 2:45 that's why Hi I'm Coconut is awesome by pointing out stuff like this.

    Ryan PhanRyan PhanПре месец
  • This Twitch at the end🤦🏻‍♂️ Its not "Why would u e into it" its "Twitch why you just dont attack the Baron?"

    Natsu DragneelNatsu DragneelПре месец
    • LiightBox It gains maxhp every X seconds, even if it is in combat

      Dávid LakatosDávid LakatosПре месец
    • I'm the only one who saw baron hp go from 300 to 500? heca thought he could get it with E Q i think

      LiightBoxLiightBoxПре месец
    • Hecarim charged into the Rumble R and died lmao

      Dávid LakatosDávid LakatosПре месец
  • i like dopa after a play or someone do somwthing he is like uuh oo.

    sagittariussagittariusПре месец
    • ???

      Leonardo DonatoLeonardo DonatoПре месец
  • El play mt3 Gaaloul fi le5er sa7a

    Karim GharbiKarim GharbiПре месец
  • 5:16 worthless ult

    Asura KishinAsura KishinПре месец
    • Ok but did someone ask tho

      HuiJumaHuiJumaПре месец
  • 0:48 "que hace dopita" KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK boludito

    Rlemos LemosRlemos LemosПре месец
  • calm down SRO ur playing illaoi the tentacles are doing everything.

    DamianDamianПре месец
  • I couldn t make a penta bec of the minions

  • 2:28 und kommen wir hier jetzt zum Outplay der Woche:

    LaZ PavonyLaZ PavonyПре месец
  • For those of who don't know, Dopa is banned from Korean server, so he's playing on Chinese super server. And recently, due to the beginning of new season, more people than expected are playing on the Chinese super server. And that cause the lagging issue.

    疯狂的大眼萌疯狂的大眼萌Пре месец
    • @대쇼 LOL they take seriusly that shit XD imagine in prison you are there cuz you got caught eloboosting :v

      Alejandro UrdanetaAlejandro UrdanetaПре месец
    • @Grasfh oh .... K thanks

      Sanjay .T.SSanjay .T.SПре месец
    • Lol yea being caught eloboosting in korea now is a crime. You get sent to prison LOL

      대쇼대쇼Пре месец
    • @Sanjay .T.S He was boosting accounts for money

      GrasfhGrasfhПре месец
    • Why is he banned

      Sanjay .T.SSanjay .T.SПре месец
  • q hace dopita?

    Daniel WalkerDaniel WalkerПре месец
  • 1:07 at first i was like damn that looks alot like brokenblade i wonder why...

    RepublicRepublicПре месец
  • 6 30 music?

    Мухамузад АлиМухамузад АлиПре месец
  • is there a place we can submit clips?

    DevFitzyDevFitzyПре месец
  • Yep graves got totally outplayed, but they still won the fight cause its graves :)

    Richard SalzmannRichard SalzmannПре месец
    • Ok graves is op, but he didn’t do anything. Idk why u blaming the champion who couldn’t kill anyone or do anything.

      mimi mimimimi mimiПре месец
  • Too many Graves in ranked and pro play. Needs nerf. If every lcs match of 2021 has Graves whether losing or winning, it needs nerfs. Screw every Graves main in the comment section. XD

    CampioneDi17CampioneDi17Пре месец
    • @TEMMO ALI what’s worse is that pretty much most rune pages work on him and he can just build either crit or lethality to negate the tanks’ armor

      CampioneDi17CampioneDi17Пре месец
    • Thank god ik I'm not the only one complaining about graves. I've seen plenty of graves since preseason and almost every single one of them gets fed and carries the game

    • Riot consistently nerfing aatrox just so he's not a safe pick on pro play, meanwhile let's buff graves so he's pick ban every game. Big brain time

      Creightos MultifariousCreightos MultifariousПре месец
  • Only a bug can beat Dopa

    Athis EkAthis EkПре месец
  • 4:07 song?

    Vlad DezVlad DezПре месец
  • Pers prom ph prrrr

    Mark BonillaMark BonillaПре месец
  • Can someone tell me why tf nidhog is always talking bout some deep shit in every clip of him. Then it cuts off right when im curious

    Javen.mccloudJaven.mccloudПре месец
  • 1:50 how toxic is tarzaned ekko didnt even have r

    snowghostsnowghostПре месец
    • @Borch Tři Kavky im talking about the previous clip lol mb wrong time

      snowghostsnowghostПре месец
    • @snowghost he literary says huh what do you mean

      Borch Tři KavkyBorch Tři KavkyПре месец
    • He legit played that shit and still blames it on his team

      snowghostsnowghostПре месец
    • This is not being toxic

      Borch Tři KavkyBorch Tři KavkyПре месец
  • * something happens * Dopa: * minecraft villager noise *

    Mehdi MegzariMehdi MegzariПре месец
  • 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂👌👌

    mechanic kidmechanic kidПре месец
  • Me: trying to fix the computer My young bro: downloaded an extra ram to my computer to play league of legends but it's free

    Phu TranPhu TranПре месец
  • 3:19 someone know the song ?

    Uru DettaUru DettaПре месец
  • When a challenger player misses every cs in a wave - hilarious. When my adc misses every cs in a wave - rage.

    Above LifeAbove LifeПре месец
  • That Azir outplay at @7:26 keeps getting better the more you analyze it.

    SharloSharloПре месец
    • It's body 😍

      Azir's Journey to DiamondAzir's Journey to DiamondПре месец
  • tfw african character steals your sanity in a game, full Ekko players

    SexyINSANEDudeSexyINSANEDudeПре месец
  • BOBQUIN ,,,,,,???????

    Saifeddin AyadiSaifeddin AyadiПре месец
  • omg another solorenektononly clip playing illaoi and using R!!!

    Akira HikaruAkira HikaruПре месец
    • yeah man he is so talented omfg he pressed the button R on his keyboard i cant believe

      so damn cringeso damn cringeПре месец
  • Feels great to get pool party renekton twice :P

    XannyFPSXannyFPSПре месец
  • 7:15 Someone tells you a joke You don´t get it But you laugh anyways

    Just SlowpokeJust SlowpokeПре месец
    • Thats fucking hilarious gahaha

      Glenn TeyGlenn TeyПре месец
    • 7:18 you finally understand the joke and its really funny

      Right ClickRight ClickПре месец
  • 3:01 but hey! Aatrox is nerfed

    GreegarGreegarПре месец
    • @nick low elo players watch these clips of bruisers/fighters (riven) one shotting squishy assasins/adcs (evelynn) and think they are overpowered when in reality riven has like 5-10 favorable matchups out of like 40 in higher elos

      CapatainaCapatainaПре месец
    • to conclude, riven is good for counter picking

      nicknickПре месец
    • @Duy Tran or if you really want to pick riven why don't you pick aatrox

      nicknickПре месец
    • @Duy Tran playing tanks are more effective :)

      nicknickПре месец
    • @Duy Tran high elo need to first pick a tank and almost every tank can win riven

      nicknickПре месец
  • Good job for everything! thank you for editing this moments for us

    Theory of LoLTheory of LoLПре месец
  • 5:54 did he just say spongepop ?

    Lieth rabiLieth rabiПре месец
    • Stand back

      Lone KrakenLone KrakenПре месец
    • hahahahaa

      PyranyaPyranyaПре месец
    • LOL u right HAHA

      Shakoly GamerShakoly GamerПре месец
  • What happened in Dopa's clip ? I legit can't tell

    LeafCloud [ES]LeafCloud [ES]Пре месец
    • Feels more like a bug, dopa moved the ball just when ori went out of range, and since the ball should return the ori but the other way happened

      Chong Hui YeeChong Hui YeeПре месец
    • Small indie company

      giannis xalkisgiannis xalkisПре месец
    • I think he lagged. LIke internet connection issue of smth.

      Qse NoxQse NoxПре месец
    • I wanna know too... maybe he was using a hack and miss clicked?

      Its MichigoIts MichigoПре месец
  • yo

    John Christofer AguilarJohn Christofer AguilarПре месец
  • Saludos coconut desde argentina! Give me Kokoro

    Inori ChanInori ChanПре месец
  • Report Rito.

    alex0107alex0107Пре месец
  • that nemesis 200 iq play tho

    ouchra ytouchra ytПре месец
    • Nemesis ResidentSleeper

      Shimotsuki ZoroShimotsuki ZoroПре месец
    • when my guy trash talk doinb being the worst mid player playing lulu galio and now look at him xD

      xie johnxie johnПре месец
    • it's a normal lulu play wtf

      shutter ppshutter ppПре месец
  • The Notification squad :)

    Big DickEnergyBig DickEnergyПре месец
  • we is early af squad

    KryptoKryptoПре месец
  • Early gang lets goo

    Karim EllazKarim EllazПре месец
  • First xD

    CyferCyferПре месец
  • holaa uwu

    Marco Gonzales AguilarMarco Gonzales AguilarПре месец
  • How mad we get when this happens

    WeekendWeekendПре месец
    • what was that

      Im gay and turtles turn me onIm gay and turtles turn me onПре месец
  • wow 1 min ago

    Ramis SaglamRamis SaglamПре месец
  • Hii coco I'm early today

    Shun poShun poПре месец
  • 23

    Степан ГаркушаСтепан ГаркушаПре месец

    MLGB BladeMLGB BladeПре месец
  • Saludos desde Colombia

    O Angel MeloO Angel MeloПре месец
  • Hii

    JosealcoosJosealcoosПре месец
  • Hi

    MGYTMGYTПре месец
  • siema

    master of pugmaster of pugПре месец
  • hello

    Quang TranQuang TranПре месец

    RekkiezRekkiezПре месец