How to ACTUALLY Climb to Diamond in 2 Hours with Shen

21 мај 2020
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This is probably the most educational video I've released in a long time, you don't wanna miss it.
Timestamps and Table of Contents:
0:00 - SILVER: Trading Pattern, When to Recall, Tips and Tricks
21:19 - GOLD: Wave Managament, Map Movement, Objectives
50:20 - PLATINUM: Teamfighting, Laning, Shen Mechanics
1:23:15 - DIAMOND: Advanced Concepts, Situational Building
A complete guide to reaching Diamond in League of Legends. I explain the basic macro concepts from a Challenger perspective, including wave management, map movement, objective control and freezing waves. On the micro level, we discuss Shen's kit and his possibilities of carrying a game 1 vs 5. I present tips and tricks learned over thousands of games in high ELO. Video format inspired by TheGlacierr.
► The Ultimate Shen Guide:
► Updated Runes (Season 10):
► Unranked to Challenger:
► Outro: Halvorsen - She Got Me Like [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
// ABOUT ME //
Hey, I'm Petu
I'm a Shen main from Finland. I've reached Challenger on EU West and dominated EU Nordic East, hitting 1100LP in Season 7 (Rank 3). I started off making guides for Shen back in Season 6 and have been expanding my content ever since. Stay tuned for exciting and educational League of Legends content like:
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  • Timestamps and Table of Contents: 0:00 - SILVER: Trading Pattern, When to Recall, Tips and Tricks 21:19 - GOLD: Wave Managament, Map Movement, Objectives 50:20 - PLATINUM: Teamfighting, Laning, Shen Mechanics 1:23:15 - DIAMOND: Advanced Concepts, Situational Building Hey everyone! I'm back with another video. This time you're getting the WHOLE PACKAGE, we got sick plays, we got educational stuff and we got WACKY BUILDS. Maybe you've also noticed the new profile picture and channel art? Let me know your thoughts on everything. Let's see if we can hit 10 000 LIKES ON THIS VIDEO! Hope you enjoyed :) Remember to follow me on twitch to see my streams:

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    • Nn ne pn

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    • Can you tell me when should I buy titanic hidra (AD) or tank in early game ?

      CezCezПре 2 месеца
    • hi mate, after league of math you can update this video to the new season since so many things are now obsolete.

      falzokillerfalzokillerПре 2 месеца
    • Thx for the video i wanted to learn how to play shen and it helps a lot. Can you do a Mundo guide i would really watch it👍🏽

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  • Torille

    XDEEXDEEПре 11 сати
  • I also read your Mobiafire guide and its the best guide i´ve ever read. The only guide that would be a rival is Keegun´s Pantheon guide. But you really nailed it. Your guide and videos are helping a lot! thank you!

    Paul-Anton BackhausPaul-Anton BackhausПре 4 дана
  • I have one question, Is Any Difference E + Flash or Flash + E, for me its the same, im missing something?? i allways do Flash + E

    Isael HernandezIsael HernandezПре 7 дана
  • For those hardlife kids that say that LoL is a game for dumb people, just watch this video. Great vid buddy, thank you! ( Watched it while i eated a pizza btw :)))

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  • Hard Carry Shen God 1v9 in that Platinum Game, that made me want to learn play Shen

    Alejandro GonzalezAlejandro GonzalezПре 17 дана
  • When i watched your videos i was flashed by how good and well thought you trade with shen. Im a Shen main and im really proud to watch someone who is enjoying this champ as much as me. Thank you a lot bro! Keep on man!

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  • Thank you so much, actually your build and tips wordked for me, I was stuck at Silver IV, now I'm Gold IV, I'm trying now to reach Platinum and Diamond.

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  • Ahhh that renekton at the beginning of the video bothered me 😤 thats not how u play em if that was me i would killed u or atleast backed of a lil and when for the kill a few secs later bc by then i would had atleast half health again

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  • You cant even play 3 rounds in 2 hours how can I climb to Dia in 2 hours then :/

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  • The Jimmy Neutron of summoners rift

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  • He didn't react fast enough to ult Cassie

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  • im bronze 1. im about to watch this video, ill let you know if i hit diamond in 2 hours

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  • River Shen

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  • Worst thing about being shen in low elo: ult to bot , ping them 7 times, they run away from enemies more than half health and my shield

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  • 16:30 Coming from a bronze warwick, that warwick sucks

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    • 18:30 again really bad play by warwick. “I walked out of the fear range” Technically no you didn’t, he used it too early but since you were his W target he could’ve easily just held Q and side switch you then proc E. He’s probably just panic tapping though now that I think about it. Either that or he genuinely doesn’t know that ww Q lunges and side switches

      DescaSatouDescaSatouПре 2 месеца
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  • The brilliance of this video isn’t that he makes a script and tells you what to do, we get to see his thought process as the situation is going on, which is a much better explanation than a crafted one read off of a piece of paper. You’ve earned a sub today petu.

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  • Stupid game shen with sunfire outdmging a bruiser. This man is clearly a meta slave. What's your next pick? Orn top? Disgusting

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  • bro you're making me wanna buy shen on my new account

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  • I did the same.... and after 2H... from silver.... I got bronze 5

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  • I love the fact, u dont make a video, about you get fed from an easy matchup like irelia, or malphite. You made a video when u beat a RENEKTON in earlygame :D Thank you for the video, i learned a lot.

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  • Disclaimer. How to climb to diamond in a few games. Have high mmr. How to climb for everyone else. Hundreds and hundreds of games grinding through the system trying to keep you at a 50% win rate.

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  • best tip is "i have chat muted"

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  • i find that winning lane means nothing in league, but then i have yet to have a team fail to put up less than 40 deaths in 20minutes, their record being over 70 by the 27th minute

    wargumbyxwargumbyxПре 3 месеца
    • true I have a 100% lane win rate and my Winrate is 50% lol. My team is always feeding then afk, never comes objectives and just trys to steal my blue and red buffs even when im super fed. It is like a 1v5 with 4 teammates who try to help enemy. I started climbing a bit now by getting good at split pushing and backdooring, Like I won a few games today by killing 4 towers, inhib and nexus in under 30 seconds without enemy realising it. But don't count on your team lol, if you are 1v5ing top and your team is at drake, most likely they will recall and not even take the drake and spam ping you and then complain you only got a triple kill top 1v5.

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  • Instructions unclear. Bot lane keeps feeding 10 kills in 5 minutes.

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  • Well if you want to be shen main you have to be like shen never overreact and stay calm all the time That me in real life that why I love shen so much🤍💙

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  • 10:43 with the nunu not utlizing shen ult, let me just say that back in the old ranked system, when players cud not pick what role they wanted to play but was actually forced to play according to positioning on the pick order from top to buttom of lobby, every player where forced to know evryrole which in order words means, every one cud play every champion or aprox to every champion availble at the time. They understood the champions mechanics better and there powerspikes, any elo between low and high knew this stuff as a basick game knowladge. Btw as a renekton/shen player, how i solve a shen player is simpley like this: Most of the time when some one picks shen, they dont do it for the superior trading dmg, they do it to gain kills based on ganks. So as a renekton, i simpley exchange my flash to an exhust. Why? Becouse no flash means easier target to gank, no escape rout. Why take such risk? Becouse renekton is a much more powerfull champion then most junglers are early game. Even if shen out trades renekton 1v1, renekton still outtrades junglers 1v1. So when you usually are about to be ganked, your being ganked by a lvl 2, lvl 3 or a lvl 4 jungler who has dubble buffs + only 50/60% hp which usually is 300-500 hp your spells at lvl 2 if you play this smart, the jungler has no escape spells (junglers lile amumu, they got a range snare, they got no dash or movement speed boost to run away) you as a renekton you pick W as a lvl 2 spell. Not your E (dash), Why? Becouse you wanna get out as much dmg as possible, so when Shen tauns you, exhust him. To reduce his dmg from the taunt and the Q stacks. Ignite the amumu and go all in on the jungler, kill the jungler and grab the dubble buff. Now shen has no Taunt to run, so either he trys to continue to duel you even while he has no Q or taunt and then you kill him. Or he choses to flash, which means he has no flash when your jungler is gonna be on your top side. But if the jungler is a movement speed champ that has some sort of mobility to escape, you want to get your E (dash) as a lvl 2 so that you can HUNT him down and get those doubble buffs. You dont mind about shen. If shen taunts you first, then the jungler comes in after, same tactic. Still exhust shen and kill jungler. But if the shen is to far away, imidiatly Dash threw minions to gain the extra trange to reach the enemy jungler, W, Q ignite E back = dead. Easy trade, and so they gonna think that now that you have no exhust and no ignite your gonna be easier to kill, but here is the difrence. your gonna be 1 level above your toplaner, and 2 levels above your enemy jungler. Your also gonna have 4 longswrods worth of dmg, you dont wanna build defencive items when you are 1000gold ahead. You wanna contiue to snowball the position of being fed as a renekton, since renekton shine the best while his low lvls. dont stick around on the top lane til shen is 0/5, after 3 deaths, shen is no longer worth to kill. 300g the 2 first kills, third kill 220, 4th kill 170. So move on to the next lane as soon as you are 3 kills from shen and 1-2 kills from jungler. Move to mid lane or bot lane.

    jonathan lopezjonathan lopezПре 3 месеца
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    Museum of Modern CrapMuseum of Modern CrapПре 3 месеца
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  • Thanks xPetu Your guide got me on Shen and I was able to otp it to gold. Thanks again for the help!

    Neo TakazawaNeo TakazawaПре 3 месеца
  • 5 months since the video was released and it still works like a charm, I already used Shen before so I had an idea of how to play him at least on a basic level but god seeing this made me immediately hop in rankeds, I can guarantee to anyone watching this that this guide absolutely works I went from Iron 3 to Silver 4 in 7 hours, my goal is Gold before November 10 so I get the Lucian skin(actually my main motivation to start ranking even if thr time is so short). Thank you very much Petu, Shen is just incredibily strong in SoloQ.

    ZekkaiZekkaiПре 3 месеца
  • Dude, I started playing Shen maybe a week or two ago and ever since then I've absolutely nose dived your content 😂 incredible video, learnt so much already.

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