15 окт 2020
915 144 Приказа

Booking & info: +381 63 8526467 Sandra Šaša
Muzika: Igor IN VIVO
Tekst: Neven IN VIVO
Aranzman: Igor IN VIVO
Zenski vokal: Isidora - muzicka grupa Trojka
Mix i master: Ivan Rakic Raka studio Krik / Starlight

Direktor fotografije: Bojan Andrejek
Asistent kamere: Milan Milicevic
Rasveta: Marko Majstorovic
Organizator: Svetlana Beric
Modeli: Mina i Marta Milivojevic

Jedan umoran dan,
Vec budi plavim rukama noc
I Mesec doziva.
A ja tonem u san,
Ko kamen sto je bacio s obale,
Mali decak sa snovima.
Nocu hocu da te ne gledam,
Sreco kad se budim da te ne sanjam,
Uporno si pricam da si nebitna,
Znaju zvezde da je sve to laz laz i laz
A ti negde pijana vazduh gubis od prljavih dodira,
Nisi se za ljubav sreco rodila,
Malo mi je samo zao nas nas nas.
Ti i ja, mi smo zamrseni cvor,
pitanje koje nema odgovor,
Igracka bacena iza kreveta,
Koju je ljubav izgubila.
Ti i ja mi smo mogli skoro sve,
Da trajemo samo nismo mogli, ne,
Mi smo secer i so, sreca i bol,
Steta bas lepi smo zajedno.
Padaju zvezde i svici ko pepeo na moj dlan
Ti i ja, mi smo stvoreni za kraj,
Nije za nas, sreca nije za nas.
Ti i ja, mi smo januar i maj,
Nije za nas, sreca nije za nas.
Lose si birala, jednom si volela nekog sto ne zna da voli, pa sad, ko pas,
Ti rezis na svakoga.
I zasto si dirala, moje umorno srce ako tvoje su usne, vec tad, ko i sad,
zelele drugoga.
Ti znas da ne verujem ti ja,
I znas da nekad si mi cudna,
Tece polako pescani sat,
Za nasu ljubav.
U basti punoj tulipana,
Uvek ces biti najlepsi cvet,
Ko Rajna svetla Roterdama,
Tiho zagrli me.
(Zagrli me, zagrli me)
Ti i ja, mi smo zamrseni cvor,
pitanje koje nema odgovor,
Igracka bacena iza kreveta,
Koju je ljubav izgubila.
Ti i ja mi smo mogli skoro sve,
Da trajemo samo nismo mogli, ne,
Mi smo secer i so, sreca i bol,
Steta bas lepi smo zajedno.
Padaju zvezde i svici ko pepeo na moj dlan
Ti i ja, mi smo stvoreni za kraj,
Nije za nas, sreca nije za nas.
Ti i ja, mi smo januar i maj,
Nije za nas, sreca nije za nas.

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  • A presentation on forced organ harvesting captured the attention of French lawmakers during a forum marking the 70th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which was held in the French Senate on November 16. The forum marking the 70th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Senator André Gattolin sponsored the forum with the association Act for Human Rights. Speakers included Human Rights Ambassador François Croquette, who is with the French Department of Foreign Affairs, and representatives from many organizations. Dr. Alexis Gennin, a neuroscientist and the science consultant for the non-governmental organization Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting (DAFOH), talked about the methods investigators used to collect evidence to verify forced organ harvesting in China. Alexis Gennin (left); Marie-Françoise Lamperti (middle), the president of Act for Human Rights; and Senator André Gattolin (right) According to Dr. Gennin, large-scale organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners, Christians, and Tibetans has been confirmed by multiple independent international investigations. He said that in the 1990s, only 300 to 600 organ transplant surgeries were carried out in China. After the persecution of Falun Gong was launched in 1999, however, 3,000 such surgeries were done in 2000. That number reached 10,000 in 2001 and 30,000 in 2006. But after the wife of a surgeon involved in organ harvesting testified in 2007 about the crimes her husband committed, the Chinese government deleted data on organ transplant surgeries. Dr. Gennin talked about the investigation carried out by two prominent Canadians, human rights lawyer David Matas and former member of parliament David Kilgour. They discovered that the waiting time for an organ in China is around three weeks, which is much less than in countries with regulated organ donation systems. China does not have such a system, and several Chinese hospitals have admitted to investigators that their organs came from Falun Gong practitioners. China claims that the organs come from executed death-row prisoners, but Dr. Gennin stated that the number of prisoners executed in China does not match the number of transplant surgeries. He believes that France should not remain silent because, for the last two decades, many Chinese organ transplant surgeons have been trained in France. He pointed out that in France, people wait 3 to 5 years for an organ. However, every year 300 patients are withdrawn from the waiting list. They did not have transplant surgery in France, nor have they passed away. He said it is necessary to discuss changing the laws to prevent French citizens from traveling to China and unknowingly participating in this crime.

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  • ) The 30th Annual Asian Culture Festival was held in Miami, Florida on March 7-8, 2020. The festival featured local music, food, and culture and attracted many South Florida residents interested in Asian culture. Local Falun Dafa practitioners participated in the event. They set up a booth and demonstrated the exercises. Several people were drawn to the peaceful music and stopped to learn more about the meditation practice. People stop to learn about Falun Dafa at the information booth. Adriane Reesey, chairperson of the Broward Human Rights Board and founder of the Broward Human Trafficking Coalition, came and spoke with practitioners at their booth. Due to her work in human rights and against human trafficking, Ms. Reesey knows about the harvesting of organs from detained Falun Dafa practitioners in China by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party). She told practitioners she researched organ harvesting about 6 years ago. She learned that there is a organ trade market in Israel and most of the organs were taken from Falun Dafa practitioners. She said, “In a heart transplant, the operation has to be done in a relatively short time as the organ can only be alive for a short period of time outside the body. You can go to China and stay for two weeks for an organ transplant surgery. What people don't realize is that someone will be murdered so that their organs can be used in the transplant. Within these two weeks, one has to carry out blood tests and all other medical examinations in order to find a matching donor before the heart transplant is done. It's the same for kidney and liver transplants.” She explained, “I've been warning people that for organ transplants like heart [in China], it would cost another person's life.” Ms. Reesey did the first set of exercises with practitioners, and said, “I am very interested in this.” When practitioners told her the teachings of Falun Dafa are based on the principles of “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance”, she said, “Everyone should benefit from following these values.”

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  • Migrant koji je najvjerovatnije porijeklom iz Alžira jučer je brutalno udario stariju ženu u naselju Sjenjak u Tuzli, a policija ga je nakon hapšenja pustila na slobodu.

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  • A seminar about the Chinese communist regime's organ pillaging from prisoners of conscience was held at the General Post Office Building in Helsinki, Finland on September 18, 2019. Supporting Human Rights in China (SHRIC) hosted the seminar, and the speakers included independent investigator and human rights lawyer David Matas; senior investigative reporter Ethan Gutmann; Enver Tohti, a former surgeon from Xinjiang, China who witnessed doctors remove an organ from a living person; and Dr. Marja Heinonen-Guzejev, a public health researcher at the University of Helsinki. Chinese Medical Papers Rejected for Failing to Explain Organ Sources Dr. Marja Heinonen-Guzejev spoke at the seminar on behalf of Physicians for Social Responsibility (LSV), a Finnish medical association that aims to promote health and equality in Finland and around the world. She said the ethical issues surrounding organ transplantation in China have drawn attention from international scientific circles. Dr. Marja Heinonen-Guzejev talked about the ethical issues regarding organ transplantation in China. Dr. Heinonen-Guzejev explained that two scientific publications, Plus One and Transplantation, deleted 15 scientific papers from China this August because the researchers couldn't explain the sources of organs used in their research. According to the British Medical Journal, the authors of more than 400 scientific papers from China couldn't explain the sources of human organs used in 92 percent of their medical cases. Dr. Heinonen-Guzejev said that Spain, Israel, Italy, Norway, and Taiwan have prohibited their citizens from going to China for organ transplantation.

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  • "Ти и ја смо срећа и бол" - "Није за нас, срећа није за нас" -> ту негдје има логике, ха?

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    • @Antonija Smokrović svidio mi se nacin na koji si komentarisala pjesmu, al mi i zasmetao sobzirom da je tekst odlican i povezan i imao sam potrebu da ti objasnim , ne tebi vec i nekom trecom ko ce naletjeti na tvoj komentar

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  • Jedan umoran dan vec budi plavim rukama noc i Mesec doziva A ja tonem u san k'o kamen sto je bacio s obale mali decak sa snovima Nocu hocu da te ne gledam sreco, kad se budim da te ne sanjam uporno si pricam da si nebitna znaju zvezde da je sve to laz, laz i laz A ti negde pijana vazduh gubis od prljavih dodira nisi se za ljubav, sreco, rodila malo mi je samo zao nas, nas, nas Ref. Ti i ja, mi smo zamrseni cvor pitanje koje nema odgovor igracka bacena iza kreveta koju je ljubav izgubila Ti i ja, mi smo mogli skoro sve da trajemo samo nismo mogli, ne mi smo secer i so, sreca i bol steta, bas lepi smo zajedno Padaju zvezde i svici k'o pepeo na moj dlan Ti i ja, mi smo stvoreni za kraj nije za nas, sreca nije za nas ti i ja, mi smo januar i maj nije za nas, sreca nije za nas Lose si birala jednom si volela nekog sto ne zna da voli pa sad, k'o pas ti rezis na svakoga I zasto si dirala moje umorno srce ako tvoje su usne vec tad, k'o i sad zelele drugoga Ti znas da ne verujem ti ja i znas da nekad si mi cudna tece polako pescani sat za nasu ljubav U basti punoj tulipana uvek ces biti najlepsi cvet k'o Rajna svetla Roterdama tiho zagrli me (zagrli me, zagrli me)

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  • Da, to je taj In Vivo!!! Kakva sultanija, kokain, mercedes, ovo se traži i voli... Hit.

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    • Poslusajte pesmu i dajte podrsku ovim momcima zasluzili su

      Anime HDAnime HDПре 7 дана
  • Ponavljam pa ponavljam pjesmu...igracka bacena iza kreveta...😑

    Milena MedicMilena MedicПре 11 дана
  • Bravo...bez auto tuna i sranja...samo tako...💪

    Andrija StojanovicAndrija StojanovicПре 11 дана
  • Ovu pjesmu bi si u autu pustio i sa 100km/h zaletio se u provaliju il negdje

    Krotitelj KurviKrotitelj KurviПре 11 дана
  • Sreca nije za nas!!!!!

    Ivan BogdanovIvan BogdanovПре 11 дана
  • In Vivo izbaci jednu dobru pa zaredaju par losih i tako vec godinama, srecom kad izbace ovako dobre pjesme oprostimo im sve lose

    InSanityInSanityПре 11 дана
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  • Ovakvih pjesama više, molim vaaas 🥰 batalite one nove gluposti, ovo ste vi ❤

    Drima1405Drima1405Пре 11 дана
  • Ovi momci su zlato balkana! 🥰

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