Roblox's disturbing fan game...

25 окт 2020
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Today I play Roblox Jojo siwa games BTW I legit have a ton of respect for Jojo Siwa, she's a very smart and hardworking entertainer/business woman!

  • Kinda...disturbing -._-.

    Miguirage2020Miguirage2020Пре сат
  • This video feels like a fever dream.

    AppleAppleПре сат
  • 25:0

    CrazyDoritoboi EpicCrazyDoritoboi EpicПре 2 сата
    • Brown vented

      CrazyDoritoboi EpicCrazyDoritoboi EpicПре 2 сата
  • Which jojo jojo siwa or jojo anime

    CrazyDoritoboi EpicCrazyDoritoboi EpicПре 2 сата

    CrazyDoritoboi EpicCrazyDoritoboi EpicПре 2 сата
  • Albert I dare you to wear that for more videos

    CrazyDoritoboi EpicCrazyDoritoboi EpicПре 2 сата
  • Make one more

    Bel's Toy WorldBel's Toy WorldПре 3 сата
  • 0:35 wow shes good at at dancing what a dancer!

    The Adventures Of KylieThe Adventures Of KylieПре 3 сата
  • lol, albert has muscles 1:55

    IggyMationsIggyMationsПре 4 сата
  • Him: IS tHaT jAkE pAuL? Me: Most definitely 😃👍🏾

    Sky Cash FallsSky Cash FallsПре 5 сати
  • Go on omegle| (• ◡•)|

    Weeb._ ꧂Weeb._ ꧂Пре 5 сати
  • Girl: i am jojo I am not jojo albert: :( *steal car* girl: follow me albert: Says in realife this girl is nice me: EeeEeE

    Kulane MatthewsKulane MatthewsПре 5 сати
  • ilove jojo siwa

  • First comment

    Kulane MatthewsKulane MatthewsПре 6 сати
  • Jojo

    Kulane MatthewsKulane MatthewsПре 6 сати
  • His outfit I-

    Leona AzulLeona AzulПре 6 сати
  • Albert and Jojo should collab that would literally be the best thing ever.

    Leona AzulLeona AzulПре 6 сати
  • anyone see how BUFF he IS???????????

    Rose AmadorRose AmadorПре 6 сати
  • ._.

    Asma NawazAsma NawazПре 7 сати
  • now we have roblox adds on youtube. r u h - r o h r a g g y

    - Shadows Wonder -- Shadows Wonder -Пре 7 сати
  • Am uncomfortable

    Michael NadonMichael NadonПре 8 сати
  • *when Albert got jealous of jojo he be dressing up as her like it’s gonna solve all his problems*

    我们【••Téddïęß•••】我们【••Téddïęß•••】Пре 8 сати
  • *Daaanng* he just went from stick to STRONK

    _gumMy.soDa. sAlad_gumMy.soDa. sAladПре 8 сати
  • Łøł

    UniCandy CornUniCandy CornПре 9 сати
  • im gonna get a collar.

    Daniel LazzariniDaniel LazzariniПре 11 сати
  • albert simps for jojo siwa

    Mason BinghamMason BinghamПре 11 сати
  • Me: my eyes Flamingo: ha

    Jason LiuJason LiuПре 11 сати
  • *when he says “jojo” I can’t help but think about jojo’s bizarre adventure*

    《Buttercup Maze》《Buttercup Maze》Пре 11 сати
  • Thanks albert you made my day

    Alejandro GuerraAlejandro GuerraПре 12 сати
  • I died of laughter when he said “monkey” 😂😂

    Pokemon_trainer102 SPokemon_trainer102 SПре 13 сати
  • "I'm an extra large boi" - Albert 2020

    Apple TigerApple TigerПре 13 сати
  • True fan of jo jo swia be like

    Megan RobleMegan RobleПре 13 сати
  • 𝑜𝓂𝑔 𝓉𝒽𝒾𝓈 𝒾𝓈 ✨𝒶𝓂𝒶𝓏𝒾𝓃𝑔✨

    pvilizpvilizПре 14 сати
  • bruh who was gon say ImA tElL jOjO me: cuz I did dis how many pppl did / / / v

    lia rblxlia rblxПре 15 сати
  • That’s what I look like when I wear that shirt lol

    Envee ClarkEnvee ClarkПре 16 сати
  • Nobody; Albert:mOnKeY

    SopHEESopHEEПре 16 сати
  • And XD

    Gillian CampbellGillian CampbellПре 16 сати
  • I think flamingo should get 100,000 subscribers

    Camille FisherCamille FisherПре 16 сати
  • I love jojo

    Gillian CampbellGillian CampbellПре 16 сати
  • I know I must sound like a disgusting little 5 year old but what does quirky mean

    Kawaii music man YTKawaii music man YTПре 17 сати
  • * is that jojo Siwas hair Albert: yes they scalped her and got her hair

    Sarah LavertySarah LavertyПре 18 сати
  • Why does he look so buff

    Lorelei HymelLorelei HymelПре 18 сати
  • you look like a girl on that outfit xD

    麥善昕麥善昕Пре 20 сати
  • *j o j o s p i d e r*

    TylerWilmetYTTylerWilmetYTПре 20 сати
  • Albert its a bout time you ask your girl to marry you......,

    Kait RBLX ❤️Kait RBLX ❤️Пре 20 сати
  • Umm Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh Ummmm k-ko...?

    Jaheer HussainJaheer HussainПре дан
  • ok but why is albert so ripped

    blondie.blondie.Пре дан

    Vihaan SharmaVihaan SharmaПре дан
  • Now how imbarasing was this video albert?

    HighTideGamingHighTideGamingПре дан
  • lol

    JewSy GamingJewSy GamingПре дан
  • *I never thought i'd see Albert, in Jojo Siwa merch/clothing..*

    Sophia SpiekerSophia SpiekerПре дан
  • Cute couple yessssss!

    EarthWorm Sally ?EarthWorm Sally ?Пре дан

    Kyle LiangKyle LiangПре дан
  • is that jojo siwa? NO ITS ANIMAL- THING

    IceCream GamingIceCream GamingПре дан
  • haha sorry no hate “shirts a little small...” um chile- ur just like flexing ur muscles on us

    Alana JaskeAlana JaskeПре дан
    • @Its Clayton um k thanks. great to know.

      Alana JaskeAlana JaskeПре 13 сати
    • you’re such a trend follower it’s cringe

      Its ClaytonIts ClaytonПре дан
  • Is that a jojo reference

    Titanium FeatherTitanium FeatherПре дан
  • Gotta smash that like button

    Sammy the wormSammy the wormПре дан
  • Imagine if Jojo watched this Jojo👱🏼‍♀️🎀: (O-O)

    Jamie Sani-FloresJamie Sani-FloresПре дан
  • OMG WhY you got drip !! 🔥🔥🔥

    Mayro ramosMayro ramosПре дан
  • I hope jojo never saw this

    ani wallienani wallienПре дан
  • Don’t talk and do the obby you can’t do 2 thing at once

    Piggytoon kitPiggytoon kitПре дан
  • Albert: Talking while looking like jojo siwa Swag spider Boi Me: HAHAAHAAAAAAA :V :D

    Debborah CummingsDebborah CummingsПре дан
  • are we not gonna talk about his muscles...

    baby skittlesbaby skittlesПре дан
  • I think my account just got hacked... thank god I have something that I can escape with... wish me luck to get it back...

    Kerri StillwellKerri StillwellПре дан
  • JoJo SpIdEr

    Wolfy LifeWolfy LifeПре дан
  • Albert: buff jojo buff jojo >:3 Me: heck yeah boi your the best

    Wolfy LifeWolfy LifeПре дан
  • Bruh albert is so rip 😳 like bruh

    World_of _DisbearWorld_of _DisbearПре дан
  • Alberta/Albert: so yas jojo siwwwwaaasas. Me: stop it stop it get some help N OW

    JJ squad bossJJ squad bossПре дан
  • Albert makes jojo Siwa video Add is jojo siwa

    Lemon_Wolf 45Lemon_Wolf 45Пре дан
  • yes look at em biceps

    Prixy CandyPrixy CandyПре дан
  • E

    Jazz Gaming kingdomJazz Gaming kingdomПре дан
  • a

    ᴍᴀʀᴋ ɪꜱ ʙᴏʀᴇᴅᴍᴀʀᴋ ɪꜱ ʙᴏʀᴇᴅПре дан
  • Everyone ignored the fact that albert look rlly buff with the jo jo shirt on

    Ţhę_Dööđ_hās_FøödŢhę_Dööđ_hās_FøödПре дан
  • OMG HIS ARM ARE! HIS BOD. man his girlfriend is LUCKYYYYY

    Ophelia Howling wolfOphelia Howling wolfПре дан

    TyroneB GamingTyroneB GamingПре дан
  • 1:51 His arms are RIPPED

    II_KawaiiKookie robloxII_KawaiiKookie robloxПре дан
  • WOW flamingo is buff cool!?!

    goat zgoat zПре 2 дана
  • Rainbow man :D

    Purple {}Among us{}Purple {}Among us{}Пре 2 дана
  • Trample me

    Darkness4111 66Darkness4111 66Пре 2 дана
  • me:throwing up! my bro asks why? i tell him because albert now is a jojo princess

    Narjis FatimaNarjis FatimaПре 2 дана
  • JOJO SIWA WORLD :> I PLAY THAT GAME AND I LOVE IT SO SO SO MUCH [MY FRIENDS: what's happening to josh.] [My other friend' joins Josh's what playing realized* OMG HOSH WE LOOK SO BOOTIFUL ] [ME SINGING* LOOK AT US WHERE THE BOOTIFUL CREATURE]

    Josh Gabriel TejamoJosh Gabriel TejamoПре 2 дана
  • this is cool

    joaosilvagamer 84joaosilvagamer 84Пре 2 дана
  • 6×3. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa passageways

    Christina BallentineChristina BallentineПре 2 дана
  • I got to say,Albert has Told use many good fashion outfits! ^Edit^ “Why you guys given me like? :’>

    Diana MontielDiana MontielПре 2 дана
  • This is this is the only way I’m gonna

    Travis FebboTravis FebboПре 2 дана
  • Holy flip hes ripped

    Heather SimmonsHeather SimmonsПре 2 дана
  • I played that game yesterday

    Laurinda GomesLaurinda GomesПре 2 дана
  • You posted this on my birthday!

    Bumblebee GachaBumblebee GachaПре 2 дана
  • your next video pls do it whith your gf😟

    Δεσποινα ΛεπτουργοπουλουΔεσποινα ΛεπτουργοπουλουПре 2 дана
  • Jojo siwa if she is wachin this plz dress up like albert

    Jackeline Benitez CanteroJackeline Benitez CanteroПре 2 дана
  • His drip check it’s so good

    Aidan LouroAidan LouroПре 2 дана
  • Oh my lord. Albert the shirt is way to small it's going to break.

    Madelyn SmithMadelyn SmithПре 2 дана
  • dam, jojo in roblox be looking like mr. eletric from sharkboy and lava girl lol

    Katelynn HerreraKatelynn HerreraПре 2 дана
  • I love how she calls Albert «Honey» Thats so cute!❤️

    rainbow majarainbow majaПре 2 дана
  • When is your birthday

    NaTasha WigfallNaTasha WigfallПре 2 дана
  • Jojo golden weed

    Abel RefasaAbel RefasaПре 2 дана
  • I never knew Albert was RiPpEd

    llama Loverllama LoverПре 2 дана
  • I hate jojo swa

    Asha RafaqatAsha RafaqatПре 2 дана

    ChickenWingFaceManChickenWingFaceManПре 2 дана
  • Meep city oders: Blood gang, Crisp gang, etc Flamingo: Jojo Siwa drip lit

    Winnie LEGENDSWinnie LEGENDSПре 2 дана