Perseverance Rover’s Descent and Touchdown on Mars (Official NASA Video)

22 феб 2021
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NASA's Mars 2020 Perseverance mission captured thrilling footage of its rover landing in Mars' Jezero Crater on Feb. 18, 2021. The real footage in this video was captured by several cameras that are part of the rover's entry, descent, and landing suite. The views include a camera looking down from the spacecraft's descent stage (a kind of rocket-powered jet pack that helps fly the rover to its landing site), a camera on the rover looking up at the descent stage, a camera on the top of the aeroshell (a capsule protecting the rover) looking up at that parachute, and a camera on the bottom of the rover looking down at the Martian surface.

The audio embedded in the video comes from the mission control call-outs during entry, descent, and landing.

For more information about Perseverance, visit

Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

  • Смотря это видео я горжусь человечеством!!!!!

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  • yo shoutout to the camera man who shot this video

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  • A babies heartbeat on Earth is NOT LIFE... A bacteria on Mars IS LIFE ON MARS... Liberal thinking

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  • Cant figure out why the camera didnt work at the prison cell for Epstien but we got film from Mars unbelievable

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  • Heureux d’aller sur mars mais incapable d’éradiquer la faim dans le monde, zéro les humains, occupons nous bien de notre planète et de ses habitants avant d’aller à l’autre bout de la galaxie. Drôle de paradoxe les humains.

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  • Thank you NASA❤️

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  • amazing, it looks exactly like a landing on Mars!

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  • *_Congratulations from Bangladesh._*

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  • The video recording is better than My screen recorder.

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    • Good editing NASA Keep it up alike 1969

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  • Meanwhile, the skycrane flies off and lands right on top of the last remaining Martian who came to see what was going on.

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  • Great achievement!

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  • min 2:07 83mts/s at 2.6kmts from surface.. min 2:20 75mts/s at 1kmt from surface.. It slow down but whent faster? It shoutd be at 1,7kmts from surface. To make that distance on that time and slow down to that data it should have accelerated to at least to 160mts/s on those 1.6 ktms?

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  • Wow! Every day we move forward! Congratulations to NASA, JPL and Humans!!! Every day we learn a lot about space and solar system, keep it up!!!

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  • Behold for the flat earther _Flat Mars_ Jk

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  • we should get high-quality footage like this of humans landing on the moon.

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  • Good editing NASA Keep it up alike 1969

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  • Computer graphics?

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  • I just watched a video recorded from another world and sent to my hand in HD. As long as you strive for the stars and apply yourself Flint MI may one day have clean water.

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  • Good job NASA.

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  • Happy to see this live Congratulations to humanity

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  • I'm at the right time to witness it, but am I at the right time to experience it?

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  • The most amazing thing is this video is the fact that the americans finally came to their senses and were using the metric system😅 Now switch to the correct driving side of the road will you?

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  • I have $10 that says that the helicopter robot falls on its side and becomes inoperable in less than 1 year of use on Mars.

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  • why can't my android have that quality?

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  • That sky-crane looks like it's from an 80's Sci-Fi film.

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    • Flat earthers huh?

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  • Shot on iPhone 6.

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  • 56 years from now we will have live contact with martians

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  • NASA needs to produce a giant, HUGE coffee table book with nothing but ultra high resolution photos, on thick, beautiful paper, quality color printing, with hundreds of pages. Book should include all the best photos photos taken of plants and moons in our dollar system. Books should be sold at cost to tax payers, and a copy given to every library.

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  • Und schon beginnen Menschen den nächsten Planeten zu vermüllen! :-(

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  • not a space agency

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    • Weird how they are in space then lol

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  • You guys think they'll come across Opportunity or Spirit?

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  • Ok let’s cut the video right before it actually lands!!?!?!? Wtf!!!!! Hasn’t thing thing landed years ago ??? Bunch of lies!!

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    • What? This rover landed recently but there are other rovers there lol

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    • There are curiosity,opportunity,and sparta rover.This is preseverance rover.

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    • Flat earth huh?

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  • NASA here just landed another Rover on another planet while here I am, unable to type congrajulasions

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  • This looks like it's filmed on a miniature set... 2:37 supposed to be 300 meters? Okay, the objects on the ground look like mountains. 2:57 now we are 20 meters. Now the objects are just tiny rocks?

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    • @20CSE1017 Milind Lawande. well,I think the height is 5m

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    • @Anoki Youssou I was thinking the same thing when she said 300m I thought it was way higher up

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    • 2:37 is not 300 m. 5 m for me.

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  • If there is no atmosphere on Mars how is the parachute used?

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    • There is an atmosphere just a thinner one.

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    • There is an atmosphere on Mars

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  • Best moment ever 👍

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  • Nice to see that NASA is also becoming viewer-friendly and explaining everything

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  • Congratulations....

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  • I seen 10 NASA shirts today

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    • So there is Air to support the parachute?? Any effect of Gravity?? Video images not mosiac?? I am not sure, you are telling us truth??

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  • Very confused as to why we have the ‘live’ call-outs from mission control included with the video. It takes several minutes for the video feed to get from Mars to Earth meaning the rover would have already landed by the time we start seeing video of the descent.

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    • Because the microphone malfunctioned so this atleast explains things

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  • so we have remote control systems and computers and programs and yet theres still a room full of people acting as if they need to do something for this landing process

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  • neverthought nevada desert would look like mars after some video filters

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    • @Dr Mantis Toboggan you think there's a "planet" called Mars? well i mean you cant think so fair enough were both wrong in our assumptions

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    • What should Mars look like?

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  • 3:05 goosebumps

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  • Nice piece of propaganda, Hollywood. Especially all the actors jumping up and down for joy and throwing their fists in their air, every single one of them like they were told "look like the world just performed a miracle". NASA is a corrupt organization. People need to start opening their eyes.

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    • What corruption does NASA have going on?

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    • Sure keep living in your little box of ideas that you consider the truth while i enjoy life knowing im free

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  • From mankind, to NASA...thank you for your hard work trough all this years

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    • yes

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  • So there is Air to support the parachute?? Any effect of Gravity?? Video images not mosiac?? I am not sure, you are telling us truth??

    Intelligent 2Intelligent 2Пре 12 сати
    • There is a thin atmosphere on Mars

      StevenStevenПре 5 сати
    • Are you a scientist or expert in any such field? No? ok then your opinion is null.

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    • @Релёкс84 yes i am a bot, and so are you. we are just NPC in the matrix.

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    • @TruthSpotter 17 bot

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    • A very eloquent summary. Thank you for your input.

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    • That's on Mars, not Earth... 🤣

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  • This is literally impossible. The brainwashing is in full effect.

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    • What's impossible about it?

      Dr Mantis TobogganDr Mantis TobogganПре сат
    • @TruthSpotter 17 indeed

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    • If you don't have the credentials of a scientist or expert, your opinion is forever null.

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  • What about religious concepts ?

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    • @Dr Mantis Toboggan Everything regarding the existence of God.

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    • What religious concepts?

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    • There is no god

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  • Martian looking up going What in the actual F is going on here. Run Marvin, Run!!!

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