Rich Pregnant vs Broke Pregnant

18 јан 2021
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12 Ways to Sneak Snacks into College:
Every pregnant woman experiences this period in her own way. Watch in our new video how the life of a rich pregnant woman differs from a poor one!
Supplies and tools:
· Chocolate
· Chocolate bar mold
· Salami
· Cheese
· Pepper
· Sesame seeds
· Parchment paper
· Gold fabric
· Polyester stuffing
· White T-shirt
· Pencil
· Fabric paint
· Plastic gold bar mold
· Gold acrylic paint
· Pacifier
· Acrylic spray paint
· Decorative stones
· Decorative crystal
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    • @Willing Frimpong Akoto pwyu

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    • Saya suka banget kalo mau

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  • A poor pregnant woman with an iphone🤨 you guys should work on details

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  • Rich 🤑

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  • I liked rich pregnant cuz she’s pretty and I am a girl that is 8 years old

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  • The baby is a doll

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  • Why in rich mom the iPhone but the broke mom it's iPhone 12

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  • Rich

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  • to se znae be :)

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  • Its should be called rich vs narmal

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  • why are you using clickbait also you made the same exact video on all your channels

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  • The broke mum has an iPhone 11 pro max📱

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  • Rich

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  • the broke one lol the nail cost 23 dollar like that

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  • the poor has iphone 11.OMG,i hope to be poor if iam her

  • A broke mom has an iphone 12

    Govina ShrelGovina ShrelПре 15 дана
  • Rice

  • Hi guys I am all the way from Trinidad 💚💛💖💜💙💙💕💟💞💝💘💗💋❤💙🎅😻

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  • If penny is broke why does she have an iphone

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  • Troom troom is stupid

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  • Was anyone else irritated how she said "I'm still skinny" In 6:32? I am so mad that they actually said that.

    shakari brooksshakari brooksПре 18 дана
  • On the click bait they are saying she is poor because she uses a normal pregnancy test

    Salem TesfalulSalem TesfalulПре 18 дана
  • Baby Don’t need money

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  • These are the weirdest most complicated crafts ever...

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  • Did he say ball it's a balloon

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  • She said baby clothes are too expensive yet has a iPhone 11🤣🥲

  • i love bothe so i cent shus.

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  • can you stop making rich and poor vids its offensive to people who actually have that life :/

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  • I wanted to se when the baby was born

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  • Rich girl

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  • Kashan Pakistani gamerKashan Pakistani gamerПре 20 дана
  • I don’t think the “broke girl” is actually broke she has a iPhone 12

    BellaBellaПре 20 дана
  • Tyke

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  • How can you say that to jimin.If you were a real bts army you would not say that and do you think jimin is poor than you ughhh

    BTS makes you prettierBTS makes you prettierПре 20 дана
  • How does she have a phone if she is poor

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  • that broke dad i keep thinking he is cole sprouse

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  • The rich one

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  • These girls eat weird foods ☟︎ ☟︎ ☟︎

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  • Oh the baby’s a boy....I thought it was a pillow 😂

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  • They say she is broke but she is really rich because she has his husband beside her and she’s gonna have a baby

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  • Rich

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  • Wait Penny has A IPhone and She has Lazada so why the clothes are expensive

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  • Mikhu and pets pets pet pet Pets pets pets pet pets pets and pets pets pet pets pets and

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  • why does the poor fam have a iphone 11

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  • The thumbnail right side looks like maddie Ziegler

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