Nikola Jokic 41 pts 5 rebs 5 asts vs Blazers 20/21 season

23 феб 2021
48 915 Приказа

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  • Carmelo who?

    Romansapien MRomansapien MПре месец
  • Best 2nd round pick of all time. Change my mind.

    Uli PetersonUli PetersonПре месец
  • I'm bursting in laughter just remembering that people used to compare Jokić and Porzingis, calling the latter "unicorn", superior and what not. They sure look like fools now.

    RaizerRaizerПре месец
  • Here in Philippines Jokic and Luka are well known NBA player these days

    Lightning PistolLightning PistolПре месец
  • That dunk at the end was satisfying.

    UgoZgUgoZgПре месец

    Dusko JasicDusko JasicПре месец
  • Fedor Emalianenko of basketball.

    Serbona ApplicationsSerbona ApplicationsПре месец
  • Nikooola Jokić!

    Božidar JovanovićBožidar JovanovićПре месец

    Spiros StragSpiros StragПре месец
  • Here you can see how a great offensive player scores on a terrible defensive player.

    Milos KrsticMilos KrsticПре месец
  • That's ma boy, hit em all brotha !!! MVP

    J ZamJ ZamПре месец
  • 4:51

    fsfs qiufsfs qiuПре месец
  • That boy bullied kanter in the post

    The Suave LionThe Suave LionПре месец
  • Fuck LeBum and ESPN.

  • Kanter could not save even two sheep .

    Džingis KanDžingis KanПре месец
  • LeBron is one of greatest in the history, Curry is the best shooter ever and Doncic is most promising prodigy in all times... But! If you want to see the real and pure basketball genius it's Jokic.

    Alexander RusinovAlexander RusinovПре месец
    • He is just great natural player even without great athleticism pure genius

      Ym 30Ym 30Пре месец
  • For a second there I thought that was Purple Rain playing there at the end 😄

    itshihoitshihoПре месец

    Djordje KovacDjordje KovacПре месец
  • Does anybody remember when Kanter said that Jokic is easiest to guard? Look at him now. Pathetic.

    zakonodavaczakonodavacПре месец
  • nikola jokic is the true mvp this year. hes efficiency is 36.6. highest in history of nba. only anthony davis can lock him down

    jonvic mamonjonvic mamonПре месец
  • Denver nuggets without NIKOLA JOKIC probably will be holding bottom position.... this MAN can transform any average NBA team into superstar team

    Trump AmeriTrump AmeriПре месец
  • 0 TOs

    Fedor DjoganiFedor DjoganiПре месец
  • He’s different

    Tyrone HarrisTyrone HarrisПре месец
  • When Jokic makes his eggs in the morning, he sprinkles Enes Kanter on it for added flavor.

    Marin DjendjinovicMarin DjendjinovicПре месец
  • MVP

    Car DušanCar DušanПре месец
  • Someone please tell Kanter that the point of defence is to prevent the other guy from scoring, not resting

    ändåändåПре месец
  • Kanter always getting cooked

    kyle mathiskyle mathisПре месец
  • Jokic Embiid Doncic owning the league

    kyle mathiskyle mathisПре месец
  • MVP

  • 4:54 went for burek😀

    Nikola MedicNikola MedicПре месец
  • He is incredible

    Artiom MikhailovArtiom MikhailovПре месец
  • Jokara brat!!! MVP!!!

    KingSerbon7KingSerbon7Пре месец
  • The Serbian suction cups!

    Zack SZack SПре месец
  • What the hell jokic with a eurostep 2 handed jam hahahahha

    Sreff hartSreff hartПре месец
    • I like that his bag of tricks is endless

      Sreff hartSreff hartПре месец
    • He just keeps adding new tricks!

      RaizerRaizerПре месец
  • Do you wanna fourty? Call Kanter

    nktnktПре месец
  • MVP if they can get to a higher seed he should be a lock

    Kweef SweatKweef SweatПре месец
  • 4:18 Class

    donmiloshdonmiloshПре месец
  • I bet you espn won’t talk about this

    Molly215Molly215Пре месец
    • Nah too busy kissing Lebron's ass....they don't even talk about Embiid as much either, who's probably the actual MVP frontrunner.

      Islandkid679Islandkid679Пре месец
    • Haters gonna hate. Same thing with Djokovic

      MochaVideosMochaVideosПре месец
  • I need Luka and Jokic to team up at some point, it would just be perfect

    BooceBooceПре месец
    • That's because you don't know basketball, jamal murray is the perfect piece for jokic.

      Kill54bunniesKill54bunniesПре месец
  • if he goes to dallas, it will be an unstoppable combo - luka and Jokic

    datronicdatronicПре месец
    • Yes, super combo !!!

      Tamo DalekoTamo DalekoПре месец
    • You mean to say if doncic goes to denver

      Minji KimMinji KimПре месец
    • Fuck Dallas

      Skrewface303Skrewface303Пре месец
  • Enes Kanter is a 🤡🤡🤡

    Lud LudakLud LudakПре месец
    • Facts, if I’m the coach I’m subbin him out

      Cam - GCam - GПре месец
  • He’s underrated. A taller, less athletic Larry Bird

    A TalleryandA TalleryandПре месец
    • @Ramsey Bolton By giving Lebron or Embiid the lead in the MVP race. LBJ numbers are simply lover, and Embiid has a better team and is made of glass.

      RaizerRaizerПре месец
    • HE's an All star starter, how is he underrated?🤔

      Ramsey BoltonRamsey BoltonПре месец
    • Hes not underrated, everybody knows how good he is, and he is not larry bird, hes jokic

      Holech BatelHolech BatelПре месец
  • Jokic is the best player..go Denver...

    slavko milovicslavko milovicПре месец

    darko trivicdarko trivicПре месец
    • Its from the arena.. Duh

      Zealous RiderZealous RiderПре месец
  • i adore this man

    Gogi MatijaGogi MatijaПре месец
  • The best player in the league

    Nemanja bratNemanja bratПре месец
    • @Lonnie Walker kawhi is good but joker Is beter

      Nemanja bratNemanja bratПре месец
    • LOL

      94' Brown94' BrownПре месец
    • he and curry

      Holech BatelHolech BatelПре месец
  • Kao sa djecom.

    • Просто невероватно O_o

      dioskuretwindioskuretwinПре месец
  • Bravo Jokara MVP

    31orka31orkaПре месец
  • Kosovo and Mentohija is SERBIAAAAAAA

    • also i am sorry for miss spelling words. My english is not very well, shame on me...

      Lazar KovacevicLazar KovacevicПре месец
    • ​@Kursi 90 gradë You are speaking Albanian, not Kosovo language, Albanians got their main country, so you are living on Serbian territory. Serbian history starting many centuries before yours big bro USA and your main country Albania. I wish we could live in peace and without miss understanding each other, we need to understand that on Kosovo living more than 70% Albanians and you have to understand that, Kosovo for Serbia is much more than territory on map, our history, our religion and everything else starting with Kosovo and Metohija. When we understand this to things for each other we will have much better future for us togheter, peace. :)

      Lazar KovacevicLazar KovacevicПре месец
    • @Kursi 90 gradë -You must have just landed on Mars on that boat my FRIEND !! If you truly believe this then why keep asking Serbia for recognition !! What has the WEST done for *Kosovo...fuck all my FRIEND !! In 20 years of their occupation they should have done what England did with Hong Kong and much more but NO they didn't because they know that KOSOVO IS SERBIAN and it will always be !! Albanians need to get off the US Heroin wagon and wake up !!

      Filan INCFilan INCПре месец
    • @Kursi 90 gradë And 2/3 of world population.

      Andrej MilovanovicAndrej MilovanovicПре месец
    • @Kursi 90 gradë More than half of countries of the world, including few of EU's dont recognize Kosovo as indipendant state. And they wount, because its Serbian teritory trough out history. Go back to Asia minor with your autochtonous goats :)

      Andrej MilovanovicAndrej MilovanovicПре месец

    Marko RapaićMarko RapaićПре месец
    • Ako uzme svetsko prvenstvo ili olimpijske igre ili barem evropsko barem evropsko prvenstvo biće najbolji dotle je prvi Stojaković sa NBA prstenom i zlatom na olimpijskim a drugi Divac koji je potuko Amerikance u Indianapolisu i uzeo zlato na olimpijskim igrama kao Stojaković i bio u finalu NBA. lige. Ako se i jednom dokaže za reprezentaciju biće najbolji. Prijatan dan svima i pozz👊👊👊

      Warrior BCWarrior BCПре месец
    • @Lud Ludak Jokic je toliko talentovan i atipican da bi dominirao u bilo kom vremenu. Unikat...

      dragan dragovicdragan dragovicПре месец
    • @Lud Ludak Ali to nisu argumenti covece vec skup gluposti bolno ociglednih svakome. To samo ti smatras argumentima. To je problematika. Super, nek su merilo Evroliga i Evrokup a ne Nba.

      dragan dragovicdragan dragovicПре месец
    • @dragan dragovic Dragane, reci coveku da je glup a da ga pritom ni ne poznajes dovoljno govori o tebi. Svako ima pravo na svoje misljenje, a ja uz svoje dajem i agrument za razliku od tebe. Ti samo iznosis svoje misljenje uz dozu bahatosti. Ako je tebi merilo NBA, onda ti i ja nemamo razloga da vodimo dalju polemiku.

      Lud LudakLud LudakПре месец
    • @Lud Ludak Ti ai covek glup. Sasa i Sasa kao Divac ne mogu u istu recenicu po kolicini talenta sa debelim. Ko to ne vidi, bolje nek ide da gleda kriket. Covek pisa po Nba ligi ovi tamo mahali peskirima pa natrag u Evropu. Druga dimenzija...Divac je bio neki faktor u toj Nba ligi ali ni blizu Jokicu.

      dragan dragovicdragan dragovicПре месец
  • 30ft isolation for 210cm big man, the man, the Joker 4:50 poetry

    BokiBoleBokiBokiBoleBokiПре месец
    • With feet as slow turtles why would kanter play joking that high

      prince nwankwoalaprince nwankwoalaПре месец
  • Како се он добро зајебава

    Младен ТегелтијаМладен ТегелтијаПре месец
    • @darko99x момак се игра

      Младен ТегелтијаМладен ТегелтијаПре месец
    • On kada se zajebava daje 15-25 poene a ostale proigrava. Ovo je već bilo zavrtanje rukava i rađenje posla.

      darko99xdarko99xПре месец
  • 3:50 I love his hustle, but my man just got faked twice in a row.

    Nikola StankovićNikola StankovićПре месец
    • @Gazi Bengazi And than, for joghurt ! :D

      Srdjan MijajlovicSrdjan MijajlovicПре месец
    • @Stefan M In fact, they sent him for a burek :)

      Gazi BengaziGazi BengaziПре месец
    • @KRC Gaming Dude! Cheese? WTF! Meat all the way! Furthermore, make that burek seckani!

      darko99xdarko99xПре месец
    • @darko99x And make sure it is with cheese and not meat, he need some MILK! :D

      KRC GamingKRC GamingПре месец
    • @Stefan M Send him a text to remind him that he doesn't forget a yogurt

      darko99xdarko99xПре месец
  • Love that Euro Dunk😂

    tree youngtree youngПре месец
    • @Andrej Milovanovic Bio u Evropi i Kanadi, imaju samo vise novca...i to je kraj...zivot je NULA! Ljudi su roboti opednuti novcem....da verovao ili ne Srbija ipak, i da nabijem Vucica na k....Zamisli moguce je voleti Srbiju ali ne i Vucica!

      Rayn DRayn DПре месец
    • @Simeon Grk povedi i dečka bota, vidim da ti je bas stalo do njega. Vi tako krezubi.. mozda i bude zanimljivo.

      Andrej MilovanovicAndrej MilovanovicПре месец
    • @Andrej Milovanovic nista pametnjakovicu , glup ti je komentar , red je da neko kaze budali da ne sere

      Simeon GrkSimeon GrkПре месец
    • @Simeon Grk Izvini molim te ako sam te uznemirio, nežna devojčice...

      Andrej MilovanovicAndrej MilovanovicПре месец
    • Plus čovek nije ni pomenuo onog govnara vec ti .... smaraču

      Simeon GrkSimeon GrkПре месец

    AnubisAnubisПре месец
  • MVP. This man can score from anywhere and its his time to win it! Playing top-notch basketball this year.

    DayDayПре месец
  • Get this man some help

    Chris WalkeyChris WalkeyПре месец
  • MVP

  • First

    LBJLBJПре месец