26 нов 2020
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I've gone electric and bought a Porsche Taycan Turbo S to join the Shmeemobiles! It's collection day of the surprise new addition to my garage and the first EV I've ever owned. I'm excited for the experiences ahead and to have returned a Porsche back to the collection, but there are immediately some changes in the making...
As a typical car guy and fan of the biggest possible combustion engine in my cars, I've often wondered about the world of electric cars and whether it could work for me. Fundamentally it's going to be a challenge as I have zero access to charging at home, however my intrigue in the technology, infrastructure and driving experience has kept my eyes open to giving it a go.
Earlier this year I drove the Porsche Taycan for the first time, also a Turbo S model, and was blown away that this car is a Porsche first, and EV second, as opposed to just about every other player in the market that reverses the roles and tries too hard to be something else. From the launch of the Mission-E it's always been an interesting project, and the Taycan managed to bring in that style, while also fitting the bill as a sensible looking Porsche.
Having previously owned two Porsches; a 981 Cayman GT4 and 991.2 911 GT3, there's been a notable absence until recently but along came the perfect spec Taycan Turbo S for me and I thought why not just go for it and learn what the EV world is all about! Welcome then, SH70 MEE, to the Shmeemobiles. The car is a very high spec in Volcano Grey, with the Sport Design package, PDCC (Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control), Olea leather upgrade, panoramic roof, passenger display and so many more it would be hard to list everything.
This is where the journey begins, heading with the AMG G63 to the Porsche Centre Hatfield to collect a product from another brand based in Stuttgart, Germany. With the weather massively against us for the day, come along with me for the collection experience in the current circumstances and the first drive back home to the garage. This is really just the start though as the visual side of the spec will be dramatically changed and very soon in a totally unique specification - stay tuned!
I'm excited to have partnered with Approved Motor Finance who have successfully helped with the funding side of the Taycan. The team behind Approved Finance were responsible for the financing of all the Shmeemobiles you've seen in recent years, from the Senna and Ford GT to the new GT R Roadster and Taycan Turbo S. AMF offer both Business and Motor Finance and we've carried my experience into a tailored packages offering the best possible rates, with more information available via: www.approvedmotorfinance.co.uk/shmee150
I look forward to sharing my EV journey, thank you for the support! Thank you also to Sami and the team at Porsche Hatfield, and Krish and the team at AMF for all the help to make this happen.
Thanks for watching, Tim

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  • You do own a hybrid car the senna

    Nightzy124Nightzy124Пре 11 дана
  • I want this car but how do you charge it effectively in England.

    Douglas CretsDouglas CretsПре 20 дана
    • The best is to do so at home if you can

      Shmee150Shmee150Пре 20 дана
  • Thanks! I'm just looking into getting an EV. And do not want a Tesla, since I dislike Musk. So basically this, and the plain S, are my only options for an EV with decent torque, steering, ride + max speed over 100mph? It just seems suckily expensive at what £160k with all the options added. Is there nothing decent at around £60k besides the Teslas!? Also have you tried the IR pedestrian detection? How does that work I was wondering!

    Neil Kazimierz SheridanNeil Kazimierz SheridanПре 25 дана
  • I love your Porsche ❤️❤️❤️

    Azeel AbdulAzeel AbdulПре 25 дана
  • Who on earth pulled the cover off and where did it go?......

    Peter benn panPeter benn panПре 26 дана
  • Great car but can’t see it staying longer than a year.

    M YouM YouПре месец
  • I have those cameras on my Nissan Leaf

    Jack HoneJack HoneПре месец
  • VERY NICE, thank you for sharing, and all the best and every success.

    Daniel MarshallDaniel MarshallПре месец
  • Yawn!

    Peter BrorssonPeter BrorssonПре месец
  • Nice 👍 whip!!

    Ronald WillifordRonald WillifordПре месец
  • Tim bring Puppi to the vids, it will be better

    Tanzim MahmudTanzim MahmudПре месец
  • Shmee: I bought a Porsche Taycan Turbo S Yianny:I sold my Porsche Taycan Turbo S

    sheeba josephsheeba josephПре месец
  • 5 miles range left: switches off pointless second screen pronto.

    John Ó MaoilearcaJohn Ó MaoilearcaПре месец
  • Finally I have something Shmee doesn't. An electrical outlet in my garage 😂

    VancouverExoticxVancouverExoticxПре месец
  • Lovely car, Like it a lot.

    Billy StephensBilly StephensПре месец
  • God that's beautiful. MODEL Y NEXT?

    Ted KiddTed KiddПре месец
  • Like a new Porsche but they remove the fog lamps we in America market we like fog lights for the ambience of the way the car looks with the Fog lights and park lights on I don’t know why they’re removing them we paid lots of money in the 70s and 80s for aftermarket packages and then had to have them install And in the 90s and instill TODAY it’s an option in a package so we paid for that package to have the fog lights now you’re removing them so we have to find And after market vendor to buy them again and pay to have them installed

    ef ellingtonef ellingtonПре месец
  • how rich is this guy ?

    Tyke TokoTyke TokoПре месец
  • Haha crazy how many people guessed it.

    bocoy noiubocoy noiuПре месец
  • It looked like it had dirty car mats!!

    The Loft Sessions UKThe Loft Sessions UKПре месец
  • Good choice, fastest and best looking EV under a million dollars.

    Wolfgang BarrioWolfgang BarrioПре месец
  • Electric cars use alot of electricity 😆 for which alot of pollution goes into creating the electricity and not to mention the manufacturing of the batteries which are very pollutant to make and the slave labour of the mining for them by children paid peanuts. Just generally quite awful! Shame on you porsche.

    HVTVHVTVПре месец
    • Electric cars are ideology, they are not here to save the world.

      Wolfgang BarrioWolfgang BarrioПре месец
  • Congratulations

    shamin manoharanshamin manoharanПре месец
    • Remember you have free parking in London!

      bocoy noiubocoy noiuПре месец
  • Congratulations Tim looks epic! Looking forward to the content to come! Ur really fortunate to be buying a new car in this difficult time in the world. Let us hope it ends soon for you to fully enjoy the EV experience

    Through Africa's EyesThrough Africa's EyesПре месец
  • Great spec.

    Furman O'DellFurman O'DellПре месец
  • 14:28 - "Feels instantly like a Porsche...." While this seems so immaculate to this guy, the truth is that it is merely Porsche doing self-preservation for their gas cars. What they really need to be doing, if they want to be around in 2030, is to completely redefine what cars and driving feels like. And this cannot be done with their gas cars, so they end up compromising their Taycan in hopes of carrying their gas cars along to the future. This won't work. Sorry.

    Rotimi OrimoloyeRotimi OrimoloyeПре месец
  • Not digging the wheels at all! Otherwise, love this thing!

    Nathanael ColeNathanael ColeПре месец
  • Just bought a Cayenne S coupe.. The presentation box is a nice touch that I've never had with other dealers.

    DSH DanDSH DanПре месец
  • How is this to live with battery range, charging and long distance wise? Much better looking externally and internally than Teslas vauxhalls looks.

    bcvbb hyuibcvbb hyuiПре месец
  • the taycan is right there up with the panamera in terms of ugliness. 911 are the best looking porsches.

    illuminate lairilluminate lairПре месец
  • Love the spec except for the wheels! Hideous! Excellent idea to get an ev especially the best on the market.

    Eric BoothmanEric BoothmanПре месец
  • Don't forget you need to run the engine in Tim. 😀

    Marko PoloMarko PoloПре месец
    • Shmee has literally bought a monitor with wheels

      bcvbb hyuibcvbb hyuiПре месец
  • 992 GT3 next please 🙏🏻

    smiles 11smiles 11Пре месец
  • Sell the ford focus buy a Tesla Model Y ! Cheers

    • Nah, Model Y is embarassingly ugly. And Tim likes driver cars, Teslas are just soccermom vehicles.

      Wolfgang BarrioWolfgang BarrioПре месец
  • How are those even legal parking spaces in that garage? You have like 8” on one side and you are over the line on the other.

    chiane1968chiane1968Пре месец
  • Congratulations !!!

    Vlad XXXVlad XXXПре месец
  • This guy buys cars like they’re cupcakes. Bugatti and pagani soon, mark my words

    HHПре месец
    • @Shmee150 Of course! Your dream car will soon be in your museum that’s for sure 😃 👍

      HHПре месец
    • Dream big

      Shmee150Shmee150Пре месец
  • Remember you have free parking in London!

    First PrototypeFirst PrototypeПре месец
  • the electric shmeemobile.

    ResultWasHereResultWasHereПре месец
  • Hasn't the taxman caught up with you yet? :-D

    Andy FellAndy FellПре месец
  • 6:48 what's the score with that used-looking driver footwell mat?

    KevyD77KevyD77Пре месец
  • I love the way you are being simple looking with billon of pounds ❤️ love from India

    HG人 BRØLYHG人 BRØLYПре месец
  • Best EV by a mile, but giving up an V12 for a electric device is blasphemy haha

    Hasan GencHasan GencПре месец
  • Absolutely awesome, huge congrats!

    spadgmspadgmПре месец
  • Will you wax or ceramic coat?

    Marlboro M2CMarlboro M2CПре месец
  • I couldn't give up a Ferrari V12 for any EV right now in the price range

    Rock girlRock girlПре месец
    • True.

      Hasan GencHasan GencПре месец
    • True, but he has to make new content.

      Wolfgang BarrioWolfgang BarrioПре месец
  • Shmee has literally bought a monitor with wheels

    Peter AtkinsonPeter AtkinsonПре месец
  • When are you going to put 2 turbos on it Shmee??

    SR.ASR.AПре месец
  • unusual not a Mercs or McLaren

    Michael JosephMichael JosephПре месец
  • Honestly, for great car content and 2 blokes making you laugh, go to EVIL GT channel.

    nick carvellnick carvellПре месец
    • How can you call an EV a turbo lol?

      Rock girlRock girlПре месец
  • Congratulations on the Taycan Turbo S purchase. Its exciting to see your enthusiasm in these videos! Best of Luck to you!

    Max TrenckMax TrenckПре месец
  • Congrats on the first all-Electric Porsche can't wait to see it going around the Nurburgring please let it be faster than the Ford GT

    GF cityGF cityПре месец
    • Why should it be faster than the GT?

      Wolfgang BarrioWolfgang BarrioПре месец
  • how many cars do you currently have, i´ve lost the count

    Manuel CaffarenaManuel CaffarenaПре месец
  • Size of the thing

    DoubleplusgoodDoubleplusgoodПре месец
  • and its not blue

    Jorge RiveraJorge RiveraПре месец
  • How many money do you have? Every week I see you with a new car😂

    Patrick MeroniPatrick MeroniПре месец
  • i drive VW mk4 i am sure i wouldnt even know how to drive this car. lol

    Nikola MatakNikola MatakПре месец
  • If ur spending $$$$ on a new porsche y the #@k is he picking it up from a tent??? Showroom all the way im sorry

    Aaron MAaron MПре месец
  • Is it just me but this car looks out of date already looking t those truly horrible wheels, you can do better than this

    Adrian AdrianPAdrian AdrianPПре месец
  • Wow I called it

    CreedfordCreedfordПре месец
  • Still waiting for shmee to buy a nismo nissan gtr.

    textmachine09textmachine09Пре месец
  • I'm shocked!

    Madhav MangalMadhav MangalПре месец
  • still wondering what makes this guy relevant.

    Dean GroomDean GroomПре месец
  • How can you call an EV a turbo lol?

    TheFunkhouserTheFunkhouserПре месец
  • finance? so you bought nothing..

    Kevin JongelingKevin JongelingПре месец
  • I knew a Taycan Turbo S was coming as I number plate checked SH70 MEE

    Epic AutosEpic AutosПре месец
  • fun fact the Porsche Taycan is the second EV

    Riley KenworthRiley KenworthПре месец
  • How much finance bills do u have a month

    ThomasThomasПре месец
  • Super nice car! Love everything, but those rims are horrible in my opinion. Enjoy the ride Tim!

    John GJohn GПре месец
  • Congratulations 🍾

    Onyekaba NnaemekaOnyekaba NnaemekaПре месец
  • Congratulations tim! Really good choice of car. To choose an electric sport car is a good decision. Its like having a new smartphone... U will be amazed by all the tech in that car. Its good that u keep up to the latest tech that car can offer... The collection of cars that u have now is really interesting.... Its all about experiencing all different kind of sports car... To us as viewers are really greatful having experience this shared... Tq tim.

    Mohd Rusdi Mohd MokhtarMohd Rusdi Mohd MokhtarПре месец
  • Great car- boring boring color - should have gone with that great light metallic blue they have available for the Taycon and you seem to like blue.....

    atlasrexatlasrexПре месец
  • Congrats!! What an insane car

    Sam WallingSam WallingПре месец
  • Stop sitting so close to the steering wheel. You have less control of the car and it’s dangerous for you

    Euan BandallEuan BandallПре месец
  • 🦶

    Rami HajRami HajПре месец
  • Lovely car... but what is going on with those wheels??? 😂😂😂

    Graeme KempGraeme KempПре месец
  • Pathetic. Can’t believe you traded the Ferrari for this shit. Nobody wants silent blogs with just you talking

    Alexander MillsAlexander MillsПре месец
  • It's nice to purchase cars under a business and write them off on the taxes.. #goals

    Jeff CJeff CПре месец
  • Big surprise, perfect for daily practical use, you're going to have to get electrical power installed for it at home though to make it the most useful it can be. Exciting stuff, first electric Shmeemobile!

    ngtflyerngtflyerПре месец
  • i know nobody cares what I think, but I am appalled at the fact he left his glorious na V12 for an electric car, even though I agree that the Taycan is an amazing car, but still, that ferrari was a rare gem :(

    The King Of The GamesThe King Of The GamesПре месец
    • True, but he has to make new content i guess.

      Wolfgang BarrioWolfgang BarrioПре месец
  • Excellent choice Mr Shmee! Excellent Porsche Centre too!!

    DLHDLHПре месец
  • Is Shmee a billionaire?

    Matty moMatty moПре месец
  • I saw a taycan in real life

    PROBLOX PlayzPROBLOX PlayzПре месец
  • Lovely car 🚗

    Ryan JARMANRyan JARMANПре месец
  • Why Schmee? Stop pandering to the manufacturers and get back to the honest enjoyment of performance cars on which your success has been built. At this rate you are destined to become a second-hand car dealer. And your dad can’t be happy with the monumental depreciation you must experience but then again he is probably too rich to care!!

    Onni RoyOnni RoyПре месец
  • I don’t say this alot but after spending time in this car...it’s way overpriced 🙈

    Life of SmokeyLife of SmokeyПре месец
    • @Wolfgang Barrio I do love that most of the youtubers are like “I bought a...” 😂. Even KSI has a Lamborghini on lease lol. I would love to have a petrolhead neighbour haha

      Life of SmokeyLife of SmokeyПре месец
    • @Life of Smokey obviously its better. Literally every 63 Amg model, except maybe the two seater GTs, is leased. No wonder the numbers of EVs are rising so fast. Makes me like my neighbour even more haha. He leases all of his cars as well, had a F10 M5, then a Model S....than got back to an M5 F90, and now has the latest M5 Facelift 😁

      Wolfgang BarrioWolfgang BarrioПре месец
    • @Wolfgang Barrio haha by far no! But remember that 99% of all those cars are leased and not paid for ;-). For business owners it's better to lease or rent them over 4 years. ;-)

      Life of SmokeyLife of SmokeyПре месец
    • @Life of Smokey yeah, but now lets be serious....you aren't poor if you drive a Taycan anyway 😁

      Wolfgang BarrioWolfgang BarrioПре месец
    • @Wolfgang Barrio the Taycan is popular here in Europe for it’s financial advantage if you own a business or small company. If it wasn’t for that they would not even sell half as much. If you own a business a full electric car is 100% tax reductable! If i would buy a Turbo S i pay so much less taxes that car is almost free to drive.... Last 4 years electric cars where 120% tax reductable so you got extra money back. Some people have been driving a free Tesla. Well not really free but , the price for a Tesla reduced for your taxes if you know what i mean 😁

      Life of SmokeyLife of SmokeyПре месец
  • Rose gold steering wheel and two tone wheels, and I thought 2020 couldn't get any worse.

    nick reesnick reesПре месец
  • That range is gonna be a problem.. and that’s where Tesla shines!

    Peter LeePeter LeeПре месец
    • The Taycans range is totally reasonable, and Shmee buys exotic enthusiast cars, not cheap hipster cars. So a Tesla is obviously not an option.

      Wolfgang BarrioWolfgang BarrioПре месец
  • Enjoy. Awesome car 👍

    SBCSBCПре месец
  • Congrats! Really looking forward to see how you're planning to mood it having an electric car myself. :)

    R LiebertR LiebertПре месец
  • Congratulations, but I see this one getting sold soon.

    TMTMПре месец
  • Why do the drivers floor mat look worn out on a new car or is it just dirty? Either way, it should have been sorted before the big reveal. Beautiful car though !

    A ZA ZПре месец
  • You need to get yourself a mansory RSQ8. that is a machine and a half

    andy stewartandy stewartПре месец
  • Everybody going broke and bankrupt, Shmee here buying new 100.000£ cars. It really demotivates me!

    BoomshiftBoomshiftПре месец
  • Shocking as you'd be the last person I would ever see buying an Electric car especially how much you like V12 engines. Disappointing

    MustangCarlMustangCarlПре месец
    • He has to promote EVs as well and make new content. Its all a business move.

      Wolfgang BarrioWolfgang BarrioПре месец
  • That’s a narrow parking bay, hope no one uses the next space

    Gary FishmanGary FishmanПре месец
  • How much money do you have? Shmee: yes

    VincentVincentПре месец
  • How can you afford all those Super cars ??

    Sangye MaurerSangye MaurerПре месец
  • How is this to live with battery range, charging and long distance wise? Much better looking externally and internally than Teslas vauxhalls looks.

    Free ThinkFree ThinkПре месец
  • Amazing car!... Really excited about the upcoming electric Porsche Macan too! 😎

    Orion NurseOrion NurseПре месец